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RECS: 25 fic

    ღ - I had trouble deciding where to start with posting recs, I'm so out of practice that the choices seemed a bit overwhelming. Start from the older ones? Start with the newer ones and work my way back? How many to each post?? Eventually, I decided on Daredevil because that's where I spend a lot of time my these days and because it's a relatively recent fandom, so I figure, hey, if I'm trying to be current with my journal, that's the way to go.

I never expected this show to eat me as hard as it did, but I'm well on my way down the rabbit hole and not coming out any time soon, I fear. Not even for the new season of Hannibal, SIGH.

    Daredevil - 25 Fanfics

not so daring by theappleppielifestyle, foggy/matt + karen, 5.8k
    "Foggy, you need to calm down, this isn’t a big deal, it was in college, it’s not like you’re still in love with me.”
    I let out about five ridiculous heartfelt sights while reading this fic, god. But it was the perfect starting place for me, because it caught the character voices and personalities perfectly and made this absolutely perfect transition from the show to relationship, the bridge I needed to fully convince me. But also just. Feelings and moments where I had to put my hand over my heart and utter perfection. Fuck.

jump, check parachute by augustbird, foggy/matt, nsfw, 11.9k
    Foggy Nelson: good at law, terrible at feelings.
    Well, I hate this up like fucking candy, let me tell you. It was such a joyful read, Matt and Foggy in college, from friends with fucking to just friends to figuring out their feelings, all wrapped up in a fantastic Foggy pov. The character voices are great and I loved pretty much everything about this, god bless. I needed something good and happy in my life and this provided.

untitled by theappleppielifestyle, foggy/matt, 2.6k
    Here’s the thing: Foggy doesn’t get hit on if he’s with Matt.
    Another charming, funny fic that does so well with the character voices and dialogue that I was in love all over again. Plus! Foggy almost dating someone else! It clearly drives Matt up the wall! The fic has the deftness to pull it off and make it sparkle! Everything I could ask for.

Ex Delicto, De Novo Ad Infinitum by scarletjedi, foggy/matt + karen + marci + father lantom, NSFW, 12k
    From a transgression (consequences of a crime), anew (a restart) to infinity (continuing on forever) / Matt and Foggy get back up again.
    Another fic that I just absolutely tore through and it was so good, both for being a really solid fic in the first place as well as building up the relationship with fanastic characterization. I love that it's one of those fics that helps cement the relationship for me, but also scorching porn, how answers don't make everything all better, about Matt as well, the right amounts of humor, but a story about the slow, painful but good process of Matt and Foggy getting back up again. And then there's Matt teaching Foggy the basics of boxing! Repairing their friendship after the reveal! Learning how Matt works! It's not easy, but they iron it out and figure each other out and just, ugh, feelings all over the goddamned place.

Say You'll Still Be By My Side by lady_ragnell, foggy/matt, 7.2k
    Bless me, Foggy, for I have sinned.
    Another medium length piece that's all about the repairs Matt and Foggy need to make, the hurt that needs time to fade between them, and the way the writing made me just ache for both of them. But in a good way, that it was building towards something, especially because it sometimes feels like the slowest process in the world, as a fic like this does justice to. There's so much that made me just ache for both characters here, how betrayed Foggy feels, but also Matt, jesus. I just felt how much he loved Foggy and hwo much this was killing him and this was perfect all the way around.

I See Said the Blind Man by latbfan, matt & foggy, foggy & claire, 7.1k
    Starts as the missing Scene from Matt's apartment between "Speak of the Devil" (1.9) and "Nelson V. Murdock" (1.10), or Foggy finally meets Hotty McBurner Phone, and continues to add missing/extended scenes as Foggy comes to grips with Matt being the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.
    Set between episodes 9 and 10, this is a fic about Foggy dealing with his spiraling thoughts and meeting Claire and, oh, it's so very, very good. I read the entire fic with a genuine ache in my chest for how much this hurt, how much Foggy loves Matt and the creeping anger and hurt that grows and grows. The interaction with Claire is stunningly perfect, how he resents her and is jealous of her, this thing she already knew about Matt, that she shared with him, and yet it's so clear he would have liked her in other circumstances. But what really killed me was Matt and Foggy, how even an unconscious Matt clearly loved Foggy and that just made everything worse. God, this was so painful and so good and so everything that happened in between.

the space between fingers by afterism, foggy/matt, NSFW, 2.8k
    This is not the face-touching incident that Foggy remembers. This is the other one.
    To balance out all the painful stuff in this fandom, sometimes I need cute college-era antics, where they're friends and everything is new and good and hopeful! And then Matt's climbing over Foggy to sit on him and they're getting each other off and it works, it's so happy and right on and a great read.

you're safe now so come on back where you belong by assbuttsinlove, foggy/matt, ~1k
    "Can I ask you something?" Foggy asks quietly.
    This is short and fluffy but good for my heart because of it. Well, it's also a little achey, Matt and Foggy are still working things out, but it's heading towards good and that's what I needed.

