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RECS: 7 fic, 2 fanvid, 11 doujinshi

    ღ - I know it's terrible of me, but this "Inconveniece" made me laugh kind of a lot.
    ღ - Another fondness of mine: Scarf sharing.
    ღ - And then more scarfporn.
    ღ - "So what did you say about dark swimming pool and your clothes?" Yes, good.
    ღ - Bloody Sherlock should not be this good-looking.

    Parks and Recreaction - 1 Fanfic
    Sherlock - 6 Fanfics
    Sherlock - 2 Fanvid
    Tiger & Bunny - 11 Doujinshi

Parks and Recreaction: Nights and Days at JJ's by htbthomas - I had the most intense internal flailings while reading this fic because it so very, very wonderfully captures Leslie and Ben and their relationship, all with a selection of scenes from their times at JJ's Diner. I love the details and thought that went into this, the way Leslie smiles and the way it's described or the way she keeps texting Ann (sweet, beautiful Ann) and Ben is just so... he clearly loves everything about her and it's all so absolutely wonderful and all the best things about their relationship. I can't even be coherent because it's too sweet and wonderful and brilliant and perfect. (Ben/Leslie.)

Sherlock: If convenient... by faerywhimsy (persephone20) - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] I'll warn ahead of time that this fic seems to only be the first chapter of a multi-chapter fic? And the ending is quite the cliffhanger, of course. But it's a sparse sort of writing that I liked, the kind that lets you feel the emotions of the characters all the more because the author isn't trying too hard with them. And I enjoyed that this is yet another new way for the reunion to happen (well, for Sherlock to let John know about it)(as far as I've read in the fandom, of course, which is hardly that comprehensive) and the way John's panic sort of creeps up on him. I look forward to more. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: this last of you by Krystalicekitsu - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] Oh, well. My heart is now bruised and aching. The author does a really marvelous job of the chaotic feel of intense grief, the way everything whirls around together and you can't really be coherent about it. I imagine this fic worked well on me because I empathized with pieces of it, recognized some of my own grief in there. But I also really loved this fic for helping with something that I've been going through with this fandom--John's side of the physical aspect of their relationship. I completely buy the emotional part of it, but a physical attraction to Sherlock and his being okay with it has eluded me rather a lot, but this fic... it's complicated and jumbled and undefined and tragic and no real answers come out of it, just... the loss of possibility. That really works for me here. (Sherlock/John, a bit NSFW, but I'd still say PG-13.)

Sherlock: Web Blackout Caused by Holmes' Supporters says British Government by Krystalicekitsu - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] This was a neat, clever little idea with a really neat execution! It's a fake article from a newspaper about an internet blackout that carried a certain message, set in-universe, and even has some nifty pictures of the article clipped out of a paper and tacked to a bulletin board, along with other little pieces of evidence, all part of a larger puzzle. I thought it was terribly cute. (No warnings/pairings.)

Sherlock: Equilibrium by augustbird - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Hounds of Baskerville in this fic and this rec.] I was browsing the Sherlock/John tag (which I know I shouldn't do, I should never run straight out into the wilds like that!) and happened to see a summary for a fic that was a fusion with Flowers for Algernon. I literally gasped out loud and whispered in horror, "No!" because I could not believe someone would do that! I clicked on that fucker immediately and then saw it was augustbird (who wrote some excellent kidfic that I ate up like it was delicious candy) and I was like I AM PREPARED FOR EXCELLENCE. Bless this author, for real, except for the part where oh jesus my heart. It's brilliantly, beautifully written, from the science aspect to John's brilliance and the way he knows so much more now to the utterly heartbreaking emotional intensity of it that is written the way I wish all Sherlock fics would be written--understated, so it makes it hurt more. Both characters are perfect, the way it isn't easy for either of them and the way there's such anger simmering under the surface for so many reasons, it's absolutely stunning. The author balances the plot and the emotion, doing both absolutely deftly, and leaving me feeling like this is a terrible rec because I wish I could say so much more about it. I was so wary of someone not being able to do the concept justice, but, oh, this author had the ability in spades and did not disappoint. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: An Avalanche Of Detour Signs by gyzym - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] I don't even remember how I came across this fic--possibly browsing bookmarks? Maybe just checking out the general Sherlock tag? I'm not sure. But I saw it was a fairly popular fic, it was a long one, and the summary of it (In which Molly Hooper gets a job, gets a degree, breaks a heart, has her heart broken, falls in love, keeps a secret, saves a life, runs a morgue, falls apart, pulls it together, and finds exactly what she didn't know she was looking for--not necessarily in that order.) intrigued me terribly, because I do like Molly. I only meant to start a bit of it before bed the first night, certainly I wasn't going to read all 56k+ words right away, but the beginning was very good. And, suddenly, two hours had passed and it was far past bedtime and I could barely force myself to put it back down. The next day, I inhaled the rest of the story because this fic is so good and does exactly what I had hoped it would do--breathes even more life into Molly's character, works with the canon as a background, and then just has her flourish as a character.

