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RECS: 16 fic, 1 fanart, 1 fanvid

    ღ - C-R-Y-I-N-G at this Sherlock cosplay, oh my god, that is AMAZING.
    ღ - So, a Sherlock/Pushing Daisies crossover would be kind of amazing, too.
    ღ - Oh, jeez, this fandom. The montage may have gotten me just a bit.
    ღ - I like this gifset because of what the post points out--in whatever way you interpret it, their body language is most definitely that of a couple.
    ღ - Oh, lord, this Molly Hooper portrait is utterly stunning. Also, winged Sherlock and John with quotes from Good Omens.
    ღ - So, I'm looking at this gif from A Scandal in Belgravia and it takes me a moment to stop looking at John's adorable, so proud of himself and his quip smile, to notice that Sherlock smiles in the background when John makes his joke to Mycroft. UGH, FEELINGS.
    ღ - How that scene should have gone definitely made me smile.
    ღ - Goddammit, if I start following Mark Gatiss' twitter for tweets like these, I am going to have a tantrum.
    ღ - Oh, god, urban camoflage (possibly hilarious to me because of the ending of the second Sherlock Holmes movie) and now I'm crying from laughs. (SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall.)
    ღ - Oh, jesus, crying at Sherlock's gift on Valentine's Day.
    ღ - NO. THIS IS NOT OKAY. NO. (SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall.)
    ღ - AHHHH SO MUCH CUTENESS with Sherlock and John sitting in their usual chairs!
    ღ - Ugh, more feelings at chibis holding hands as they walk along.
    ღ - Oh, christ, I think I laughed for a minute straight, too. I don't know who I love the most, the fandom or Mark Gatiss or or or EVERYONE. (SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall.)
    ღ - "We can't giggle, it's a crime scene!"

    Avatar: The Last Airbender - 1 Fanfic
    Cardcaptor Sakura - 1 Fanfic
    DCU - 1 Fanfic
    Final Fantasy VIII - 2 Fanfics
    Kamen Rider Kabuto - 1 Fanfic
    One Piece - 1 Fanfic
    Sherlock - 7 Fanfics
    Tiger & Bunny - 2 Fanfics
    Sherlock - 1 Fanart
    Sherlock - 1 Fanvid

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Stories by jesuisursine - This is a lovely piece set post-series, on Sokka's memories of Yue, as seen through Suki's eyes. I love it because there's no jealousy there, not really, instead it's bittersweet and beautiful, both for what was, what wasn't, and what is in their lives. I love the sweetness of his family as it is now, without taking away from that some part of Yue always stays with him. Just. Ugh, my heart. (Sokka/Yue, Sokka/Suki.)

Cardcaptor Sakura: asking for the taking by torch - Touya/Yue! It's been forever since I've read Touya/Yue fic! And I liked the way there were small, tiny parallels and similarities between Yukito and Yue here, the way Touya doesn't quite see them as the same thing, but they're not separate people, either. I love the way Yukito and Yue are part of each other, what one side feels, so does the other, and that's sort of the point, but sort of not. And I really do like how... feline Yue is here, it suits his character well. ....blah, I am writing a terrible rec, but this was a really lovely fic! Touya/Yue and itchy feathers and scratching Yue's back and Yukito being darling and sweet and Touya really loves him and, ugh, my CCS feelings are back now, too. (Touya/Yukito, Touya/Yue, slightly NSFW.)

DCU: Behind the Mask by cinaed - This is a lovely piece with Bruce and Diana, with both characters exactly how I enjoy them--these two incredibly strong presences, each able to hold their own with the other, even while having a rather simple conversation in her hotel room. I love this Diana, who is entirely self-posessed even in such a short piece! I love that it's such a mutual attraction and flirtation, the slight bit of humor to their interaction, and just... well, everything. (Bruce/Diana, slightly NSFW.)

Final Fantasy VIII: feel warmth as we feel love by Renay - I'm going through a bunch of my backlogged links, stumbled over this one, and realized OH HEY PORN I HAVEN'T READ YET and immediately tore into it. And it's so good, the kind of back and forth banter, the kind where you want to punch Seifer in the face, where Zell is a total shit, and they both clearly enjoy it? So hard to find! Especially when it comes with excellent porn! Renay has a fantastic grasp on these characters, writing them in that way that I can believe and writing them as just so-- perfect, really. Also, there are up against the wall handjobs and those are super hot here. (Seifer/Zell, NC-17.)

