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RECS: 10 fic, 5 fanart

    ღ - There will be a lot of SHERLOCK SPOILERS on this post! I mark everything as best I can, but you'll have to scroll carefully.
    ღ - Sherlock/Alice: Madness Returns in a beautiful flash animation!
    ღ - Mild spoilers for The Reichenbach Fall, but this Sherlock art piece is beautiful, too.
    ღ - Oh, okay. More feelings.
    ღ - Yeah, okay, gross sobbing right about now. (SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall.)
    ღ - Also awesome is Sherlock and John, poster-style.
    ღ - Oh, feelings.
    ღ - No, no, why would you do this? Why would you hurt me like this? Sob, I love you. (SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall.)
    ღ - I was trying to stop linking all these in the sharing section, but goddamn. Vampire!Sherlock and Werewolf!John and then--AND THEN Sherlock/John cuddling, holy shit, I'm done, just leave me here to die of feelings.
    ღ - Also, I can't leave out more girl Sherlock art because this is a trend I approve of, given how SUPER HOT lady Sherlock is, too.
    ღ - If I start a tumblr just for Sherlock things (which I'm not going to do, because I would just abandon it in three months), I am seriously going to choke something. There's just so many feelings on tumblr, though! And so much amazing fanart!
    ღ - To borrow from tumblr again for a moment, there is a post that I feel is the best GPOY I can make:

    Sherlock - 9 Fanfics
    Star Wars - 1 Fanfic
    Harry Potter - 1 Fanart
    Sherlock - 4 Fanart

Sherlock: Alone with Your Ghost by ihavebeensherlocked (ckasjfbfksbj) - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] To be fair to me, I have just spent a lot of time browsing devART and tumblr for all things Sherlock-related, which has put me in a bit of an emotional tizzy. So, when I'm in that frame of mine, a fic like this coming along to nearly get my eyes a little misty, well, certainly that's not my fault. Nope, not at all. I was a little hesitant about John's reaction to seeing Sherlock again, but I kept reading as the scene unfolded, going the way I feared, building and building, until there was this burst of feelings like a dam being broken open and, for all that this was a very short piece, I found it very satisfying to read. It's not about the plotful details, it's about the lovely writing and heartwrenching hurt they're both going through. Though, of course, now I want more. (This could be gen, but it could be Sherlock/John, too.)

Sherlock: Add, Rinse, Repeat by medie - I wasn't sure what to make of the pairing here, a threesome with Sherlock and John and Mary, since (at the time of this fic and this rec) we haven't been introduced to her yet, but I decided to give it a whirl anyway. And this version of Mary in the BBCSherlock world is so much fun, I love how much life is breathed into her here, how much fun she has with these two, how she fits right in. I really enjoyed that this was a series of scenes of Mary bailing Sherlock and John out, each time a little more loopy than the last, and it's just. One of those perfect montages like the series has done before. Delightful! (Sherlock/John/Mary.)

Sherlock: Make Believe by Melandria - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] This is a Molly piece, set post-The Reichenbach Fall and I did feel like perhaps it was a touch angstier than need be on Sherlock's part, but the focus of the fic wasn't really on that, it was on Molly's view of the whole situation, and that was absolutely lovely. This Molly, who has desperately wished for Sherlock to notice her, to see her, who has always wished for certain things and, yet, is still strong of character, she's absolutely fantastic. The way she doesn't really understand why it's John Watson of all people, someone so ordinary that captures Sherlock's heart, yet it's not about blaming him or being angry with him, she just doesn't know John like she knows Sherlock, it's also beautifully done. There's a lot of emotion in this piece and I find myself appreciating Molly's character all over again. (Sherlock/John, but it's only sort of the point.)

Sherlock: Acceptable Risk by astolat - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] I have read a handful of fics now that are about the reunion post-2x03 and they've all been very satisfying. But what this one did was very interesting--it wasn't about the initial reunion, it skips over it alltogether, instead it's about a slower process of winning John back over, after the initial burst of anger becomes more of a slow sizzle again. And it was so satisfying to have to see Sherlock work at it here, to have his brain working overtime to try to fix things, not really quite getting all of this emotional stuff, so much frustration and insults on his part, yet so much desperation to get John to come back with him. It's satisfying because, as much as the audience may or may not understand Sherlock's reasons, there is going to be a lot of hurt there and it's always nice to see Sherlock actually having to pay attention to what John is going through instead of the other way around. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: Hidden Inside My Head by guns_and_poses - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] There are moments in this fic when it starts to slide towards being a little too over the top or silly, but... then the author follows it up with Sherlock pulling himself out of his thoughts (as the summary is: Five ways Sherlock imagined his and John's reunion to be, and the one way it actually went down.) and manages to justify it. I think that's a lot of what I wound up really appreciating about this fic, that it was satisfying for giving multiple reunion scenarios, and then... I found myself rather liking the actual final (real) one for being a rather mixed bag. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: Minds Like Ours Dream Up by BlackEyedGirl - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] I'm not sure I really even know how to properly write a rec for this fic, because I feel like there's so much I want to say about it, seeing as it's probably the most satisfying post-2x03 fic I've read yet. And, by 'satisfying', of course I mean that it ate my tears like they were delicious candy. This fic is beautifully written and it did something that was achingly brilliant--it conveyed Sherlock's presence without him stepping foot into any given scene, without leaving anything tangible behind. The scenes where John just feels him in his place, the nocturnal visits that you never really know if they're real or phantom, this author did masterfully. But it's also about John not being able to let go, the way he digs in and working on cases, the feel of emptiness that permeates everything even as life goes on. But it also has a satsifying ending and is one of the few I've found (so far!) that shows the Yard's reactions a bit, too! Excellent, excellent piece. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: Reignite by augustbird - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] I did not realize that I needed this fic until I started reading it! I was a little wary of it at first--after Reichenbach, there's a falling out, John and Mary have a kid, Mary dies, John's in dire straits and needs to move back in with Sherlock, which prompts Sherlock and the kid getting on surprisingly well--but the writer is so good that I was sold rather quickly. It's that perfect blend of everything I wanted, especially that John has to have some time taken to really forgive Sherlock. And then there's bonus domesticity without being cliche, but instead it's so heartbreakingly sweet and I adore the way the kid was woven into the story, and so much of this just felt so very genuine to me. I also, um, may have gotten a bit misty by the end. Quite possibly my favorite of the spree I went on tonight. (Sherlock/John, background John/Mary.)

