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If you need to get in touch with me, leave a comment on this post, I'll see it much faster than I would through e-mail. ♥ LJ account not needed, anon comments are fine, too.

(If you would rather leave a screened comment because of a sensitive nature of the comment or you need to leave me private information, I have a screened comment post as well.)

Hello~! Adding you because I love your recs. ♥

Would you terribly mind adding me back?

I've been looking at you website, 'fleeting fancies' and I went through the fanart recs.
You know the site 'checkmate'? Yeah, I think that's a Korean fanart site. I'm pretty certain because..well, it's my mother tongue and I can read Korean.
So, if you don't mind, could you change it slightly and say that it is a Korean fanart site? Sorry for the trouble. Thanks :D

Do you happen to remember what page the site is linked from? What series it was for? I'd be happy to change it to say a Korean site, but I have no idea what actual page it's on. D:

Don't know how much you're into One Piece still, but this was a cute little LuNa drabble that I think you might like:

Awww, that was adorable, thank you! ♥ (I still like OP a lot, I recently caught up to chapter 500 even, just that. The fandom still makes my eyes glaze over a little. ^_~)

Wanted to say thank you for the rec for "Out Cold", I didn't know you'd read my Psych! <3 - and also, there's more of that story than I posted on, I think; further chapters can be found here...though the story is still not finished. Umm, oops, haveta get back to that...? ^^;;

(edited because I CAN SPELL REEL GUD.)

Edited at 2008-07-21 10:08 am (UTC)

I've had your long one (th-the deathfic one ;__; ) on my "to read when I finally screw up the courage" list for ages now, just that I'm wary of getting my heart broken. I hadn't seen the two other ones until tonight, though! (But I've gotten really lazy about looking on FFNET when the success rate of finding goodfic on LJ is so much higher.)

OOH, EXCELLENT. ♥ And, well, I totally understand that interests are cyclical, even if I totally want to whine at you for more anyway. XD

I wondered what had happened to your rec journal! I was bummed out thinking it was gone for good! At any rate, one of my proudest L/J moments came when writing the completely dorky Target fic, but I think I'm most proud of the even-more-dorky "Sally Forth," in which Juliet is cast as Sally Brown in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

And now, for reasons unbeknownst to myself, I'm suddenly obsessed with LOCI. Let me know if you want another partner 'ship after you get done with NCIS ;-)

Lurker posting in for a moment and shyly shows a link here. It's just a cute one-piece fic and wonders if you'll like it.
Must tell you though that the website fleeting fancies is a real nice site, showing so many good fanfics that I'll never found otherwise. Thank yous!

*_____________________* OMG I LOVE YOU, THANK YOU. (Wooooow, there are already way more sites than I would have thought, I don't care if I never get out of fanart hell again, I'm at least going to be happy now. *__*)

(Deleted comment)
Honestly? I haven't seen a series this beautiful probably since Loveless. <---this is where you had me

I'd heard of Nabari no Ou, it's one of those series I've had the vague urge to get around to someday (and possibly would have let it slip through the cracks like I do so many other series that I intend to watch/read), but your description (and omg bless you for providing links, I love the aarinfantasy forums *__*) and mention of fandom beginning to gain momentum are the magic words for me.

I cannot resist pretty + a growing fandom. *___*

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

A Few Recs


Here are some recs I have that you might like:

Hibari oneshot (can be seen as gen or 1827):

I also liked the fancomics this person did (funny and cute):
Mahou Shounen Tsu-kun:

Reborn's Ultimate Punishment:

ka-yakusoku also translated and scanned a few doujinshi. Thanks for doing both the site and livejournal.

- kix-prue

Thank you for the comments and the recs with these! I read a couple of them and asl;kjflakjs I think I might have missed them on my own, so this was seriously helpful, THANK YOU. And that 1827/gen fic has me curious now....

I'm leaving a comment to give you a D. Gray Man art rec.

I heard you like Kanda and Allen, usually in the same frames ;)


Knock yourself out. I have no idea if they're to your taste i.e. if you like this style or not, but personally I loved it. Didn't see it on your rec list but maybe I missed it if it's there. If you have seen this already then sorry, but it's really late in the UK at the moment.

