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How much do I love you for having the same Karofsky/Kurt feelings and concerns but at the same time being kind of curious about the fandom and then taking it one step further and being brave and finding stuff to rec?

You're great. And thank you for your recent Sherlock recs too.

It's going to cause us nothing but pain, I fear. Getting invested in any Glee ship--whether it happens on-screen or not--is likely going to cause a person nothing but pain. And I'm not certain at all where they're going with Karofsky.

But I am fervently glad to not be alone and even more so to not be alone with conflicted feelings--he's a dick! But I want him to be more than a dick! Without excusing away his dick behavior! (I feel I should like Blaine/Kurt more than I do. And I do like it because holy cow is Blaine a total dreamboat, but. Karofsky calls to me with his complicated hot mess of denial and clear longing.)

....goodness, I do go on. But you're very welcome and bless you for being on the same boat. ♥

*jumping in the middle* You're definitely not alone in the way you feel. You expressed my opinions about Karofsky so much better than I could have.

I'm also wanting to see more exploration of the relationship between these two (even in a gen way), but I suspect fandom will do it much better than the show. The show has such a great opportunity with Karofsky, but I don't trust them to take the time with the character to make him three dimensional.

*brightens* I am delighted to know we have another in this boat!

That's my biggest frustration with Glee--they have all this amazing potential (that fandom capitalizes on really well) that feels like it just gets wasted because they don't really know where they want to go with anything or they're just not together enough to write anything coherent. (Especially if the three writers have differing takes on a character.)

And yet. I want to believe they might do something good with it because it's captured my heart and I think the actors had amazing chemistry in that scene. (At least we'll always have fandom, though? Even if I totally get why a lot of people don't want to ship it/found that scene too uncomfortable.)

I'm here with y'all too, and was just wailing about NEEDING fic about Karofsky.

The kiss shocked me, but i didnt fall for the ship until that look they exchanged this past ep. Karofsky's face was longing/anguish/confusion, and it made me flap my hands. I'm not sure yet i want to ship it on screen...if that makes sense, but i am so so glad others are exploring it in fic.

also, i need Kurt icons.

I am in exactly that same place! I'm not sure I want to ship it on-screen (because I really don't trust the writers to do well with it) but in fandom? Where I can trust fic writers? MOAR DEALING WITH HIS COMING OUT, PLZ. Or the troubles in getting him there, even if Karofsky doesn't actually come out.

On-screen, while I can't say I'm clawing at the walls for it, if Blaine/Kurt happens, I think I'll be okay with it. It'll be nice to see Kurt actually happy for once, you know? He's been put through so much crap for so long that seeing him actually happy during Dalton Academy's song was kind of amazing.

(The only ship I want to actually happen on-screen is Mike/Tina because they are SOMEHOW not totally fucking it up! I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT, but I'm willing to go with it! Otherwise, almost every ship they have actually going? Has turned into something GOD-AWFUL.)

Though, I really hope Max Adler sticks around. Seriously, you don't notice his acting abilities because you're dismissing him as a typical dick jock, but when you see the layers that Karofsky's working so hard to hide? Adler's actually kind of fantastic. I really want to see him play off Chris Colfer more in those really intense scenes where they can't hide behind their usual attitudes.

I know exactly what you mean, particularly about Blaine and his dreamboatiness. I wonder if part of it isn't that Chris Colfer and Max Adler acted the hell out of that scene, which isn't something I've seen Darren Criss do (bless his gorgeous heart and face), and maybe all the subsequent bubbling conflicted feelings and tension makes it more interesting. Also, I think I've always expected Kurt's first boyfriend to be a dumb jock like Finn.

But like you said: Karofsky is pretty much a dick.

I've got a few tabs open, so I hope to get some reading done this weekend! Thanks again!

I think you nailed it there. Darren Criss is a total dreamboat and I wouldn't be mad if the show went in his direction because it would be nice to see him stick around. I do want Kurt to find someone who makes him happy!

It's just. That scene. Where both Max Adler and Chris Colfer said so very much with just these fleeting intense expressions and short, aborted body movements and took what could have been an uncomfortable, awkward scene and put so much emotion into it, so much depth into it that I want that explored more than anything.

(Also, the makeouts would be so, so superhot omg.)

Wow, the Naruto art and the Sailormoon and the Final Fantasy... Awesome recs! *_* (Hi, new here. Long time stalker of your homepage. >_> *waves*)

Hello! ♥ It's always lovely to see new people, especially ones who are into Naruto and Sailor Moon and Final Fantasy! I have special places in my heart for all of those. Especially-- Well, ALL OF THEM. ♥

They're really lovely, aren't they? ^_^ Sailormoon was my first real anime obsession and Final Fantasy my first video game obsession, so... Yeah. ^^

Sailor Moon is one of those series that I love no matter how many other more "serious" anime/manga I see or read, because it's actually genuinely good once you get past the silly premise! And Final Fantasy just. Totally sucked me into gaming. No matter how out of touch I am with gaming, I will always come back for the FF games. (And the amazing FF fanart. *___*)

Yeah, whenever I watch Sailormoon, I get this waff feeling... *_* (True, I get the same one, if not more, when watching Prince of Tennis. ^^) And the FF games are just love. My favorite is XII. ♥

OMG YAY ANOTHER ONE WHO'S FAVORITE IS XII? I mean, granted, it was my first real FF game (I played VII and VIII for, like, two hours each and got distracted, so they don't really count) and so I'm bound to be partial to it, but.

And, honestly, I love all the FF games I've played but XII is still my favorite. It's not perfect, but I loved the combat and I loved the characters, so it's my favorite pretty much forever. ♥

... You know, one day, you're gonna end up breaking through my lazy personality and make me go through the trouble of getting a Pixiv account so I can see all this pretty fanart properly. But today is not that day.

Instead, you've gotten me intrigued with the Sailor Moon fandom and canon thanks to your in-depth posts about Rei and Usagi a while back (also, you're gonna get me into Odin Sphere one day too, but I digress).

So, I'm gonna rec a couple of Sailor Moon fics I've been reading back at you:

Third Time's the Charm by reighost
In a world where the fight against Galaxia didn't end quite so well Tsukino Usagi in a fit of desperation uses the Ginzuisho in a way she hadn't for almost two years… and wakes up fourteen years old... again...
('Cause I'm a sucker for time travel fics of all types from all fandoms and it's written really well.)

Lunar Expedition by Amber Evans Potter
Life on Earth is normal, despite the numerous battles the Senshi have fought. A new discovery on the moon, however, just might shatter that peace. Was the Moon Kingdom meant to be found?
(Read the summary and was immediately like 'YES. YES. FOREVER.' because I'm a dork like that but the concept is just so fascinating. I can't wait until the sequel posted next month.)

On that day, I am going to laugh and laugh and laugh. Mostly because the signing up for Pixiv is the easy part. The hard part is when you get sucked into it and browse around for three hours and feel like you're further behind than when you started because there's so much pretty to see. It'll be AWESOME. :D :D :D

.....but maybe I'll take my cackling back if you're going to provide Sailor Moon fic links. TIME TRAVEL FIC, I LOVE TIME TRAVEL FIC SO MUCH. And you've made me really curious about the second one as well, which I am totally saving to put on my reader immediately. (I love SM fic, but it's so hard for me to find longer epics that really fit my view of the characters. SO I LIKE IT WHEN PEOPLE GIVE ME THINGS, THANK YOU. :D :D :D)

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