February 23rd, 2012

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RECS: 10 fic

    ღ - Sherlock and John and back of the neck kissing, yes, thank you.
    ღ - John and Sherlock lounging on the sofa together.
    ღ - Naked almost kissing (which is somewhat NSFW but I also wouldn't rate it above PG-13) is very nice.
    ღ - "Did you almost start to wonder if I was real?"
    ღ - The Sherlock characters baking cakes is adorable.
    ღ - I'm not sure I want this to be the reaction, but certainly I would enjoy it forever if this happened in the new season. [SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall.]
    ღ - Sherlock as a pirate is absolutely a thing I needed in my life.
    ღ - Everything about this gif set just makes me laugh. From Sherlock being immature to Mycroft's "jesus, my little brother is a dick" face to John's amusement at the whole thing. As much as I love Sherlock and John giving each other shit, I also love it when they delight in teaming up to give other people shit.
    ღ - NO. NO. Why would you do this? [SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall.]
    ღ - Oh, lord. Kid!AU with Sherlock, John, and Moriarty that is all kinds of adorable. And also has pretty colors. And Potterlock is adorable, too.
    ღ - Well, this is rather sob-worthy. [SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall.]
    ღ - "#clearly that’s the appropriate reaction to your little brother breaching top security systems of the british army" = I love the tags on tumblr so much.
    ღ - Tags hurt me. Tags always hurt me even more. [SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall.]
    ღ - I just love all their faces so much. SO MUCH.
    ღ - Oh, lord, this Sherlock fanart piece is just gorgeous.
    ღ - Black&white Sherlock and John is really pretty, too. And I like this artist's Mycroft and Sherlock and the style of it, too. Oh and! This one of John coming back home to this batshit flat of theirs. Finally, one last one from that artist--Sherlock and Doctor Who.
    ღ - I really think this Molly piece is stunningly pretty. (Possibly a bit Sherlock/Molly?)
    ღ - Okay, this is one of those rites of passage for a fanart fandom: Magnet!Sherlock/John. Of course this exists. Of course. And probably, like, ten people are even into both fandoms.
    ღ - A gorgeous collection of Moriarty and Molly images, which is especially welcome as I just finished reading The Anatomist. Also, his and hers crowns is lovely.
    ღ - "Every fairy tale needs a damsel in distress." [SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall.]

    Sherlock - 10 Fanfics

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