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[ Bleach, Misfits, Sailor Moon ]
sailor moon
    ღ - Assume all Misfits recs are spoilery.
    ღ - To all you people hatin’ on #Madoka for being "useless," please read this vulgar and wonderfully informative post from 4chan. FUCKING SIGNED.
    ღ - Speaking of character defenses, a Fllay Allster defense essay, which I love just for existing.
    ღ - So, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica has eaten me pretty hard. Which means I had to create a brand new tumblr for it, since I'm too busy posting Sailor Moon on girlsbydaylight. But I wanted a place for all my magical girl anime stuff! Hence, girlsofmagic @tumblr, a blog for posting about all those series like Madoka Magica and Heartcatch Precure and Cardcaptor Sakura. Also, fuckyoupixiv @tumblr for SPEC-related fanart and other drama-related fanart. (Because there's some surprisingly cute stuff in fandom!)

    Bleach - 1 Fanfic
    Misfits - 13 Fanfics
    Sailor Moon - 1 Fanfic

Bleach: ever after by alice_candy - This fic sort of drops you into the middle of the story and doesn't really explain a lot of what's going on around it, but I find that sort of adds an atmosphere to the piece? It's hard to explain, beyond saying that I just think the author makes it work somehow. Plus, yeah, okay, as much as it makes me sad (because of all the bad stuff that happens to the characters and their friends here), I love love love seeing Orihime care so much about her friends and I... yeah, I can't lie. Ichigo and Orihime on the run together, just the two of them, each protecting the other in their own way, the intense moments of connection and even the quiet moments are intense? The protective!Ichigo kink I have? Yeah, that totally is something I'm all over. :9 (Ichigo/Orihime.)

Misfits: Power by entangled_now - So, I'm still making my way through s2 of Misfits as I read this fic, but I'm far enough along that this wouldn't spoil anything for me and I've kind of been dying to jump into the fandom. And while I OTP other ships, I am totally down for potential Nathan/Simon! So, this fic came along at just the right time, set during s1 while Nathan is rather desperately trying to figure out what his power is and this fic plays beautifully with that. Nathan's thoughts and the voice for him are spot-on and I was hard pressed to not start laughing like a loon the entire time I was reading it, it's just so... Nathan. Also, poor Simon. (This is mostly gen, but suggestive Nathan/Simon is there.)

Misfits: Wanna Be The Only One That You Know by stainofmylove - As much as I enjoy other things, Simon/Alisha is absolutely my OTP of this series and this fic does a gorgeous job of filling in the spaces around 2x03 and what Alisha goes through, the two versions of him that she's trying to reconcile with each other, combined with those hints and almost glimpses into the person Simon's growing into. I love the writing of this piece, how it's sweet and interesting and romantic and fucked up and creepy all at the same time, all the things that make up these characters and make this dynamic so interesting. And now I want a hundred more fics for this ship. (Simon/Alisha, NSFW on the level of the show.)

Misfits: there is nothing else. by ninja_butterfly - In addition to my other ships, Nathan/Kelly got me hard and I was less than enthused about how things shook out between them in s2, but then this fic came along! And it builds on a lot of what I saw there, not ignoring the events, but instead using them to further the characters and bring them back around--especially Nathan, who is not always on the ball with these things. But mostly it's just a really excellent fic between the two of them, it brilliantly shows Nathan growing as a person even as he's so very Nathan. I love that it shows their friendship, I love that there's a decent person under Nathan's dickbag exterior, I love love love the spot-on dialogue between them here, and, oh, the final scene is pretty much pure perfection. (Nathan/Kelly.)

Misfits: say you don't want it. by ninja_butterfly - Oh, god, this fic is so very perfect. It's set post-2x04 and it's beautiful in the way it diffuses the tension from that ending with Nathan being so very... Nathan. I love the absolutely, brilliantly spot-on characterization and dialogue for him here, the author is brilliant at getting his voice down perfectly, getting the entire group's dynamic down perfectly, and just being... perfect for this show. Nathan and that wedding dress is amazing and his relationship to Kelly here is amazing and just. Amazing, amazing, amazing. (Nathan/Kelly, sort of.)