The author weaves a wonderful background for her and this amazing personality that fits together with the canon Molly and yet is so much more. She has this entire life going on that we never see because we only see her interaction with Sherlock and, oh, her friendship and eventually falling in love with Lestrade? Bestill my heart, for I have a new diehard ship! The writing is brilliant--it's gorgeously smooth and sharp and, oh, so very funny when it needs to be! Molly's interaction with Mycroft (seeing as he eventually realizes the debt he owes her because of her help to Sherlock) is absolutely priceless! The bits and pieces of Sherlock and John wandering into Molly's world here are pitch-perfect as well! The way her friendship with Lestrade starts out with such terribly delicious UST and then eventually resolves itself? The way the author takes Molly through everything in the canon, certianly not forgetting her role in everything with Jim Moriarty and how that must have affected her? All of that changed my view on the character and everything to do with her. It's the kind of fic that fanon is built on, because it's so lovely and brilliant and detailed and sharp and good. An absolute must read in the fandom. (Lestrade/Molly, Moriarty/Molly, one-sided Sherlock/Molly, implied Sherlock/John in the background.)

Sherlock: Kindred Spirits by fabrega - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] After having read two longer fics, it was almost sort of nice to follow it up with something that was just under 1k words. But mostly I liked this for the stealth crossover and the way John's mourning took shape, the way he felt as though he were moving on, but was he really? The way grief isn't always a steady thing, sometimes it hits you all over again when you think you're beyond it. It was a surprisingly bittersweet, almost cute read that I liked a lot. (This is gen, but you could maybe read Sherlock/John into it.)

Sherlock Fanvid: Are You Watching Closely? - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] Here's how you know you're still in the middle of a whole boatload of intense Sherlock feels: You watch a video with the speech about a magician (something you've seen applied to the fall before, but the vid maker helpfully supplies the links again for the fanart and tumblr posts) from Inception and, by the end of it, you have your hands pressed over your mouth because you're trying to keep yourself from doing something embarrassing. Because, oh, this video was beautifully done and the audio is perfectly used and the clips perfectly chosen to illustrate what the artist is getting at. By the time it was done, I felt a bit like I'd been run over from feels all over again. Gorgeous. (No real warnings/pairings, aside from spoilers.)

Sherlock Fanvid: Smooth Criminal // Moriarty vs. Sherlock - Well, as long as I was on the vidder's youtube account, I figured I'd check out some of the other ones and this one appealed to me straight off. I enjoyed it a lot, it's a song that fits this Moriarity, of course, and the editing is lovely. It's a short video, not even a full minute long, but it's enjoyable and I really liked the way the clips of dialogue were woven together with the song--that's something that rarely works for me, but here it added to everything beautifully. (No real warnings/pairings.)

