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    ღ - You would not believe how much time I spent on this Sailor Moon cosplay post (locked, but pretty easy to join the comm) and this cosplay tumblr yester because, oh my god, some of them are gorgeous. Like this one of Stocking is seriously one of the most amazing things I've seen ever. And FFX-2 Paine and Rikku are also just amazing. And! this Final Fantasy VIII one is, like, the most amazing thing ever to me.
    ღ - In addition to that! Between Porn Battle XI going on and having just watched the first three episodes of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, it was a miracle if I get anything else done these last couple of weeks. (Mostly I ignored everything in favor of watching a lot of tv and posting the hell out of Sailor Moon stuff on tumblr. orz)

    Bleach - 2 Fanfics
    Calvin & Hobbes - 1 Fanfic
    Dexter - 3 Fanfics
    Enchanted - 1 Fanfic
    Firefly - 1 Fanfic
    Glee - 2 Fanfics
    Junjou Romantica - 3 Fanfics
    Nikita - 3 Fanfics
    RPF - 1 Fanfic
    Sailor Moon - 1 Fanfic

Bleach: tragic, infection, gallery by alice hattercandy - This is a series of three different scenes, though, I don't think they're related? In a weird sort of way, I almost liked the first tragic one the most (and boy am I glad the author started with that one, rather than ended with it!) because it painted such a lovely (if heartbreaking) picture to it. But also! The second one was a little heartbreaking for all that Ichigo goes through and the kind of effect it has on him, but it's not unhappy. And I like that the third scene was the happiest of all, it was totally happy and adorable, which made the piece feel like it got progressively happier and happier. I enjoyed it a lot! <3 (Ichigo/Orihime.)

Bleach: untitled by sarcasmmonster - I was browsing the comm again and stumbled over this cute New Year's prompt response and was just... really charmed by it. I liked the opening lines a lot, it paints a lovely picture of Orihime, but also I just like the nervousness and adorable awkwardness that comes with the Ichigo/Orihime pairing so often. It's very sweet and fluffy and just made me happy to read today, especially the way it's such a cheerful fic, even as Orihime frets about being alone when the clock strikes twelve. ♥ (Ichigo/Orihime.)

Calvin & Hobbes: Variations on a (Sordid) Pastime by knopflergroupie - I always mean to sit down with the Calvin & Hobbes fics that get written for various fests or get recommended like crazy, but it never seems to quite happen. I'm not sure why this time is different, but somehow it was just the right time, I guess? And I'm glad I did because you wouldn't think porny Calvin/Susie fic would be something you could wrap your brain around, but you can somehow feel that they're older here and somehow it just works. They're brilliantly in character and, oh, this is exactly how their sex life would go and it was just. Sweet and hot and perfect and absolutely everything it needed to be. ♥ I suspect I may be spoiled on this fandom now. (Calvin/Susie, NC-17.)

Dexter: Escape Route by lonelywalker - So, I was browsing the Porn Battle and I didn't exactly expect to stumble over Dexter fic of all things, but. It was Lundy/Debra and I had surprised myself with how fond of them I became, so, sure, I'll give the fic a shot. And it's a gorgeous, breathtakingly in character piece for both characters, but it's Deb who really shines here. How brash and foul-mouthed she is, which is layered over this deeply caring person and I absolutely love every single reaction she has here, every little detail about her. And Lundy's quiet personality that matches perfectly with hers! Just. They are so awesome together. (Lundy/Debra, slightly NSFW.)

Dexter: Give Me the Morning by lonelywalker - I suspect this author is going to be one of my favorite things to come out of this Porn Battle, because yes more Lundy/Deb fic! And I really like that this time Lundy is the one who needed the comforting and that Deb is really brilliant here at fixing other people's problems in that way she has. I really enjoy how the author doesn't shy away from the age difference and the quality that could almost be awkward here between them because of it, yet shows why these two work and there's that spark of something almost like magic here. It was a fantastic read. (Lundy/Debra, somehwat NSFW.)