Misfits: passion pit. by ninja_butterfly - [ part 01 - part 02 ] - This story seems to have taken the preview from the Christmas episode but was written (or at least started) before it actually aired, so there are bits and pieces taken from it, but events all happen differently, so this sort of unfolds out into its own thing. There are only two parts to this so far, but they're still worth reading on their own because the author does a beautiful job with Nathan's character and it's always funny to see him landing in the middle of a giant mess and reacting in such a... Nathan sort of way. It's interesting because the situation with Marnie here is so different from what it was in canon, yet I feel like both situations are true to the character and both have such achingly perfect moments. Sure, I read this for the Nathan/Kelly, but I enjoy the hell out of the group dynamics (especially any time Simon and Nathan have a conversation ♥) and just the dialogue itself. It's fantastic. ♥ (Nathan/Kelly, Simon/Alisha, Curtis/Nikki.)

Misfits: Rush and a Push by stainofmylove - One of the things that really hooked me with this show is how much it clearly loves to play with Nathan/Simon, sometimes as almost going there, but also sometimes just as surprising friends. There's such great chemistry and potential there, which this fic capitalizes on beautifully. I love this one, because it's Simon trying to practice his parkour and Nathan going along without really knowing anything yet being so... Nathan. I can't tell you how much I laughed during this fic, how many times I felt like my heart was going to grow another size because they are so precious even as they're being absolute bastards. Well, Nathan is being a bastard. Simon is just. Simonnnnnnn. ♥ (This is gen, but if you like Nathan/Simon, you should like this.)

Misfits: Don’t Fall In Love So Easy by stainofmylove - I think I made a whole bunch of ridiculous noises as I was reading this, because it got to the heart of what I love so much about Simon and Alisha. I love that it's not exactly very easy, that it's a bumpy road on the way to the two of them growing into the people they're going to be, but it's also not just about future!Simon that Alisha loves, it's just Simon that she loves. Each ending line of the five scenes of this piece had me doing that embarrassing happy-sigh-type noise that I probably shouldn't be admitting to in public, but, whatever, they're my OTP and this fic was gorgeous. Each of the scenes is about what a mess these characters are, but they're still moving forward even when it doesn't seem like it, and the author absolutely nails both characters brilliantly along with some gorgeous writing. Each scene is a little painful to read, especially as Alisha doesn't quite know what to say or Simon isn't quite there yet, but that makes it all the better of a journey. Just. This was a breathtaking piece. (Simon/Alisha, a light NC-17.)

Misfits: you weren't born typical. by ninja_butterfly - Sure, I got into Misfits because of the ships and I do enjoy the references to those here, but I also find myself getting sucked further and further in because of the potential with their powers and the fucked up situations that could come out of them. This is set post-2x07 and it's a brilliant Nathan pov fic again, this time less with the amusement and more with the fucked up and Nathan's obnoxiousness in the face of it, but still a decent guy somewhere way down deep underneath that and just. It kind of hurts to read this, after everything that's happened to the group, and the dynamics between them all are perfect here and just. It's one more time that I've fallen just that much harder. (Curtis/Nikki, but it's only half the point.)

Misfits: Feel Like Crushing You by stainofmylove - This is just a short piece, set very early in the second season, just a moment between Simon and Alisha, one that shows the glimpses of who these characters will grow to be, but not quite there yet. The chemistry between the two of them is fantastic and it's a great little piece to read. (Simon/Alisha.)

Misfits: Careless Whisper by thickets - I love the idea of Nathan/Simon, but I've had a hard time finding fic that sits well with me... until I found this one and it's just utterly delightful. I love both characters here so much, but I especially appreciate it being from Simon's point of view, because you really feel his awkwardness and yearning desire to have any kind of attention and the almost painful sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Yet it's a surprisingly adorable, sweet fic and it feels so much like the show itself and there's even a blowjob scene that I appreciated a lot and just. as;lfkjasl;kj I remember why I enjoy this ship so much now. ♥ (Nathan/Simon, R.)

Misfits: In which Kelly and Nathan talk about baby names by scila - I picked this fic up because the title/summary promised Nathan and Kelly talking about baby names, which had the potential for hilarity. And the fic is very humorous, the author does really well with the give and take that Nathan and Kelly have with each other, but I found that I loved it for how it was actually a bit more of a serious piece. It's Kelly reacting to the events of 2x07, the Christmas special, and basically everything that's happened in her relationship with Nathan. It deals so well with the stuff that's still lingering between them and that I hope the show deals with as well, one of those perfect projections for me at the time, after having just finished the second season, and reminds me of just why I adore these two and their surprisingly complex relationship. (Nathan/Kelly, sort of.)