Sherlock: hours before midnight by augustbird - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] This fic is several small scenes strung together, several moments in the days just after the second season finale, and the way the author writes is beautiful. John's grief isn't overdone, it's almost subtle in a way, but it's in absolutely every word of this fic, it's so tightly wound that it hurt a little just to read. There are moments that are like being sucker punched all over again--particularly the moment with the phone, you'll know it when you get there--but, oh, the feelings the ending gave me. Beautiful. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: Tremolo by what_alchemy - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] The language of this piece is so very beautiful. The summary is a good quote from the fic as well: Regular people, normal people, people like good, warm, tea-making, hair-stroking John, they have visible pulses, pulses that slow and quicken, pulses tied to their emotions and their brains and their life forces. Pulses attached to whatever animates them. Sherlock has no such time-keeping. If you're a little confused about a third of the way into the fic, keep going, the author slowly unveils what she's doing here and it's this gorgeous progress of Sherlock becoming a real person with real emotions and a real heart, both before and after Reichenbach. The Pinocchio aspect of this piece is gorgeously done, I really wound up loving this piece. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: Dismantle the Sun by what_alchemy - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec. This is also a sequel to Tremolo and that one absolutely needs to be read first.] Everything I said about the first one--the Pinocchio theme, the progress of Sherlock, the gorgeous writing--all continues here. This is the second part of the series and it expands the viewpoints of characters, especially to John during his grieving post-Reichenbach, and it's almost ugly to watch at times, much like real grief is. He's so angry and self-destructive that it was painful, but, oh, another satisfying reunion and a killer ending. I could hardly ask for more from this sequel. (Sherlock/John.)

Star Wars: The Scourge and the Sword by Carmarthen - There is one thing I will still go back to Star Wars fandom for: Leia and Vader fic. This is a short piece, but it's a fascinating one, a moment from her childhood when she's brave enough to directly ask Lord Vader for help and something in him isn't entirely rotten. The writing is lovely and I really liked how well this characterized both of them and, oh, all the feelings I have for neither of them knowing their relation to each other. (No warnings/pairings.)

  - Harry Potter - [ deviantART Account ] - I don't even remember how I first stumbled over this artist's work, but I was immediately attracted to the James and Lily gallery because I still have such a dear soft spot for the two of them. And this artist does some fantastic art of the two of them, some of them just lovely pieces in the snow or adorable teasing each other as they study or MOAR SNOW or wrestling around in the snow (I'm weak to snow, shut up!) or Lily is beautiful when she's angry or a beautiful gif or a beautiful one of them in bed together and, yes, all those links were necessary because that's what this artist does to me, they get at that squeeful shipper part of me. I love the warm, beautiful colors the artist uses and I love the (forgive the turn of phrase) magic you can just feel between these two and you can see why Harry Potter was such a popular fandom when you see how much fun this is. Plus, I just really always love James/Lily and this artist captures that feeling for me. ♥ (James/Lily, half gen/other as well.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - [Note: I will avoid them in this post, but there are some images in this gallery that are SPOILERY for The Reichenbach Fall.] This artist had two pieces that really just completely hooked me in. An Alice: Madness Returns flash animation piece that was gorgeous and a season two cast image piece (no real spoilers) where I just utterly loved the colors of it. The whole gallery is a lot of fun to go through, lots of crossovers or fusions or interesting concepts for pieces, some adorable or exciting, some absolutely heartbreaking, but all of it very interesting and very cool to look at. Also, there's young Sherlock, which, yes, thank you. (It's about on the level of canon, for everything.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - I guess I'm in a mood for art this afternoon. I stumbled over Sherlock and John tangled up together and clasping hands and the intimacy of it got me as much as it was a lovely drawn piece. And then the artist followed it up with Sherlock in a suit that was kind of super hot. And then there was tango dancing and I want to be strong, but, oh, jesus, that hit me right in the fangirl heart. So, this was a fun account to wander my way through this afternoon and it definitely gave me that much more of an urge to find All The Sherlock Things. (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - There's less than ten images to this artist's account, but! Cozy spring mornings and happy forehead touching and not quite kissing in the kitchen all conspired against me to give me tremendous amounts of feelings, so I'm hardly going to pass this one by. I really needed something joyful and bright and happy, which this artist delivered to me wonderfully. ♥ (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - I swore that I was only going to do a few art recs, then I would be done. Just... a little more browsing on devART, just to put a few more faves in my folder... and then I found Victorian Sherlock and then Sherlock with CAT EARS and, holy shit, it was only spiralling off into the distance at that point. I am all the fuck over an artist like this, who does this really beautiful colors and this amazing style and makes the art look like watercolors, but also who gives me Sherlock and Mycroft in Chinese clothing. I hit the fave button so fast oh my god. But also pirates!!! But also miniatures and giant hourglasses! Ahhh, this was fun. (John/Sherlock.)

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