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[ Naruto, Queer as Folk, Runaways, Sherlock, Tangled, That '70s Show, Tiger & Bunny ]

    ღ - I mentioned that I rewatched all of Queer as Folk in one night this week, yes? Which means diving into the fandom and tearing through fic as fast as I can. (Which isn't as fast as I'd like, considering tumblr still eats me, but between QaF and Sherlock, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have my fair share of porn to read. \o/, I'll end up going for the fluffy cuddling anyway. I would. orz)

    Naruto - 1 Fanfic
    Queer as Folk - 4 Fanfics
    Runaways - 1 Fanfic
    Sherlock - 2 Fanfics
    Tangled - 1 Fanfic
    That '70s Show - 1 Fanfic
    Tiger & Bunny - 1 Doujinshi

Naruto: Loud by torch - This is a very, very short piece (which is such a pity) and I read it because *kicks rocks* TheHoyden made me really kind of love this pairing, but then torch writes this gorgeous, perfectly IC piece for Porn Battle and suddenly I'm left with all these feelings again. It's beautifully them and I just-- Man, if it weren't creepy, I'd be a total stalker and beg her for more of this. *kicks rocks* (Gai/Iruka, somewhat NSFW.)

Queer as Folk: Simple Gifts by Cesare - I actually clicked onto this fic because I wanted to read a bit more about Cameron (and Cameron/Vince), despite that I'm a hardcore Stuart/Vince shipper (thus, ironic that I'm recommending this one first, despite the boatload of Stuart/Vince I've read) and what I got here surprised me. It's from Stuart's point of view, as he and Cameron are planning Vince's birthday party, which is one of my favorite parts of the storyline for all that it says about the characters, and I enjoyed Cameron a lot here. But, oh, Stuart. Stuart, who is planning such a terrible thing and he's such a bastard about it, but one who is doing something selfless for his best friend that he loves. The way the author writes him is beautiful, especially the passage about that tangle of emotions in him, the way Stuart sees Vince and how Vince deals with his feelings, that sense of longing and anger curled up around his thoughts. It hit me so hard because, yes, that is exactly what's going on there. It's such a quick piece and yet it's one of those that leaves a hell of an impression. (Some Stuart/Vince, some Cameron/Vince.)

Queer as Folk: Irresistible by Cesare - I really only meant to read the one, then wander off for more straight up Stuart/Vince, but this one basically was that anyway. I enjoyed Stuart's jealousy over Vince's relationship with Cameron, the way there was so much simmering under the surface of Stuart's reactions as he, Vince, and Alex are out one night, how much he really feels for Vince, yet it's not about sadness, it's more about anger. It just hit all the right notes with where their relationship was and what Stuart was realizing about Cameron's request (just before Vince's birthday party) and it just... was actually a lot of fun to read, but also hit home pretty hard. ....bleh, this is a terrible rec for a really good fic. Go read it! (Some Stuart/Vince, references to Cameron/Vince.)

Queer as Folk: The Eiffel Tower by Tia - This is actually one of the first fics I read when I got my wild urge to go rewatch all of QaF and then seek out fic for it, but I'm only just writing the rec now. This fic is a bit hard to describe why it was one of the ones I zeroed in on, other than to say it is incredibly satisfying. After you rewatch the series, spend all that time with Vince's feelings for Stuart, to have the tables turned halfway through this fic, for Stuart to be the one pushed into chasing after Vince (even if it's only halfway across the room) because he was ready to leave, it was exactly, exactly what I wanted, right down to the posessive sex and Stuart being a bastard (even if he is softer on the inside, he at least doesn't show it on the outside). And the sex was pretty damn fun, yessss. (Stuart/Vince, NC-17.)

Queer as Folk: Crossed Lines by Alexis - I did feel that this fic was a bit soft on the interaction between Stuart and Vince, plus I saw the ending coming, but it was... it was fun and I love Vince, like, a whole lot and it was sweet and it had porn. These are things that I was pretty much looking for in the fandom because I just love these two so goddamned much and this fic helped feed into that and it was cute! I can't ask for more. (Stuart/Vince, NC-17.)

Runaways: the girl with the sun in her eyes by bonnefois - This is a short Xavin and Karolina piece from Porn Battle and it immediately caught my attention because, whoa, wait, porn for this totally neglected otp of mine? Huzzah! And it was lovely, the lanugage used fits the characters so well, especially Xavin's view of Karolina's light, and the lovely, subtle use of shapeshifting, and just... the way there's so much adoration and love here. It was beautiful. (Xavin/Karolina, NSFW.)

Sherlock: #3patchproblem by ardenteurophile - I was immediately intrigued by the idea of Sherlock learning to use twitter and this fic was totally adorable for that. I don't think I stopped grinning the entire way through, it was just so... cute and fun. And I really enjoyed that it was easy to imagine Sherlock typing away and seeing his expressions, even just through the short little twitter messages. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: An Arbitrary Celebration of Staying Alive for Another Year by ardenteurophile - After reading the previous fic by this author, I decided, eh, what the hell, I'll try this one, too. And, yes, this is what I was looking for from the fandom! (At least until I'm maybe ready for more from this ship?) The balance between Sherlock and John's friendship and that something more that hovers between them was perfectly done here, there was so much under the surface that wasn't being said, that didn't need to be said to be very much there, was intensely lovely. And then the descriptions of Sherlock! So much hilarity! The way the author describes him simply sitting on a sofa or standing in the middle of the room, it's so perfectly tailored to this series and this character that I may have flapped my hands a time or two and just how much I love these characters and this relationship. And it had the added bonus of being hilarious! An excellent read. ♥ (Sort of Sherlock/John, sort of not.)

Tangled: Glow by bring_me_sugar - This was totally adorable and lovely, the first few stirrings of sexual interaction and exploration between Flynn and Rapunzel, which managed to fit with Porn Battle and still fit with the Disney feel of the movie. The voices for the characters are nicely done, Rapunzel's curious nature wasn't over the top or overblown, and it was nicely satisfying. I totally want more kissing and touching with these two. ♥ (Flynn/Rapunzel, NSFW.)

That '70s Show: Let me count the days by strongplacebo - Hyde/Jackie is one of those pairings that I find myself somewhat dearly wishing for fic, but always afraid to read it, because I don't want to dredge up all my disappointment at the series. But sometimes I still end up reading fic anyway and this one was a fun, easy little read that was about the early days of when they first met, before they could barely tolerate each other, then moving into something more meaningful. It's just a piece that slips between the scenes of canon, often drawing from the scenes directly, and making it a really quietly fun read, especially for Hyde's voice. And it definitely feels like the author just totally nailed the way this fits up against the canon, too, which is always appreciated! (Hyde/Jackie.)

Tiger & Bunny Doujinshi (raw): Usagi-san to Tora-san to Gyuu-san no hon - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable.] I have been waiting for T&B doujinshi to come out and, finally, I have stumbled over this one! It's a short thing, less than 20 pages, but the art is nicely done and there's porn! Not that this fandom is lacking in porn, but I've been waiting doujinshi porn for awhile! In fact, there is porn on the living room sofa and, honestly, what fandom is complete without that at some point? Especially when the artwork is really solid, very nicely detailed, and captures the feel of the original series very nicely. It's short, but it was a nice treat to find today! ♥ (Barnaby/Kotetsu, NC-17.)

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