Misfits: Folded At The Slightest Touch by stainofmylove - This is set post-2x03 but before those events unfolded, so it goes in a different direction, but I don't mind fics like that, especially when they're written as well as this piece is. I love these fics, set during the time while both Simons are there in Alisha's life and she's sorting everything out and current!Simon is growing out of his shell, step by step, and everything is just... this great big mess, but it's slowly getting set right. I especially love Alisha's view of the two Simons, the ways they're different and the ways they're the same and just... how absolutely beautiful everything here is. (Simon/Alisha.)

Misfits: a walk through hell by ninja_butterfly - So, I picked this one up because, well, I needed more Nathan/Kelly fic, that's all I was really looking for. I DID NOT EXPECT THE MOST AMAZING FIC IN THE HISTORY OF EXISTENCE. The dialogue is spot-on to the show and the Nathan characterization is brilliant and there are certain exchanges in this fic that had me laughing so hard I legit teared up. It is mpreg fic and it is glorious and, if the show were to ever do this storyline, it would go exactly like this. I can't even say anything more, because this fic was everything I ever wanted out of a Nathan or Nathan/Kelly fic. It was amazing. ♥ (Nathan/Kelly.)

Sailor Moon: Midnight by JadeEye - I suspect I might have skipped over this fic if I'd know that it was going to use the dub names, but it didn't really refer to either character by their name (or the other characters by their dub names) more than a small handful of times and it had a... it almost felt like this was more manga-based than anime-based, somehow. Between all of that, somehow I got sucked into this lovely piece of writing, the way it's both romantic and angsty and yet happy and wonderful all at the same time really fits with Usagi and Mamoru's relationship, especially as they first get to know each other as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. I especially liked all the little touches on what Mamoru has gone through because he knows so little, because he didn't even know he was Tuxedo Mask at first, the little hints to his powers, but also Usagi trying to sort herself out, calmer and more thoughtful here, but still so very Usagi. It was a very nice piece. (Mamoru/Usagi.)

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I know! Madoka ate my brain too. People'd been telling me about it for a bit, then when I sat down with it I had to watch all the episodes so far all at once because I couldn't stop. I'm really curious to see by the time the series ends if Madoka will make a really well worded wish that will revolutionize the supernatural world, a really stupid wish, or no wish. Brutal deconstructions for the win.

Very happy I found your site. Will note it and return for more info.

Lots' of wonderful recs! Very glad I found this journal. Looking forward to more. :)

found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

Sorry I'm hijacking your post, but I had to say - my friend sarcasticval showed me that you recced one of my fics on your site. I wanted to first thank you for the exposition, because that's very nice of you to think so highly of a story I'm actually rather embarrassed about now that it's been ten years or so.

Thank you also for the unflinching critique. Everything you say is dead-nuts on, and I genuinely appreciate your candor. :) (As to why no Rinoa... um, the real answer is that I don't like Rinoa. At all. But I also felt she had nothing to do with the story.)

At any rate, I'll bow out now. Thanks again!

Apologies for the late response, I can be quite terrible at getting to them in a timely manner, which is totally my fault. I'm glad you enjoyed the rec and I think it was clear to you that, whatever else I might say about a fic, if I recommend it, it's because I honestly enjoyed it and thought it was worth trying to shove at other people. ♥

As for the lack of Rinoa... I like your approach the best! I am firmly of the opinion that, if you don't like a character, just leave them out of the fic you're writing, because it benefits no one to force yourself to write them in. I approve! XD

And thank you for the lovely response, too. ♥

I've been lurking this journal for awhile now, and only now have the guts to comment, lol. This is definitely one of the best fanrec journal I have EVER come across, and you are made of a million pieces of win and awesome.

I do have to ask, though, what is SPEC? I've never heard of it.

Apologies for the late response, as I am SUPER TERRIBLE about it more often than I'd like. At least I'm up to ALMOST being within six months of comments--! ALSO HI. I PROMISE I AM NOT ALWAYS TERRIBLE AT COMMENTS. :D♥

I'm so glad you like the recs journal, that strokes my ego something wonderful. I mean is lovely to hear. Thank you. XD

As for SPEC, it's a Japanese drama series from 2010, starring Toda Erika and Kase Ryo. (The DramaWiki entry on it, don't let the "2" in the title fool you. It's not a sequel, it's a remake, but they called it "2" anyway.) It was AMAZING, especially if you're familiar with jdramas, because the lead character (as played by Toda Erika) wasn't your usual type of jdrama heroine. She was SO WEIRD and didn't care about social norms and you desperately wanted to know more about her. And the lead pairing had sooooo much chemistry, omg. *__*

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