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[ Ao no Exorcist, Final Fantasy VII, Queer as Folk, REBORN!, Sherlock ]

    ღ - So, [profile] rarewomen can't get here soon enough. :|

    Queer as Folk - 5 Fanfics
    Sherlock - 2 Fanfics
    X-Men - 1 Fanfic
    Ao no Exorcist - 1 Doujinshi
    Final Fantasy VII - 7 Doujinshi
    Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - 1 Doujinshi
    Queer as Folk - 1 Fanvid

Queer as Folk: Finally It's Happened To Me by Kerr - This was just a short piece, really just barely over two paragraphs (which are at least healthy sizes) but I found that it didn't need to be any longer than it was. Set post-series, where Vince has changed in a lot of ways (continuing on from the changes he started in QaF2) and yet there's still references to Doctor Who because Vince will always be a nerd. And, for once, I liked the implications of and references to sex, rather than having a straight up sexytimes scene, because it made for a better Vince character piece here. (Stuart/Vince, R.)

Queer as Folk: Area 51 by Speranza - One of the things I'm glad is so popular in this fandom, is post-QaF2 Stuart/Vince fic where they're traveling around Arizona and Vince's nerdery. And, as long as they're there, of course Vince is going to nerd the hell on out over aliens and all things science fiction, which Stuart puts up with about as well as he usually does, except there's fairly frequently getting laid, so maybe not too badly. And this is just so, so much fun the entire time, it's really got that sense of adventure that's necessary to make this piece really work perfectly. Even the surprise crossover at the end is very cute! (Stuart/Vince, R.)

Queer as Folk: Once Upon a Time in America by Doyle - Vince knew that expression on his face, even behind the sunglasses. That was Stuart look number eight thousand and six, the one that said 'I haven't done anything to nearly get myself and Vince killed today, let's fix that.' Vince hung back uneasily as Stuart strolled between the tracks, wandering in and out of the mouth of the tunnel like Sigmund Freud's worst nightmare. And that is when this fic had me, nearly causing some sort of fannish flailing right about then, because it hit me so perfectly. It's a short piece, but it's one that put one of those smiles on my face that kind of hurt because I was just so delighted by the amusement in this fic and how perfect Stuart and Vince were together here. Just. Ugh, all the love I have for Vince and his feelings for Stuart here. (Stuart/Vince.)

Queer as Folk: Unromantic by Doyle - Ugh, jesus, the noise I made as I finished this one. It's more delightfully sharp writing and spot-on characterization and things that made me smile so hard my face hurt, set post-QaF2, about the progression of Stuart and Vince's relationship, shown through little scenes as they travel. I adored the scenes of them back home with the lesbians (Lisa and Stuart should interact forever), but it was once they were back on the plane, the way Stuart interacted with other people, the sheer amount of feelings it brought out in me because it was so pitch perfect and exactly what I wanted. Ugh, I can't even write a decent rec because I'm too busy trying to keep the ~*feelings*~ to a minimum. (Stuart/Vince.)

Queer as Folk: Anything But by shirasade - I think this was sort of an AU based on the night Stuart and Vince didn't shag at Judith's wedding? Where, instead, here they did, but it sort of just loops back around on them, keeps them in their same holding pattern. Which I feel like I should want to flip a table at the idea, but I sort of don't, because I liked the way the author wrote this and I found it spot on that, once again, it's not Stuart holding them back from something more--it's Vince. The way he's written here, the brief moments of finally doing something, but then falling back into old habits, of just how well he lies about things--all of it felt pretty damn spot on. (Stuart/Vince.)

Sherlock: The Married Ones by Jenwryn - I really liked the language of this one and how it... was about the physical attraction between John and Sherlock, yet was really more about the emotional aspect of it. Well. Something like that. It hit in the right place for me, however it worked, along with that sense of how well these two read each other, how well they see each other reading themselves, even, which is one of the reasons I love this ship so hard. There was also just that right touch of amusement about the neighbors and the effect that had on them and just-- I think my favorite was the touch of John's irritation at just how much he was attracted to Sherlock, because so many things about Sherlock are irritating, of course this would be, too. ....this is a terrible rec, but this was a lovely fic, feh. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: The Scarf, For The Record by Jenwryn - I feel like this story could have gone so very wrong, the idea of Sherlock holding onto something in his sleep, likely because of nightmares, but somehow the author managed to keep it toned down enough and write well enough that I wound up really enjoying this one. It helps that it's from John's point of view and I feel like the author's style suits him very well, how much he actually does notice and oh what I wouldn't give for more of this author's John and Mycroft interaction. It was perfection. (Sherlock/John.)