Dexter: The Way by Basingstoke - After reading the previous fic, I saw a link to this Yuletide fic, which spurred me into reading it today instead of putting it off forever like usual. And I'm very glad I did because it's another brilliant Lundy narrative and, this time, it's an AU of the series where he retires, stays in Miami, and just keeps thinking in that way he does. The interaction with Dexter is breathtakingly in character and pitch-perfect for the series and the actors, the almost unhurried pace over the intensity of everything is very well done. I would have loved for this to have been the way canon went, it's so good and fits with the tone of the series, and just. Shit, everyone and everything in this fic is full of awesome and it reminds me how much I really do love this series. (Lundy/Debra, Dexter/Rita, they're only half the point.)

Enchanted: no wonder your heart feels like it's flying by flyingthesky - I'm always a little wary of anything Disney-related and porn, because I'm not opposed to the idea, but it sort of demands to be done with a lot of care and this piece on Robert and Giselle's relationship progressing physically is just so darn cute that I couldn't help being charmed by it! I really enjoyed the little details of how she slowly acclimated herself and the way their first time went, it was that nice balance between fairy tale and reality that the movie had. (Robert/Giselle, slightly NSFW.)

Firefly: Demise of a Mustache by dagas_isa - One of the few things I always did love about Firefly was Wash/Zoe and, oh, this is so brilliantly them. All the little quirky details mixed with all the grounded quality they had, the flirtatious nature this piece has even without dialogue, and the beautiful physical connection they have. It's perfectly easy to see their first time being like this, with just... everything. I just sort of want to flail with love. (Wash/Zoe, somewhat NSFW.)

Glee: Men Reading Fashion Magazines (thanks, Rufus Wainwright) by jesshelga - Every once in awhile, one of those fics comes along where I want to shove it at all the people who are vaguely interested in this ship and also to hold it dear to me, because it's actually a really excellent fic. Granted, I don't go looking as much anymore, but I still feel like this is a rarity? Though, the rareness just about lets me slide back out of this fandom... at least until a fic like this comes along and I'm right back to where I fucking started. The author does a beautiful job with Kurt's voice and thoughts and little actions and views on the other characters, right down to the clothes he wears and the magazines he reads. I love that these are important details in Kurt's life, but they're never the focus, which is instead on one kid reaching out to another and things getting better and just... somehow things make their way along. I can't tell you how many lines I wanted to pull out of this fic to quote because I laughed so hard at them or how much I enjoyed the teenagers at their first time sex or the moments with Burt Hummel (the father/son relationship is so fantastic here) or just... well, everything. And, fuck, I'm already hitting up delicious again and crying at this fucking fandom because of this fic. Goddammit. (Karofsky/Kurt, NC-17.)

Glee: Want, Take, Have by tamakito - I originally started this on the Glee angst meme but followed the author back to their writing journal to see if there was more and wound up finishing the fic there. I... am forever on the fence about angsty Karofsky/Kurt (well, Karofsky --> Kurt) fic because it takes a delicate hand to move them towards an actual relationship (which is not what this fic is about) but it's also a lot less painful. And this fic is painful in all the right ways, how Karofsky winds himself up and the desperation you feel, all while the fic really doesn't excuse his actions. And I really like the way Karofsky's attraction to Kurt starts as a slow burn, but just keeps slowly going and going, until it becomes something he can't get out of his head anymore--that can be a delicate process sometimes, too, but I thought this fic did it really well. It's not a happy fic, but it was a very well-written one and I'm glad to have read it. (Karofsky/Kurt.)

