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[ One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist, Juuni Kokki, Get Backers ]

Notes/Babbling: ....holy crap, it's been a good day for fanart. Which means, well, sorry for the spamming of y'all's friends pages. ^_~ (And I should probably update the stupid archive soon, shouldn't I?)
    One Piece - 1 Fanart
    Full Metal Alchemist - 5 Fanart
    Juuni Kokki - 1 Fanart
    Get Backers - 1 Fanart

- One Piece - DRAGHEAD [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There's not a lot of art here, but what there is is wonderfully colored and shaded and has a quality that I can't quite put my finger on to describe why I like it so much. I think a lot of it is the lineart, which is very clean and sharp and the colors are subtle, which doesn't take away the focus from the nice lines. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the artist draws a great Zoro and seems to be fond of Zoro/Sanji. I'd love to see more from this artist, especially her Zoro art. (Some Zoro/Sanji.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Emeth [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, wow, this artist does beautiful, beautiful work. There aren't too many illustrations here, but I had to rec it because of two specific ones--the first being the Roy/Ed one where he's wrapping his arms around Edward and resting his shoulder against the smaller boy's shoulder. It was just... powerful and gorgeous. The second is the incredible, detail-rich, beautifully colored, professional quality illustration of Ed, Al, and Winry when they were children and just getting into alchemy. The colors are bright and vivid in the way that I love so much, that can so easily turn gaudy, but isn't here. It almost seems to shine, that's how gorgeous it is. Wahhh, I'll stop gushing now, just... so pretty!! Oh, but be sure to check out the anime reactions gallery, episode three has the BEST illustration of Ed after the failed alchemy summing and Roy's little "^___^ *heart*" expression while watching over him. <3 (No single pairing theme/warnings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I just had to rec this site because I've fallen for the way the artist draws--it's kind of got a sketchy quality to it and while the proportions can sometimes be off, the artist's eye for the layout of an illustration and her lovely use of colors and shades more than made up for that with me. She can also do some of the most intense eyes for Edward and I'm always a sucker for that sort of thing... well, that and Roy/Ed kissing, which always makes me very happy. I'm not sure how else to describe this artist's style, just... that I liked it a lot, even beyond the light Roy/Ed touch to it. (Some Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - True, there's not a lot of art here just yet, but I had to rec this site because of the light smut that made me twirl around the room with delight. The very last one, with Edward biting Roy's glove off has beautiful lineart (even if I admit Edward looks much younger than he should), the level of detail and strength of the inking is amazing. The artist also does really cute art of Roy with a little chibi-esque Roy and her coloring is really nice (I'm especially fond of the shades of blue she's used *___*) and this was just a good site to get another FMA fix from. *happy sigh~* (Some Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I do admit that this artist's Edward looks far, far too young (he looks about ten rather than a smallish fifteen), but I can't help rec'ing the site anyway, because her lineart is excellent and I adore the soft usage of color, which feels so light and airy most of the time. The other thing that helped win me over was that I really like the way the artist draws Roy and any time someone draws Edward in Roy's far-too-big-for-him military coat gets a lot of points from me. ^_~ And that's a lot of what won me over--the Roy/Ed stuff, while rather shota here, is cute and really sweet and I couldn't help liking it anyway. >_> (Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is yet another site that I wasn't sure I was going to rec at first, but after I started poking around, after I got a feel for the site, I fell so absolutely in love with it. The comics are fabulous, especially because there are so many of them, but because they're exactly the kind of thing I wanted to see. Roy and Edward being cute and pretty and just a teensy bit grabby; there are several illustrations of Roy wrapping his arms around Edward that are breathtaking for their loveliness and intensity despite being sketches. The lines of the art are wonderful, there's a very sketch-like quality to the art, but sometimes those turn out to be my favorites, because color doesn't get in the way and distract you from the lines or the focus on little details (like Edward's hands grasping at Roy's coat or the expressions on their faces). The artist has a very light touch, but she uses that to her advtange along with putting the characters into a multitude of different poses/situations and I could not click through the galleries fast enough in my haste to see more, more, more. Even more than the beautiful quality to the art, even more than the sparkly Roy/Ed wonderfulness, I loved the satisfied feeling I had after getting through this site. So rarely do I get that sated feeling from a site by the time I'm done. I shall treasure this site. (Roy/Ed and some Havoc/Hawkeye.)

- Juuni Kokki - MG [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I found this artist's style to take a few illustrations to grow on me (some of the early work is not her best and I'm not as fond of her comics), but the further I got into her Juuni Kokki art, the more I liked it. Some of her more recent work is beautiful, very warm colors and smooth lines half the time, and very... almost watercolor-esque pictures othertimes. The different styles, in my eyes, captured the sense of both epic adventure and touching, surprisingly human drama that the series had. The artist seems especially fond of Enki and En-ou (I can never remember his name >_<), drawing some stunning illustrations of those two. Be sure to also check out the kiriban gallery, because that has some of the prettiest art of all. There's also some FMA art on the site which was COOL, but I'm not chucking it into that section since there are only about five illustrations. Though, I do want to keep an eye on the site, because they're some of her best work. *___* (No real pairings/warnings.)

- Get Backers - momo-neko ya [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wow, this site has some beautiful GetBackers CG-style work... I've seen a few other sites that have prettypretty art, but they tend to be more Kazuki-centric and while I adore Kazuki-chan... BanGin has my heart. So to see a site that draws so very well and that focuses on them...? WAI~! *sparkles* It's the very last illustration in the gallery (currently, anyway) of Ban with his hands handcuffed behind his back and leaning forward to kiss Ginji that is just stunning. It steals my breath away with how gorgeous the colors and lines of it are. There's also an absolutely gorgeous morning sunlight illustration of Himiko that has the most beautiful colors to it and I mentioned the fabulous BanGin, right? Stunning artwork. *happy, happy fangirl right now* (Some BanxGinji.)
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