Final Fantasy VIII: Wild Animals by Laylah - Well, as long as I was on the archive and on the Seifer/Zell tag.... So, I read this one and it's more of that same dynamic that I love--where they both banter and snarl and hurl insults at each other, but in a way that is clearly acknowledged as them both enjoying it. Zell's point of view is such a fun one to read about, because he's so sharp and fast, which is reflected in his sparring style as well here, and then he punches Seifer in the face and APPARENTLY that is a turn on. God, I love this ship. (Seifer/Zell, NC-17.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: Atarashii by Circe - I was going through my pile of links and stumbled over this fic and realized that I'd never properly reccommended it, which is a damn shame because, oh, it's perfect. I love the way Kagami and Tendou spend the minute up to Tendou's birthday, the way there's something so quiet and understated about them here, yet the waters run deep. Circe's writing is lovely and, the way she writes it, just the simple act of one's hand in another is enough to make me do that heavy sigh of FEELINGS BOMBING that I get. So, so many feels for these two, still. (Kagami/Tendou.)

One Piece: Orange Rind by inkstone - There are times when I forget how much I really love Luffy/Nami, because it's not impossible to write, but it is difficult sometimes, and then along comes a fic that makes it seem effortless and I get mad at fandom for denying me fic all over again. I absolutely adored this fic for the tension between the characters, how both were wonderfully themselves and I always feel that level of unresolved tension between them, so this felt like a natural contuination of that, but also taken up to another level. Nami's point of view was perfect, I love her so much and I love the feeling of... I love how much love for Luffy is there, not necessarily in a shipper sort of way (though, there is that, too) but just because... just because he's Luffy. It's hard to explain. Bascially: This fic made me feel all the feelings Luffy/Nami does in canon, but also was all kinds of super awesome sexytimes flirting, which is exactly what I wanted. ♥ (Luffy/Nami, a bit NSFW.)

Sherlock: (Un)Predictable by elfin - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Hounds of Baskerville in this fic and this rec.] This was a fun little piece set mid-2x02, that's just a touch angsty, but mostly kind of fluffy and cute. I enjoyed it for being about John's side of the relationship and showing the bits of progress he needs to go through before anything could happen and... it's fluff, so it doesn't take a long time, but it is nice just having fic that focuses on his side of things. And it plays on the emotions of The Hounds of Baskerville quite nicely! (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: Returning by elfin - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] Another short but nice read! And it was yet another new way for John to react to Sherlock's return that I had yet to read before this one (though, of course, I'd seen it mentioned before, but never written) and I liked the way the story was told in short, quick scenes from different perspectives. This fic also had a fun scene with Lestrade at the end and, hell, as much as I'm totally focused on the Sherlock/John part of these fics, sometimes it is nice to see other characters' reactions, too. This was fun! (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: A Guilty Man by Jennistar1 - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] Oh, jeez, this fic. This is pretty much my perfect Mycroft fic, especially my perfect post-The Reichenbach Fall Mycroft & Sherlock fic. The anger boiling under the surface, the guilt that's eating away at Mycroft, the ache that I felt for this damaged relationship, all of it was brilliantly done. This Mycroft, who is so refined and reserved, who has so little in his life that he actually cares for, the way you feel the genuine emotions underneath the polite surface, the way he reacts to Sherlock's anger, all of it is heartwrenchingly good. This fic also did an amazing thing--it had me actually doubting Mycroft for a moment, doubting his true motives, and I loved it for that. And I loved it for not being a tragic fic ultimately, but not pulling its punches, either. It was gorgeous all the way around. (Some implied Sherlock/John, but it's not really the point.)

Sherlock: Bleeding Alone by Jennistar1 - This fic is labelled as probably having spoilers for both series, but I don't recall anything that would be spoilery in them. Still, watch out, I suppose? This fic sort of... almost exists in a vacuum, in a sense, where there's no real lead-up or follow-through, it's just a moment in time, and I found that I liked it a lot when viewed through that lens. Mycroft lives a dangerous life, even as far away from the direct action as he is, and when he's dying, of course he thinks of the one person he actually cares about--Sherlock. It's such a sad piece, for the irrepairable relationship between them, one that they'll never have time to mend, and this fic really hits hard on that. It's angsty, but sometimes I just want to really dig into an angsty scenario like this, especially when it's well done. (No warnings/pairings.)