X-Men: Promise by Caliente - Every so often, I go through the Jean-Paul tag, so how the hell I missed this one, I don't know, but! It was a wonderful, wonderful piece of Jean-Paul mourning at some point during his time with the X-Men and the author does a lovely job of getting across the soul-wrenching loss he feels without going too far over the top, because it's actually more about starting to heal, than it is about pure pain. In a way, it was cathartic for me, too. And it was beautiful all the way around. (No warnings/pairings.)

Ao no Exorcist Doujinshi (scanlated): Hallelujah - I still can't help it, I... don't not ship Yukio/Rin, even if I don't actively ship it, either. More that I think it's pretty. And I enjoy the relationship they do have. Which is what I wound up really liking about this doujinshi, because it could be romantic, but it could just be familial, too. It's probably more the former than the latter, since that's how it's labeled, but I found that it reads fairly well as gen with maybe a hint of more that's never really stated. It was a simple piece, just a Rin POV about how much Yukio means to him, how he never wants either of them to let the other go, how there's a lot of intense feelings there, and the art is clean but pretty. It's... a quiet piece, but I enjoyed it all the more for that. I love the hijinks of the AnE manga, but when I'm going for fanworks, sometimes I like the introspective character pieces instead. ♥ (This could be gen, but it could be Yukio/Rin, too.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (raw): Dearest - Holy shit, Safer-Sephiroth/Cloud in an R-18 doujinshi? I ran to this one because-- well, I don't know if I'm recommending this with or without irony or possibly doing so with both. Probably both. Because I love it in an ironic way. But I also kind of genuinely love it. TENTACLE PORN. EVERY FANDOM NEEDS IT. IT'S HILARIOUS. ALSO ILU FOREVER CLOUD. It's short, the art is clean and nicely done, if almost sort of reminding me of a very well-drawn webcomic, rather than a more traditional doujinshi-esque style, and it didn't really have too much of a story to it, but. It was tentacle porn and it was fun. That's all I needed. o/ (Sephiroth/Cloud, NC-17.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (scanlated): Cocytus - Oh, Nightflight, my favorite FFVII artist/doujinshika. This story is one of those that hit me right where I live in this fandom, between the gorgeous art and the way Nightflight writes their relationship--which isn't exactly nice, there's a power imbalance and non-con issues going on here, but there's a gravitational pull, almost an obsession even beyond life and death, between both of them. There's also a dream-like quality to the writing, everything feels a little hazy and undefined, which is perfect for the two of them wandering through the Dissidia worlds and when they meet and clash again. Plus, Nightflight's art is absolutely stunning with these characters, both of them are gorgeous and she draws such amazing detail on their clothes and has a professional level quality (if a smidge too much white space for a regular manga despite the fantastic detail on the characters themselves, but otherwise, I wouldn't be surprised at all if she were a pro) that made me pretty much zip over to this post as soon as I saw it. (Sephiroth/Cloud, NC-17.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (scanlated): Instinct Reunion - Again, Nightflight is one of those artists that just makes me ~*feel*~ all these emotions when I'm reading her work and this one is no different. As Cloud is driven to reuinite with Sephiroth and hand him the black materia, we see it from his point of view, the instinct he has to keep moving towards Sephiroth, to become one with him, the way it's such an intense part of his character. I really loved the way this story sort of straddles the fence between showing Cloud as being just as obsessive as Sephiroth and that something inside him is driving him that way, nearly taking him over, you're not really sure how much of it is from one thing or the other. That's just what I love in the Sephiroth/Cloud I seek out, especially with such gorgeous art like this and beautifully done sexytimes and that same almost sort of hazy feel to everything that makes it like an intense dream. It's still perfect for this story and this pairing. (Sephiroth/Cloud, NC-17.