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RECS: 12 fic, 10 fanart

    ღ - Sherlock and John up against a wall, not actually doing anything but, oh, intimacy and heartbreak. With bonus fic links in the comment field! But, oh, look actual kissing! Clearly, I am ready for kissing times with Sherlock/John now. I knew it was only a matter of time.
    ღ - Harry Potter and Sherlock crossover that is ridiculously cute. And, eeeeee!, BABIES!!
    ღ - Sherlock minis are adorable!
    ღ - Sherlock borrowing John's phone in the most obnoxious and adorable way possible.
    ღ - The Sherlock version of corny Valentine's.
    ღ - "My brother has the brain of a scientist or a philosopher, yet he elects to be a detective. But, initially, he wanted to be a pirate." (Mycroft Homes)
    ღ - I like this style. Also, Sherlock's face. And this one. Oh, goddammit, more faces! ....and Christmas.
    ღ - Two Sherlocks and I don't normally get so into genderswap in this fandom, but fuck if this fandom isn't making it pretty awesome.
    ღ - Oh, jeez, COLORSSS. (SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall.)
    ღ - The wizard and the knight. Ugh, fuck you guys, I love fantasty stuff. And more magic-using!Sherlock.
    ღ - I really like these sketches of all the genderswapped Sherlock characters. This one is pretty hot, too.
    ღ - I seriously burst out laughing at this reference to a scene from The Baskerville Hounds because, oh, shit, that is my new headcanon for that scene.
    ღ - This would be hilaramazing if it were to ever happen. A slightly more serious version.
    ღ - Sherlock and John playing Clue, yes.
    ღ - I have yet to tire of the jelly joke.
    ღ - You know what else isn't getting old? The comparisons to sheep. Not the funniest (the one where John mistook the sheep for Sherlock while Sherlock was like "....." with a beautiful wtf look on his face was the funniest) but very pretty!
    ღ - Oh, look, more Harry Potter art with Sherlock and John.

    Parks and Recreation - 2 Fanfics
    Sailor Moon - 1 Fanfic
    Sherlock - 9 Fanfics
    Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - 1 Fanart
    Sherlock - 9 Fanart

Parks and Recreation: A Well Respected Man by Hoshigatta - I'm not sure what made me decide to look up P&R fic this afternoon, but whatever the reason! I'm glad I did, because this is a really great Ben piece, six scenes of his life, both before and during his time in Pawnee, six things he doesn't talk about. And it does such a great job of capturing Ben, his life, and his feelings, especially towards Leslie. As much as I love the characters by themselves (and, oh, I do), Ben/Leslie is one of those ships that just instantly drew me in and I love it so much from both sides. And I love the history for Ben here, it fits with his character so very well. (Ben/Leslie.)

Parks and Recreation: Can't Seem to Wipe This Smile Off My Face by rose_griffes - Any fic that begins with the summary [ Making out at the movies. Because apparently they're fifteen now. Not that he had made out at the movies when he was fifteen. ] I was pretty sure I was going to enjoy. And, boy, did I! It's such a delightful piece, for the way Ben looks at Leslie, for the joy that they both feel when they're around each other, the silliness that they can't help when they're together because they're just kind of... giddy with how much they like each other. The author also did a wonderful job of making me laugh (especially at the end!) with how... how very P&R it was at times. (Ben/Leslie.)

Sailor Moon: Like Shooting Stars by sugar_fey - I really liked this one. Despite the feeling that most of the Sailor Senshi express in the rightness of discovering their Sailor Senshi selves, surely, there have to be times when they hate the burden this places on them as well. The flashes of Michiru's childhood, the way everything about her here is graceful and elegant, the way she wonders, almost dreamily, but with real emotion underneath it, it's all lovely. I really love the way she and Haruka talk to each other here and the subtle quality of everything just fits with these characters. This is one of those fics that really intrigues me about these people and their lives! (Michiru/Haruka.)