Need to sleep now. Hope it's of some help!

Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely adore Fleeting Fancies, and that I've added this rec journal to keep up with updates, and I don't want you to think you have a creepy stalker. ^^; No need to add me back or comment, just...excellent job! I love your taste in fanfiction.

Ack! Only, like, a month and a half late. orz S-sorry. But hello! No one needs to say hi if they want to add me, that's what the journal is for, to either friend or just check whenever you feel like it, if you want, it doesn't matter to me. THAT SAID, of course I love meeting new people and I'm delighted that you enjoy the site, thank you! ♥

Hi there,

I have been keeping track of Fleeting Fancies for I don't exactly know how long!! Finally managed to add you :D I love your recs, so please keep up the good work. I rely on you for GOOD fics XD

So I really hope you don't mind adding me to your f list!

Thank you

Hi! And I don't mind at all, that's what the journal is here for! (Or to just check randomly if one should wish. XD) I'm glad the recs are helpful and I'm delighted to meet you! ♥

(And a;lsdfkalsk thanks for reminding me that I need to update the site. XD)

(Deleted comment)
I don't mind at all! IN FACT. O HEY MOAR RECS FOR ME TO GO THROUGH-- *starts digging through* And thank you for the One Piece rec! I've really been going for that series a lot again lately. *__*

AND READ REBORN! BECAUSE IT'S REALLY GOOD. Well, I mean. It's not the most brilliant series I've ever read, but it's like all good WJ series in that there are characters you really just want more and more and more of. Also, fandom is kind of AWESOME.

Tales of the Abyss you don't even need to play the game for anymore! (I mean, it's the best way and what I recommend first, but not everyone wants to sink 90 hours into an RPG game just to get to the fandom. XD) The manga's been coming out for awhile and the anime is on episode 9 and from what I've seen so far, it's actually been a really kickin' adaptation of the game! (And I usually hate adaptations. XD) DOOOOOOOOO IIIIIIIIIIIIIT.

you're site helped me a lot too many times I can't even count. I see you update here on LJ than on the actual site :D

Sorry for being rude but can I ask if you're accepting sort of "request" for a rec of a certain anime? Yeah I know, you won't do if you're not into the thing itself so I'll just mention some of the titles...Eureka 7, Ookiku Furikabutte, Shaman King, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann...that's about it I guess. I swear I would've done this myself if I even knew how to start googling for jap site. Sorry for bothering you D:

Then again, thank you for the hard work on your previous recs XD

Ahahahaha, oh, I really do fail at updating the site. XD I actually do work on it, I just never finish the updates, so I don't update the updates page that much. But yes! I post to this journal first and let them build up before I work on the site.

I totally take requests! I'm always happy to know what other people are into--if nothing else, it often times gives me an idea of what to watch next because... well, if it had a fanbase, that means it's probably good, right?

*curious* Are you looking for fanart more than fanfic or the other way around? I usually assume fic, but you mention getting started on Japanese sites? And, are you the type who, once you've got a starting point, you can go on your own? I ask because I could probably find, like, an Ookiku search engine or something, but I've personally only read a little past the first volume, so I can pretty much only recognize Mihashi so far. XD

And do you have any pairing preferences/squicks? That's always helpful to know, too. XD

Hi Becky! This is Varon, who wrote Violation of the Sixth Commandment. It's one of your fic recs in your Fleeting Fancies site -- which I stumbled on because *I* was looking for some YusKei fics to read. ^.^ Imagine my surprise when my own fic was on that list, lol. Just wanted to say thanks for including it in your list -- ten years from its publication, it's still gaining readers, and I thank you for that. ^_^ I'm thinking of doing a remake or spinoff of the fic, so I better keep you posted on it. Take care, and thank you again! (BTW, do you mind if I add you? ^-^)

Hi! You're welcome and I'm glad that putting it on the list got us a chance to meet--that's always one of the most fun parts of doing this. And I'm doubly glad if I could help shove a few more people your way somehow--and I would, of course, love to see you do a remake or spinoff of the fic! And, no, I don't mind being added at all, that's what the journal is here for, to either just lurk on or add for whenever I update. XD

Even if I'm terrible inconsistent about that. *shifty*


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