Sherlock: Homemade Biscuits and Homemade Deceptions by Jennistar1 - Oh, this was such fun! I have a great love for fics that play with the idea of Moriarty, especially with established characters, and I love how well this fic made me jump right into the idea that Mrs. Hudson could have been behind it all. The author balances her sweet, gentle persona against the dark things that Moriarty does, weaves them together wonderfully, adding in just how bored she gets sometimes, as well as remembering the bits about her husband. And, oh, I love love love that it's John who nearly figures her out because Sherlock doesn't think to look, never really considers her, while John is suspicious of everyone, and it just is all so good! (No real warnings/pairings.)

Sherlock: Shift by Ryssabeth - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] This is a short piece, not that much over 300 words, but! It's from Lestrade's point of view on just something that feels different about Sherlock after everything that happened in 2x03 and the small insights as he figures out what the change is. It made me smile for the way Sherlock notices Lestrade watching him, of course he does, and both their reactions. Short, but just what I wanted. (Implied Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: Reunions, Rowdiness and Phone Calls by Jennistar1 - Oh, jesus, this fic. I don't even know how to begin writing this rec, because I'm sure I'll never do it justice. Everything about this particular fic was amazing, from John's high school reunion to him getting drunk to him drunk dialing Sherlock to Sherlock's reaction, which is, in turns, amused and annoyed, to basically absolutely everything about this fic. Each phone call John made was a thing of pure delight and laughter--I had honest-to-god tears in my eyes from the giggling I did while reading this one! And, oh, Sherlock getting bored without John there, so he tackles London's 101 most unsolvable cases on-line and of course that goes the way it does! Just. Oh, this was pure perfection. (This is gen, but it could also be Sherlock/John.)

Tiger and Bunny: Silence Is Golden by Lirillith - With a summary like [ After a lifetime of social isolation, Barnaby craves physical affection, especially with Kotetsu. ], of course I am going to be both intrigued and wary. I love the idea! So much potential! But also so much potential to be horrible to Barnaby's character! But I wound up liking this fic rather a lot, because it's not about mocking or over squishifying the character, rather just about simple physical touching and I really liked the way Kotetsu just sort of... rolled with it, because he got it. (Barnaby/Kotetsu.)

Tiger and Bunny: Let It Snow by Lirillith - The writing of this one is a bit tell-rather-than-show, but! It is about the heroes of Stern Bild in a snowball fight and, of course, using their powers! It's not easy to juggle an ensemble in a piece like this, but the author does a good job of mapping the scene out and working with the characters' personalities and likely targets. And it's just such light-hearted fun that I couldn't help adoring it! I would totally have loved more scenes like this and I could see it going down in the series just as it does here. (No warnings/pairings.)

  - Sherlock - nooneexpected [ tumblr Account ] - Oh, no. I got sucked back into the Sherlock fandom on tumblr, which feels even more immense than the fic archives or devART. This will not end well for me. But... I can't resist! Not when I find new artists like this one (and, oh, I wish tumblr had a way to let me sort my likes into folders like devART does with faves, I would go on such a spree) and enjoy their work so much! Like, Sherlock with an enjoying expression or John and Sherlock back to back through a door that might just be my favorite of the artist's or a gif of Sherlock and John watching a movie that is adorable or YES SCARF SHARING--!! Or, goddammit, John in a ridiculous and adorable hat that made me grin like a bit of a loon. Or the world's most adorable attempt to get cigarettes and how it's not going to end well for John. Or else it'll end as THE BEST. And that's what this artist does for me, the work here just puts a smile on my face and want to spin around the room a bit at how beautiful the coloring is and how adorable the scenarios are. ♥ (Some NSFW art on the tag occasionally. It's mostly fine, but there is at least one porny image, so be careful! Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock Fanvid: Dead Island - [Note: There are SPOILER for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] jesshelga pointed this vid out and, of course, it sent me off on a spiral into tumblr that took me ages to climb back out of, yet I'm still thankful for because this is a gorgeously edited... trailer?, I guess?, for The Reichenbach Fall and the entire Sherlock/John relationship to date. There's especially one moment, a little more than a minute in, the way the artist wove the clips together, that took my breath away just a little bit (and did so again, the second time I watched it) because it was such a gut-wrenching moment and realization when I understood what it was getting at. The entire video is lovely, though, and gave me a severe case of feelings, I cannot recommend it enough. (Sherlock/John.)

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