Nelson's Anatomy by el_spirito, matt & foggy, 3k
    Or, How Foggy Nelson Practically Became an MD / If Matt's going to keep getting into trouble, Foggy's going to learn how to help.
    So good! Such great Foggy characterization as he tries to deal with Matt being Daredevil and all the injuries that come with it. I lvoe the little touches here, the way Foggy dras a promise out of Matt, the way Matt is kind of an asshole about it, but keeps his word, the way there's such a depth of feeling here. It's hard but it's also full of so much love on both sides. So good.

now if we're talking body by queenofthestarrrs, foggy/matt, mildly nsfw, 2.5k
    It all starts because he trips, and if that wasn't the lamest way to start a relationship, Foggy's not entirely sure what is.
    College-era cuteness and fluff and flirting! I just read the whole thing with such a :D expression on my face because I needed happy for these two nerds. It sparkled the entire way and was delightful.

Snowblind by sivib, matt & foggy, 2k
    "I hate snow," said Matt.
    More cute college-era fic that was just the right amount of fluffy that I wanted and made me love Foggy all over again. Warm and fuzzy all the way through.

Devil In The Details by ChuckleVoodoos, foggy/matt + karen + marci + claire, nsfw, soulmates au, 10.9k
    Franklin Philip Nelson is born with a bright smile and the word Devil burned over his heart.
    I'm not sure what I was expecting when picking up a Soulmates AU fic, but Christ if it wasn't pure joy to read. Both for the concept itself and for how stupid in love these two nerds were, what idiots they were over each other, how over the moon Foggy was for Matt and how completely and wholly Matt loved him back. The fic echoes canon events, but things are slightly changed and it sails smoothly along and is sparkling the whole way through. There were moments when I practically had to put it down because of feelings (especially when Matt climbs into Foggy's hospital bed because he's just so wrecked after the bombings, that he needs it, and it sounds ridiculous, but god I was just so there for it, it hit me really hard and worked so well), and it's just all around charming, the characterization is spot-on, and it's perfect for them.

Clearly Now the Rain Is Gone by dancinbutterfly, foggy/matt, NSFW, fingering, prostate milking, sensory overload, 1.3k
    Matt just needs someone to help him shut his brain off. Luckily, Foggy always has his back.
    It was my shark week when I read this and during shark week you need filthy porn, okay. And this was a straight shot at my id, as Foggy fingerfucks a desperate Matt into sensory oblivion combined with just enough of a great Foggy voice that it was perfection. Goddamn, I needed a minute after this.

Marshmallow Matrix by ChuckleVoodoos, foggy/matt + oc, 12k
    "So, nothing? No, like, latent homosexual urges? No subconscious pining that is only now coming to the surface in light of these revelations? Nothing?" Sometimes it's not as easy as saying 'I love you'.
    You know how reading some fics leaves you wanting to do nothing so much as vomit feelings the entire time you're reading them? Yeah, that was me with this fic, practically tripping over myself because I wanted to get to the next line and then the next after that, because I was so deeply ensnared and was enjoying the entire point of the fic. It has Foggy being completely in love with Matt and being found out! Trying to move on and sort-of dating someone else while accepting and being okay with that he's not going to stop loving Matt any time soon! Matt being the dumbest nerd ever and clearly seethingly jealous! Foggy being the greatest person ever! Friendship and lust between these two nerds! Mutual pining fic needs a deft hand to do it right, but when you get it, it's the tastiest fucking thing in the world and this was a goddamned gem.

De Facto Stupido by Fourteenpavanes, matt & foggy + karen, sick!matt, 1.9k
    When Matt trips during the Clements hearing, Foggy bites back a groan.
    Two of my favorite things! Friendship with banter and sickfic! Matt's senses being dulled when he's sick, so he can't do his usual super ninja thing and Foggy both teases him for not admitting he's sick and takes care of him. The dialogue and banter are joyful and this is everything I wanted from sickfic!