Junjou Romantica: A Fluttering Heart's Subtlety (or Lack Thereof) by Faye-Naruse - Oh, this is just what I've needed in this fandom. It's not that I've been slipping away from the fandom (precisely), just that I haven't felt connected to it lately and then a couple of really good fics come along and suddenly I'm ready to tear through a hundred more of them. Dammit. But this was so delightful, it's a simple piece--Hiroki has to bring something to Nowaki at work, they have their usual connection, and Nowaki talks to a nurse at the hospital--but the author does a fantastic job of capturing Hiroki's almost contradictory nature and Nowaki's happiness, making what could have been a cliche fic instead sparkle and work really well for these two. Just. ♥! (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Lunch Date by Black Velvet Nerd - I picked this fic up because it promised me Nowaki and Akihiko interaction and, hell yes, I want more of that! There's not much in this chapter (though, I'm assuming/hoping that it's just the first one?), instead if focuses more on Akihiko and Misaki, but I love the premise and the potential of it, as well as the author did a really good job with the Romantica characters' dynamic. It's hard to explain precisely why, but it's in the little touches, the way they react to each other, the way Misaki is annoyed yet caring, the way Akihiko is a fruit loop yet knows what he's doing. It was just really fun to read. (Akihiko/Misaki, assumed future Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Impatience is a Virtue by crsg - I told myself that I was going to wait at least a day before I read all of the new Egoist fic that'd been posted recently, but, well. That didn't work out so well. But! I can't resist a well-written Hiroki! Or a well-written Nowaki with a well-written Hiroki! And this artist did a fantastic job of capturing that dynamic between them, Hiroki's crankiness that Nowaki can read through, Nowaki being so... Nowaki, all those little details are wonderful here. And even if it's not out-and-out porn, the implications of it were lovely and I adored Hiroki's reaction to Nowaki catching him in the act alone because it was pretty much perfect. And, yeah, it's an idea that's been done before, but a) it's a trope for a reason and b) I love it when authors can make it still sparkle brilliantly anyway. I would read a hundred of these and still go back for more. (Nowaki/Hiroki, about an R rating.)

Nikita: Fists and Bullets by always_a_queen - I had just watched the episode with Michael's backstory and decided that I needed at least some fic. This is one of the first fics I decided to give a shot to and it pretty much immediately sucked me in. I'm very fond of stories that take place over a long span of time that are done with short little bursts of scenes, sometimes just moments along the way, because it gives the author a chance to really show the scope of what needs to take place and this author does that beautifully. It's not easy, you can see that, it's never easy for Michael or Nikita and sometimes it's as many steps backwards as it is forwards and this fic never forgets that. It's an intense piece, it's not exactly a happy one, but it fits so well with the show and I like to think this is (mostly) how the show unfolds, because it's exactly what I want for Michael and Nikita both. I can't say much more than that without possibly ruining the fic (though, it's not really about surprises, just that I don't want to ruin the pacing of it) but it's definitely one of those perfect fics for me. (Michael/Nikita.)

Nikita: Baby Steps by Leigh Adams15 - Again, having just finished watching the episode this is a missing scene for, of course I'm itching for more interaction between Michael and Nikita. This fic adds a little to their conversation before everything went down, gets a little more into their issues and their pasts, both in the way they parallel and contrast each other (though, mostly parallel) and it really works well. It does feel a lot like a missing scene and it brings up intriguing questions that I find myself asking now as well and wishing that the show had brought up, because it kind of makes sense. The author does well with the Nikita style, so it's easy to imagine the actors in the roles and also doesn't push it too far into Michael/Nikita territory, because it wasn't the right time. It just really hit the right buttons for me. (This is gen, but you could read Michael/Nikita into it if you wanted.)

Nikita: everyone's lonely / under a lonely moon by pada_something - Well, I think I've officially left LFN behind (at least so long as I'm in this fandom) because I'm pretty well sucked into this Michael and this Nikita and how much I love this dynamic. And, yes, I want happier things for them, but it's not exactly possible right now (or maybe ever) and this fic is a beautiful illustration of how Nikita handles love. It's a beautiful piece because it shows her vulnerability and her tragedy right along side her fierceness and her strength of will, it's a beautiful fit with the style of the series itself. (Michael/Nikita.)

RPF: Quintessence by kindness-says - This is one of those prompt responses that a lot of people sort of stopped to stare at and really thought they'd just pass it on by... and yet stopped to read it anyway, for whatever reason. Mine was "well, I liked their marraige" + "wow, look at all those comments it got" = "curious enough to start on it". And I can see why it got so much attention, because it's absolutely lovely and one of those rare instances where the second person works beautifully in the way it should, giving it an intimacy that's very nice, and it's just heartbreaking enough. I am so glad I stopped to take a chance on this one. ♥ (Brad Pitt/Jennifer Anniston.)

Sailor Moon: The Past Is Prologue by vnilla - Another short piece, but, whatever. It's Mamoru and Usagi and it's a lovely piece about Usagi wondering who Mamoru loves, if it's her or his princess. His answer is perfect and I lovelovelove Usagi here and I love how alive Mamoru is with her. This piece doesn't have to be long to really get what I love about these two. (Mamoru/Usagi.)
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