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    ღ - I very nearly titled this post YUP IT'S A SHERLOCK POST because, oh shit it's going to be all Sherlock all the time with me for a bit here, but I eventually restrained myself.
    ღ - I am being vigilant about Sherlock spoilers, since I didn't want it spoiled for me, I certainly don't want to spoil it for others! But exercise caution, as there will be spoilery recs mixed in here.
    ღ - The Amazing Spider-Man trailer is out and I think I'm cautiously optimistic about the movie! Certainly, I liked the special effects and the humor mixed with the drama so far. July 3rd seems so very far away, though. ;__;
    ღ - This will come up in a fanart rec on this post later, but I wanted to link to this tumblr post (SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall) because it's a gorgeously done photo set and gave me a lot of feelings.
    ღ - Another piece of Sherlock fanart (SPOILERS for the second season finale again!) and, oh, my heart.

    Sherlock - 2 Fanfics
    Sherlock Holmes - 2 Fanfics
    Sherlock - 1 Fanart
    Sherlock - 3 Fanvids

Sherlock: the sensation of falling as you just hit sleep by greywash - [Note: There are spoilers for the second season finale in this fic and this rec.] jesshelga pointed out this fic to me, being post-Reichenbach and dealing with all that happened there and it being about the emotional resolution of everything between them. And, boy, does this author know how to work the tension and resolution and emotional intensity that was a physical sensation with me. To be fair, I had just finished watching the episode (this fic's temptation being part of the reason I finally caved, but also I was tired of dodging spoilers!) and it was very late and I was very tired, but still! Physical heartache because I just felt so much for them! The dual points of view, the gradual build-up, the not skimping on everything that has to be resolved plot-wise, it was all beautifully done. I appreciate that a lot! I appreciate that we weren't just thrown straight into a reveal and confrontation! But, oh, the actual confrontation and dealing with the feelings that all brought up, that is where this fic really shines. It's so satisfying to read John finally seeing Sherlock, how he reacts that first time, then the next time, and the time after that, because this author doesn't just whip it all out in one go. I admit, I skimmed a bit to get to the confrontation faster, but I actually have to admire the author for that, for making me want it so badly, because the buildup was so delicious, that I was going a little mad waiting for it! I find myself wanting to write a bit of a love letter to this fic and being unable to do so, because instead I just sort of flap my hands and wail about feelings! (Sherlock/John, nsfw in later chapters.)

Sherlock: let me hold my broken parts by ipreferaviators - [Note: There are spoilers for the second season finale in this fic and this rec.] Oh. So, I hit up the post-Reichenbach tag on AO3 and stumbled over this one pretty quickly and, shit, straight to my fangirl heart it went. It's five things that John doesn't do after Sherlock's death, then five things Sherlock does do after he (doesn't) die, the flashes of imagery and intimate moments the author describes carrying so very much emotion in them. My heart breaks for these characters, for both of them, really, without being too over the top about it. Instead, it continues the trend of showing rather than telling, and the absolutely lovely writing backs that up. It's about the emotions between them, hitting that perfect spot for me, and leaving me here wallowing in my emotions all over again. (Sherlock/John pre-slash.)

Sherlock Holmes: if your hope should pass away by glorious_spoon - [Note: There are spoilers for A Game of Shadows in both the fic and this rec.] Well, of course this is the first fic I read post-movie. But I think I like that it was, because it fit so well into everything that I was feeling about those final scenes--Watson thinking Sherlock was dead, the question of what was between them balanced with what was between Watson and Mary, the intensity of emotions that Holmes' return would bring. This fic, even as short as it was, delivered all of that beautifully, gave me all of the emotions a fic with this premise (Watson being so overwhelmed at the loss of everyone dear to him nearly overdoses on morphine and Holmes watches in terror) needed. The final scene of this was so perfect for me in that moment I read it that I hardly know what to do with myself. (Holmes/Watson, Watson/Mary.)

Sherlock Holmes: prelude to a wedding by glorious_spoon - [Note: There are spoilers for A Game of Shadows in both the fic and this rec.] And, of course, this is the second fic I read in this fandom. It's a short piece, a missing scene type of story, set during that time that Watson and Holmes are not quite late to Watson's wedding, just cleaning him up a bit, while Holmes tamps down on his feelings. And that's exactly what I felt was going on underneath the surface of the movie, the way something felt very clearly there, but it was shoved away for various reasons, just as it's done here. This is a short piece, but it hit all the right emotional notes for me. Goddammit, now I want more fic in this fandom. (Holmes/Watson.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART account ] - [Note: Not all, but some submissions in this gallery are SPOILERY for the second season finale.] I was browsing around for recs (I think maybe crack_van?) and stumbled over a link to this post-Reichenbach comic (which goes along with this tumblr post, as the artist linked in the comments--also spoilery!) that gave me more of those fluttery emotions all jammed up inside me. But it was also this standalone Sherlock piece that has amazingly pretty colors, all those blues and blacks that nearly glow, but suit the series and the character so well. Or, good lord, a Professor Layton crossover that I would read in a heartbeat! Or raven wings, yessssss. Or John and Sherlock at Hogwarts, holy crap, yes. So, this artist is a combination of FEELINGS OH MY GOD FEELINGS mixed with OH SHIT THAT'S AN AWESOME TROPE and topped off with OH LORD LOOK AT THOSE COLORS. Everything I want in a fanartist! And, of course, as a bonus, a multi-page comic that I ate up like delicious candy. (Some Sherlock/John, but it's about the level of the show.)

Sherlock Fanvid: Can't Touch Moriarty - There are some things that I am just always going to be down for in any fandom I'm in. Any fandom! And one of those things is a video set to U Can't Touch This, it's like a rite of passage. And then there was this vid. Which is the perfect length--and I'm really glad the vidder didn't try to stretch it beyond the premise, because it was perfect as it was--that is just sheer delight. It's so hard to make live action videos to songs because of the lip synch problem, but this artist did an amazing job working around that and making me laugh the entire time, including at least three moments that I just cannot get over because they're so hilarious. I love Moriarty's personality being so on display here, it really works for the vid, the ending is hilarious, and this is my new favorite thing.

Sherlock Fanvid: will you do this for me? - [Note: There are SPOILERS for the second season finale in this video and this rec.] And then we have the other end of the emotional spectrum in Sherlock fanvids, one that ripped my heart out and made me make these ridiculous sighs because of the beautiful editing to showcase the emotional intensity of everything that happened in The Reichenbach Fall and the relationship between Sherlock and John. It's a gorgeously done video on an editing level, the clips chosen and the music and the words used, like a recap trailer of everything that happened, and I love it for that, but, oh, the feelings it gave me. I especially love how it's not... it's not exaggerating the relationship between Sherlock and John, all those things were just as important and textual in the canon. ....ugh, all the feelings I'm dealing with right now. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock Fanvid: Sherlock in Love - Aaaaand then back to the other end of the emotional pendulum once again! But, oh, lord, I've been meaning to watch this one for ages and finally sat down with it and! A fake trailer for a romantic comedy movie with Sherlock and John! So beautifully edited! So completely hilarious! Such delightfully chosen clips! A hilarious concept! I WOULD WATCH THE SHIT OUT OF THIS. I have the dorkiest smile on my face now that just won't go away, which is pretty impressive, considering I'm still in my post-Reichenbach feels stage. (Sherlock/John.)

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