Tiger & Bunny Doujinshi (raw): Heart - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be easily joinable.] Oh, jesus, this is pretty much what I didn't know I was looking for, but clearly wanted. I was initially going to go look for porn, but, eh, I love the ship and of course I want fluffy things, too! Especially when the artist draws both characters looking very nice and has a really solid style that could be professional with just a bit of time (well, really, it's better than some official manga I've read, too). But what I really loved about this? KOTETSU DRAGGING BARNABY ON A DATE TO THE PARK. YES. There is eating of ridiculous foods and grabbing Barnaby by the hand to literally drag him onto the next place and getting spotted in public and adorable smiling at each other! UGH, MY HEART. The second half of this book is a weird one, with Kotetsu literally running away with Barnaby's heart, but it's super sweet, so I enjoyed that one, too. (Barnaby/Kotetsu.)

Tiger & Bunny Doujinshi (scanlated): Usotsuki Alice - Oh, this doujinshi. It's another one that's not really about the porn (despite that that's what I intended to find in my searching!) but it's about Kotetsu wanting Barnaby to say that he loves him, keeps asking him, but Barnaby never says the words, until it's too late and Kotetsu realizes that he has to end this. It's cliche and silly and predictable and it ripped my heart right out because, ugh, I just want them to be in love and happy and kissing forever. I love it because it made me feel the emotions right along with the characters, because it's such a Japanese thing to do, to sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of the other's even when you're wrong about how they don't want to be with you, and for the look on Barnaby's face in pretty much every scene he's in and, oh, my love for Kotetsu knows no bounds, and I love it for the gorgeous cover and the really good interior art and even the extra nice bit of sexytimes. Just. Everything I was looking for this evening! (Barnaby/Kotetsu, NC-17.)

Tiger & Bunny Doujinshi (scanlated): Blow Job - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be easily joinable.] I... don't really even know how to describe this one? I can't quite tell if it's meant to be crack or if it's just a humor that's not quite my usual type or what, but... I do think I wound up enjoying it enough that I would recommend it. I liked the art (even if I did skim a bit in the middle, which is weird because I usually am happy to read about blowjobs) and I can't lie, I did enjoy the hilarious WTF WTF WTF at the contents of Kotetsu's fridge and Barnaby's complete and total inability to be normal when faced something weird as shit. I guess that's what won me over eventually--both of these dudes are morons sometimes. (Barnaby/Kotetsu, v. v. NC-17.)

Tiger & Bunny Doujinshi (scanlated): Book of Kotetsu Celebrating Bunny's Birthday Naked - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be relatively easy to join.] Oh, screw you if you don't understand my love for this doujin! Because it's totally fluffy and sweet and cute and porny and adorable and made me coo at the two stupid idiots in love--yeah, it's one of those that's "Wahh! Promise you'll always love me because I'm so much older than you and I don't want you to throw the old me away!" but sometimes that just comes with the territory. And I enjoy seeing Barnaby actually further along in becoming a real person, it's sweet to see him be the supportive one sometimes. Plus, hey, porn! That's pretty much what I was looking for. :D (Barnaby/Kotetsu, NC-17.)

Tiger & Bunny Doujinshi (scanlated): Tenori Neko Oji no Hon - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be relatively easy to join.] Oh, god, crying now. Crying. This book is kind of amazing for the sheer level of "wtf did I just read?" and hilarity for that. Basically, it's Barnaby's birthday, he gets a miniature sized Kotetsu with tiger ears and tail... and then it turns porny. I just imagine this doujinshika sitting there and cackling to herself as she drew this because I'm pretty sure that's what I did the whole time, too. And then the ending was even weirder than Barnaby blowing a miniature-sized Kotetsu! If that's possible! But the art is pretty and there was hilarity, so onto my list it goes. (Barnaby/Kotetsu, NC-17 and weird.)

Tiger & Bunny Doujinshi (raw): mog mog - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be easily joinable.] So, this doujinshi contains Barnaby and Kotetsu both having really embarrassing photos on their phones and the both of them being adorable idiots about it and then there's smooching on the couch! The book doesn't really get past a PG-13 rating or so, but I wasn't necessarily going for porn here, instead I was going for the cute fluff! And the art is very nice and I appreciate beautifully drawn pictures of pretty people sleeping. :D (Barnaby/Kotetsu.)