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (scanlated): Sense of Distance - This time, it's a story set during the SOLDIER days, before Cloud became one himself, while Sephiroth and Cloud are together and not much happens, aside from Cloud thinking about his feelings about their relationship and then sexytimes on the desk. Despite that not much really happens, Nightflight has a way of making me feel like I just read something with a lot of characterization, even if Cloud spent the entire time not really sure what to think and the biggest conclusion is that he wants to keep pursuing this relationship and knowing more about Sephiroth. True, I'm weak to this ship and this style of writing, but I still love it a lot and every doujin of hers that I read, it just makes me fall further and further in love. Plus, man, she can draw some seriously pretty close-ups! (Sephiroth/Cloud, NC-17.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (scanlated): Indulgence - I was a little surprised that this doujinshi actually didn't have any sexytimes, beyond some kissing in the pool, but that didn't really ultimately matter to me, because I was here for Nightflight's gorgeous art and the Cloud POV on his days at SOLDIER, how difficult it was for him and the feelings that were sort of winding up inside him, yet there were occasional moments of calm and something better. I like stories like this, set pre-series, showing the nicer and softer side of the Sephiroth/Cloud pairing, because it shows why it's such a complicated, tangled pairing, knowing all of what lies ahead for them. And everything that was true about Nightflight's work before this is still true here--gorgeous art, I'm weak to the storytelling, etc. Plus, wow, that cover is gorgeous. (Sephiroth/Cloud.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (scanlated): Daredevil - Harpy Killer does some really lovely work as well and, oh, this was a really fun doujinshi! I enjoy SOLDIER-era stories, of course, especially with bonus Zack (even if I do wish he'd had a bit more personality to show off here) and how Cloud is... he struggles a lot, he feels weak a lot, but he's also got a backbone and that's why Sephiroth has taken an interest in him. I love that, both for what it says about their relationship at the current time, but also what it says about how their dynamic will play out in the future. Add in some really lovely, well-done, nicely detailed art and a nicely done sexytimes and I was quite pleased. ♥ (Sephiroth/Cloud.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (scanlated): Monochrome - I almost sort of feel like I should be saving these a bit more than I am, instead of tearing through them, but ERY’s&Plough has such lovely art here that I couldn't resist and I actually really liked this one, too. It's set back in the SOLDIER days again and I like how (lightly) introspective it was and that Cloud may be hesitant and not all that self-posessed, but he is sure of himself and this relationship, he's a solid presence when Sephiroth starts feeling a bit disconnected because of how 'special' he's always been. It's... healthy and not healthy, both at the same time, and that's always what I've liked about the stories set in this era. Add in some really solidly done, lovely artwork where both characters look fantastic and I was super pleased with this. (Sephiroth/Cloud, NC-17.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanlated): Angelo - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be easily joinable.] Oh, angels and demons. Yet another one of those themes in fandom that I probably should be a bit more ashamed of my love for, but I can't be bothered to care anymore. Angel wings and demon wings and Raibura's beautiful art and a short story that's the perfect length for a doujinshi and just a touch of humor at the end and just-- everything's perfect here. It's so wonderfully right on target with that kink of mine (wings!!) but still actually a solid story (angel!Hibari falls to earth because he's not really a very good angel and falls in with Dino, which goes about as you'd expect) that I love it without reserve. This is why I love these cliches and properly recommend them and everything. (Dino/Hibari, NC-17.)

Queer as Folk Fanvid - Lisztomania - Well, as long as I've been in a mood for vis lately, of course I was eventually going to start seeking out the QaF ones. And, oh, this one just brought up all the feelings I have for Stuart and Vince, of course. One of the things I was most wary about was that I've just rewatched the series, I've spent all this time analyzing the scenes, so context is very fresh in my mind whenever I see even just a clip, so I was wary that a vid wouldn't be able to work for me, because the context would be all off. But I wound up really liking this one--the vidder kept the pace matching the song, the scenes chosen fit well, and it all came together beautifully. I'm full of the fizzies now. (Stuart/Vince.)

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