Sherlock: The Uncanny Mrs. Hudson by kay_cricketed - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] Mrs Hudson knew precisely what kind of person she was offering tea to. The assassin, however, did not know what she'd added to the tea. Oh, this was fun! I liked that the author kept Mrs. Hudson's voice down really well, it made it a lot easier to picture this, and I loved it for drawing on a few little details from canon (like her husband being a murderer, so of course she was hardly a stranger to these things) and the brief touches on her friendship with Sherlock were lovely as well. :D (No warnings/pairings.)

Sherlock: Full English by kay_cricketed - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] When I read the beginning of this fic, I briefly wondered at John's reactions, how they fit together with what I saw in the character, but... as the fic rolled along, I quickly felt the emotion under the surface and the author does a beautiful job of writing him. It's such a heartbreaking piece in a very quiet, subtle way that I have trouble putting my finger on, the sense of something very not quite right here. And then the ending. Oh, feelings. Sob. (This is gen, but you could read Sherlock/John into it.)

Sherlock: Mirrors ihavebeensherlocked (ckasjfbfksbj) - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] This story is short and it isn't about resolution or reunion (of which there isn't any), it's just three short scenes, three moments after Sherlock's death that both of them live through. It's about living through grief and being tired (for John and then Sherlock respectively) and it's about the experience of that. And, of course, depressing the hell out of me. (This is gen, but you could read it as Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: The Second Law of Thermodynamics by entanglednow - I know, I know, I should be reading post-The Reichenbach Fall fic! But, sorry, I had to stop for this one because there was a delightful summary [ In which there's no heating and there's a dead owl in Sherlock's bed. ] and even more delightful writing! There is bed sharing and quite possibly my favorite bit of banter from Sherlock: "You could take a wild stab at it," John offers. "John, if I just made wild stabs at things I'd be Wikipedia," Sherlock protests. I laughed pretty much forever at that! The fic does a marvelous job of balancing all the tropes that I picked it up for and actually making a really excellent dynamic between Sherlock and John, playing with the possible asexual nature of Sherlock's character and yet whatever it is between them. All in a very Sherlock sort of way. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: The Art of Negotiation by entanglednow - [Note: This is the second in a series, it would greatly help to have read the previous one first.] The second fic in this series is just as delightful as the first, because the perfect banter between the characters continues, but the relationship also progresses at a pace that fit perfectly with what I wanted out of them! The second piece is also set from John's point of view, which is a good story choice, because he's the one that needs to adjust to the idea of whatever this is between them progressing into whatever it's going to become, getting him to slowly come around. The author also does a fantastic job of getting Sherlock and John to share a bed for a second time while justifying it in a believable way to these characters! So, you know, progressing relationship + amazing banter + more bed sharing = why, thank you, fandom! (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: The Definition of Insanity by entanglednow - [Note: This is the third in a series, it would greatly help to have read the previous ones first.] This fic contains the best description of John venturing into Sherlock's room (for reasons) for the first time: The first thing he notices is that the room looks like an explosion of information. Like Google threw up everywhere halfway through a search. I may have lost it for a bit at that. Which is one of my favorite things about this series, that the banter and even the descriptions are just so sharp and perfect! But, also, everything about the previous two fics holds true for this one as well--it's interesting on its own, for the pitch-perfect dynamic between them, but it's even more fascinating as part of a series that progresses the relationship between the characters. One of my favorite things about this specific story is Sherlock being cold in a way that's not overstated, that's subtle, and perfectly in character, that you have to reason out the why for yourself, because it's not directly stated. Showing, not telling! Sherlock being so... Sherlock in what are and aren't his motivations! What does John get out of this arrangement because, no, it's not all about Sherlock! All delicious, delicious things. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: The Rules by entanglednow - [Note: This is the fourth in a series, it would greatly help to have read the previous ones first.] And, then, finally, the conculsion! I was a bit wary of reading this because the previous fics had balanced Sherlock's possibly asexual nature with the growing physical aspect of their relationship very well, but this needed resolution at the same time, and I often enjoy the build-up more than I enjoy the resolution in Sherlock/John fics. But I actually really, greatly enjoyed this final piece, it fit with everything the author had built up to that point, for both characters, and the way they worked it out... worked for these two characters in this specific relationship in this fic. But also I just love this author's version of both characters, such amazingly pitch-perfect dialogue and John's thoughts are amazing and Sherlock is just so terribly clever and I love, love, love that there's background stuff going on (with Sherlock texting various people) that John doesn't really know that much about, nor does he really want to, and that just-- just lets this fic feel even more in line with what I wanted from it! Ugh, I'm only sorry I've finished it now. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: Out of Sight by mazarin221b - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] Sometimes I just need happier, fluffier pieces. Sometimes I just need things to not be totally soul crushing. Not that it's not heartbreaking in its own way, because it is still about dealing with John's grief and about him starting to get over it and then Sherlock popping back up in his life, but it's not a fic that... it's not a fic that lingers on the hurt so much as it focuses on the getting better and the reunion. ....I think I'm saying this badly. But I did very much enjoy the fic and I'm glad to have stumbled over it! (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: Sally's Choice by marysutherland - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] This fic is very short (221 words exactly ♥) and ends abruptly when I think it should have been a bit tweaked at the end, but! What I really loved this piece for was giving some perspective to Sally Donovan's point of view and explaining her actions, giving a depth and shades of grey to her that the canon itself couldn't, but I'm sure was there. I can easily see this for her. (No warnings/pairings.)

  - Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - [ deviantART Account ] - I was actually looking for Sherlock and Naruto art this afternoon, but stumbled over an image or two from this artist and was instantly looked. What I love about this artist is twofold--one, the the style of the characters reflects Amano's art really, really well! The colors are shinier and more vivid, but the style works well with the canon look. Second! Dino/Hibari, Dino/Hibari, and Dino without a shirt on. This artist does beautiful work and knows how to get straight to my fangirl heart! I also appreciated the occasional piece of other characters, like Byakuran or Mukuro--but I was definitely mostly here for the beautifully done and beautifully colored Dino, Hibaru, and D18. *__* (Some gen, some Dino/Hibari.)

&nbps; - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - I came across this artist via the John in Afghnistan piece, but quickly moved on to the up against the wall piece and the absolutely delightful Harry Potter crossover and then there was the young John and Sherlock piece and well. By the time I got to kissing times and BATHTUB SHARING (there should be bathtub sharing in every fandom ever), I was pretty well gone on this artist. It's a cute style, it's solid and fun, with a lot of touching between the characters and some of that kind of picture where I just... there aren't normal people sorts of noises anymore, it's those dolphin squeak sort of noises that fly straight past mere incoherency and into some weird new level of i can't even. ....shut up, I realize how that sounds, but this artist's style hit me just right for this fandom! (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - [Note: There's at least one spoilery post-The Reichenbach Fall image here, so be careful when browsing!] I honestly meant to just lightly browse this artist and move along (because I had nearly a hundred tabs waiting for me) but I kept stumbling over things like this one. And this one! And then Christmas adorableness! And, finally, a series of sketches that include Sherlock holding an umbrella over the both of them and John sleeping on Sherlock's shoulder and faaaaces and, shit, I was pretty well done for. And post-The Reichenbach Fall feelings all over the fucking place. I really enjoyed so many of this artist's pieces and I loved the clean lines and colors and so much hilarity (in the final one with Sherlock and John squeezed together, c-r-y-i-n-g now) and just... so much fun here!! I can hardly write a coherent rec for this artist because I was too busy greedily inhaling each next piece in the gallery. :D (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - So often, there's a handful that make me weak and then one that just makes me totally cave. It's a cumulative thing and, fuck you, I love artists that have a bunch of art that slowly chip away at me because that usually means, bawwww, feelings! And, fuck you, I'm weak towards things like Sherlock and John sharing an umbrella or chibis for Christmas where Sherlock is playing the violin and John is wearing an amazing sweater and the skull has a Santa hat on. And there's adorable Molly art! I'm not sure the anime-esque style is going to be for everyone, but I'm perfectly at home in the style, so Sherlock and his violin and Sherlock etc. in Hogwarts are like delicious candy to me. :D (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - Goddammit! I told myself, OKAY, NO MORE SHERLOCK FANART RECS, YOU ARE HERE FOR THE ART, but then this fucking artist comes out with this piece of Sherlock falling backwards and John jumping after him and, fuck, I'm gone. And then she followed it up with the single most hilarious genderswapped Sherlock cast bit (oh god the ending, I laughed so hard) that's also super pretty! Or! Kidlet Sherlock with Mycroft, so adorable! And I know I should be ashamed of enjoying princess style carrying but, fuck you, those colors are gorgeous and omg starsssss. I guess that's what I love about fanart, the way it makes me feel all these really intense feelings over things, even