Tiger & Bunny Doujinshi (scanlated): FiftyxFifty - So you know what this doujinshi starts out with? Agnes deciding that Barnaby and Kotetsu need to work on their friendship/teamwork, so she HANDCUFFS THEM TOGETHER to force them to work out their bickering! A++++ CONCEPT, WOULD READ A HUNDRED DOUJINSHI WITH THAT PREMISE. The rest of the doujishi is less about the hilarity and more about the progress of their relationship, how they fight and bicker until they say something a little too hurtful and that forces Barnaby to actually admit his feelings and then there's sexytimes, which is also pretty A+ with me. It wasn't as quite as feelings bomb intensive as some of the other T&B doujinshi I've read tonight, but it did have an excellent confession scene and I was pleased with the porno and the art style grew on me--definitely a good, solid recommendation. (Barnaby/Kotetsu, NC-17.)

Tiger & Bunny Doujinshi (scanlated): Otoko Darake no Onsen Ryokouki - This is another doujinshi where you just sort of have to accept that... it's cracky and then roll with it or gtfo. The art is lovely, though, the doujinshika draws very nice characters and has an excellent amount of detail and an eye for the layouts, even if the plot is a bit more... well, it does tend to skip forward a little fast. But that's all right, since that's part of the humor. And, yes, I do love Barnaby being a total social weirdo who nosebleeds every time Kotetsu does pretty much anything, but, oh, Sky High is amazing in this doujinshi. Absolutely amazing. Bascially, it was a light, fun thing all the way around. ♥ (Barnaby/Kotetsu, I'd say about an R. Definitely NSFW.)

Tiger & Bunny Doujinshi (scanlated): Tiger & Bunny - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be easily joinable.] Sometimes I pick up a doujinshi just for the artwork and the porn, which is pretty much why I snagged this one. The artwork really does look fantastic, both in the layout and details and just in the attractiveness of the characters, but still manages to get a lot of goofy facial expressions in, too. And I really enjoy that both Barnaby and Kotetsu are pretty built, as this allows me to find them both super attractive here! The sexytimes scene was also very nice (thank you, doujinshika!) and I love that the final shot of them was back at the gym and squabbling with each other, each with their respective animal ears. Of course that's how it ends. :D♥ (Barnaby/Kotetsu, NC-17.)

Tiger & Bunny Doujinshi (raw): Patience x Pleasure - Wow, the OP was not kidding when she mentioned that Kotetsu was pretty aggressive from the bottom in this doujinshi--because, boy is he ever. The art is really nicely done, though, and I always enjoy when a character knows what they want and go for it like this. There... is really not a lot more to say about this one, it's pretty much just pure porn and about a very specific way of going about it. A rare treat for the fandom! (Barnaby/Kotetsu, NC-17.)

Tiger & Bunny Doujinshi (raw): Strawberry Utopia of Hell - This is another one by Zenda (nue), who did the previous porny doujin (though, this one is very pg-rated) and I was intrigued by the summary--through some magical circumstances or whatever, Barnaby is turned into a teenager again. Intriguing! AND THEN. There is Kotetsu being gleeful about it because Barnaby is adorable and there is SKIPPING on Kotetsu's part and then they go to work out with the other Heroes and, when Ivan came in to show teenage!Barnaby what his future self looked like, well, I WAS FUCKING SOLD. It's a great concept, the doujinshika does a fantastic job with hitting all the right tropes in just the way I wanted them, and the art is really fantastic--you can tell that she's a regular mangaka from the strength of her drawings, everything looks nicely professional. But also! There is the sharing of a bed for sleeping that takes up an entire page and you'd better believe I totally cooed over that. And how hot Barnaby is when he's back to his normal self and looking down at a sleeping Kotetsu. Bless you, Japan. (Barnaby/Kotetsu.)

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