One More Step by Little_White_Lie, foggy/matt + karen, NSFW, stripper au, 7.8k
    Foggy Nelson is an awkward potato and the Daredevil is the hottest thing he’s ever seen. That stripper AU with feelings that no one wanted.
    I had no idea that apparently I needed a stripper AU in my life as much as I needed this fic. It has a great Foggy pov/voice and is incredibly charming to watch their friendship develop and these two idiot nerds fall in love. There are so many little moments where Foggy is just so wonderful and they're both so spot-on, and this AU somehow works, and it's all great. But also porn. When they finally admit they like each other and want to fuck and it's sweet as all get out but also really, really hot as they just have fun and Matt is so gorgeous and so ready and desperate and Foggy loves him so much and then finally is fucking Matt and it's just. A stripper AU gave me feelings explosions, watching them fall in love and being sharply adorable, okay. It's a great read.

keeping by anonymous, foggy/matt, 1.6k
    Matt dreams of houses covered in linen, an entire city shrouded and still. He's hoping that if he can cover enough windows, the people won't see him walking down the street without his mask on.
    When you read proposal fic, you go in expecting fluff, not to get your heart ripped out by gorgeous and bittersweet fic. But, god, it does such a perfect job with Matt's character, how he is and what he sees and what he knows about the people around him. The guilt and determination, it's just so Matt. Heart-wrenching and gorgeous and perfect, this fic was fantastic all the way through.

untitled by theappleppielifestyle, foggy/matt, ~1k
    "Excuse me, is this room 312?"
    A short but delightful retelling of Matt and Foggy's first meeting, going just a little differently. It was entirely charming and wonderful!

Popeman and Altarboy by Xela, foggy/matt, NSFW, priest kink, 1k
    Matt is trying not think about the fact that all he's wearing is a (borrowed) cassock and his boots.
    Time for blasphemous fic? With Matt torn between feeling guilty and really hot when Foggy blows him while he's wearing nothing but a cassock and then Foggy fucks him over a table? Where Foggy is delightfully, charmingly into the whole blasphemy thing? That is my jam, okay. God bless.

Dizzy Drunk and Bleary-Eyed by pathera, foggy/matt, 1.1k
    Foggy is pretty sure that he's dead. Like, 95 percent, because it's not possible to be alive and in this much pain. He's also in a very tiny bed and there's someone next to him and--oh, it's Matt. Naked Matt. Well this is awkward.
    College-era morning after sex last night plus terrible hangovers that keep them from moving. Pure charm and delight and it just made me happy all over, so adorable, these nerds in love.

Say You'll Still Be By My Side by lady_ragnell, foggy/matt + father lantom, 7.2k
    Bless me, Foggy, for I have sinned.
    This is a gorgeous fic about the painful slow repair of Foggy and Matt's friendship, the sharp edges to their conversations, the awkward moments after apologies where there's no way to entirely fix it yet, adding in the transition from friends to levers and even kidnapping shenanigans along the way. This is one of those in between, heavy lifting fics that do the show hard work of one step at a time and does it gorgeously here! It felt so true to the show, so true to the characters and everything they're going through and even the struggle of Matt trying to be honest and explain about himself when Foggy asks him questions. The characters are spot on and my heart hurt the entire time I was reading this. And it was fucking worth it.

you're bent over the altar, and the neighbors are complaining by anonymous, foggy/matt, NSFW, blasphemy, 1.4k
    This is going to be what sends Matt Murdock to hell.
    Well. Foggy and Matt fucking in the confessional, that was ridiculously hot and bless the author for writing it. It was just the right amount of rough sex + Matt punishing himself + both of them being genuinely happy + fucked up + super hot to make it a fantastic read. This one is sticking on my reader for awhile, goddamn.

Simmer Down (And Pucker Up) by joidianne4eva, foggy/matt, NSFW, 2k
    "Okay, I take it back. This is a bad idea. This is a horrible idea and you should never have let me do this. Why did you let me do this?" Foggy demanded and somewhere to his left he swore he could hear Matt laughing at him, that faint husk of a sound that only emerged when Matt was trying to be polite…or sneaky.
    One of the delightful things about htis pairing is that Matt and Foggy are great friends, so even when they're flirting and kissing and fucking, they're still bickering friends. This fic had great dialogue for them both and my heart wanted to burst with affection for them both, especially because I want them to get back to that place. And also blowjobs, thank you.

Five Times Foggy Nelson Cried, And One Time He Didn't. by Avocado, foggy/matt + karen + marci, NSFW, 3.1k
    To be honest, it was probably because he was incredibly drunk. For some reason it was seen as the “normal” thing to do for men to repress their feelings (what asshole came up with that anyway?), but Franklin Nelson had never done so.
    Yes, fluff and porn, just what I needed during my shark week! It's definitely one of those where everything works out, even the angsty stuff is building towards the happy end and it had the charm to just pull me in. Fluff and fucking, that's what I was looking for. ♥

untitled by theappleppielifestyle, foggy/matt + karen, ~1k
    The first time Karen meets them, she’s more than a little freaked out about the whole being framed for murder thing, so she doesn’t notice it at first.
    Just a really cute, fun fic about Karen watching Matt and Foggy, slowly getting to know them and figure them out, in an AU where they got together in college. So charming. ♥

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