if it's rage that the artist is making me feel all squishy inside because their stuff is cute as hell and I love it so much. p.s. fuck you, this is adorable to the point I can hardly stand it. (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - No, seriously, fuck this fucking fandom! Why are you doing this to me?? I had shit to do! Instead, I am cooing like you wouldn't fucking believe over John falling asleep in his chair while Sherlock gently touches his face and knowing that I have no fucking dignity anymore. Or Sherlock leaning on John after the first season. Or sexytimes. I really like the artist's style (it's sort of manga-esque, so of course I do) because her lines are clean and sharp and lovely, but also she knows how to draw a pose and doesn't shy away from intense hugging, which is the entire reason I go for fanart. I feel all these feelings while looking at the art, I want to go find more more more more because it gives me that high on these characters that I crave so much and just... makes me fall in love all over again. I eat this stuff up like I can't even say. *__* (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - No, really, I honestly tried to stop myself! (No, I didn't.) But, COME ON. Alpaca!Sherlock and Corgi!John is the greatest fucking thing I saw all day! And this piece is AMAZING and I WOULD READ THAT FIC, HOLY SHIT, it would be hilarious! And then there's bed sharing! And then there's sexy hugging time! And, when I've picked out about five pieces I want to share and I'm not even done going through the gallery, well, that's when I know I'm having a shitload of intense feelings and that, of course, I'm going to wind up recommending the artist. I really enjoy her work a lot and she also rewards me with hilarious crossovers. (No, wait, this crossover is even better--!) I could hardly ask for anything more! ♥ (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - I suspect this artist's style isn't going to appeal to everyone, at least not unless you've got a strong background in manga fandoms, but if you're like me... well, you love this kind of style, like it could have come straight out of a manga or doujinshi. I was first attracted to this artist's work through the Sherlock and Doctor Who piece that I thought was super cute, but then there was Sherlock in the guard uniform and almost kissing and neat poster-style images for episodes and, ugh, so many feelings for The Reichenbach Fall (which is vaguely SPOILERY for 2x03) and I just... quietly (or maybe not so quietly) came away from this artist's work that much more in love with fandom again. Because I love this kind of thing. (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - I have broken through to the other side of my new addiction to Sherlock fanart and made my peace with it. But, then, it's a lot easier to accept my addiction when it provides me with things like Sunday Crosswords in bed that I would seriously read fic for because that would be amazing and hilarious. Or when it provides me with almost kisses and then more almost kisses and then some really lovely colors as Sherlock and John sit back to back to each other. There's not a ton of art here, but I really enjoyed what the artist had up, I really liked the colors and style of these pieces, and I am at peace with myself. For now. :D (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - [Note: There will be one or two slightly spoilery images for The Reichenbach Fall on this account and in this rec.] I was going along, enjoying this artist's work, liking the clean lines and airy feel to the art, when I got to Wake up, Sherlock, where John is leaning over Sherlock, trying to kiss him awake and crying, and I was just, "....why would you do that?" and then tried not to cry oceans of tears. But then there's also John with black wings and John sleeping while Sherlock peers at him and the two of them handcuffed together and eventually I was pretty much just, "fuck, I give already!" and caved. (Sherlock/John, Mycroft/Lestrade.)

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