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RECS: 40 fic (Daredevil)

    ღ - These are actually current recs because, idk, I thought that would help me better keep track of what I have/haven't posted. And all were read in the last week, in addition to the Hannibal reading I've been doing. Someone save me from this hell. ;__;
    ღ - No, wait! I mean, look, you want to join me in Daredevil fandom, you doooooo, joinnnnn meeeeeee and appreciate Charlie Cox's very fine assets he brings to the role.

    Daredevil - 40 Fanfics

leverage by kay_cricketed, foggy/matt, nsfw, 1.7k
    There's bad nights and then there's nights where Matt can't stand to be in his own skin. There's careless and then there's sneaking into Foggy's apartment to breathe on him. Matt reaches the point of intersection.
    I am forever a fan of gorgeous fic that does a beautiful job with just how much of an absolute mess Matt is. The descriptions here are lovely and get across just how much weight he puts on his own shoulders, how he nearly bows under the assault of it sometimes, and how steady Foggy is. It's just the right amount of hurt and comfort both, as Matt desperately needs it. Gorgeous fic.

Honesty Hour by dontkillbirds, foggy/matt, 2.1k
    To get even on the always-knowing-when-Foggy-was-lying thing, Foggy suggests Matt shares some of his white lies. It turns out Matt still has a few things left to admit.
    Oh, this was absolutely wonderful, I want all the fic in the world here Foggy sits down with Matt and wants to know all the truths, since Matt can tell when he's lying, fair is fair. It's hilarious and the character voices are great and the balance of friendship and attraction is perfect, especially when Foggy won't let Matt out of the conversation and then realizes just how big of an idiot this adorable nerd is. I could read exactly this kind of fic for hours, all the little touches were so perfect.

Hands by Asidian, foggy/matt + matt & stick, 1.4k
    Matt has a whole pile of issues. Foggy puts a few to rest just by being himself.
    Ahhh, this was so lovely and good, the different hands Matt has known in his life, the different feels on his own hands. His father, the orphanage, Stick, Foggy, they're all different and there's a deft subtleness to the writing that's hard to describe, but it definitely left and anche in my heart in the way it was supposed to. The quiet but utterly deep yearning Matt has for kinder touches, the expectation of pain, the way Foggy is good and there, jesus, just punch me in the feelings, why don't you.

Daddy Issues by szm, foggy/matt + jack, 1.5k
    "When I met him at parents day he told me to stay the hell away from you, or else. He’s probably planning some kind of ambush as we speak."
    Holy shit, I want approximately a dozen fics based on this premise, because this was delightful for me. Jack Murdock lives and is overprotective of Matt, who used to have terrible taste in partners, and Foggy wants to make a good impression but is maybe a little terrified. So great for me. Especially every time Matt thinks his dad is too much and gets that stubborn look on his face or when they kiss because they haven't seen each other for a few days and of course Jack comes across them and would like Foggy to get his hands off his son. It's one of those fics that just made me smile the whole time and now I want more. Fucking bless.

Matt/Foggy, edging by anonyous, foggy/matt, NSFW, edging, ~1k
    Prompt: I just want to see Matt begging Foggy to let him come and Foggy drawing it out as long as possible.
    This is short, more a snippet of a piece than anything, but it's super goddamned not and does my favorite thing--where Matt is so worked up and so close to climax that he's not thinking of anything else, he's so desperate for it that that takes up all the room in him instead of the usual bullshit. Add in how well Foggy sees him, knows him, and this was so very good for me. Matt's gorgeous like this and I needed a minute after this one.

When The Day Met The Night by goldstandard, foggy/matt, time loop, 6.1k
    This is your typical, average, Groundhog Day AU where Foggy has to re-live the day he discovers who the Devil of Hell's Kitchen really is.
    I fucking love Groundhog's Day fics and this was amazing for me, having Foggy relive the day he found out about Daredevil over and over, funny in all the right places and ouchy in all the other right places, I read through this totally caught up in it. I loved the FML feeling from Foggy and, god, every time Matt started to cry because Foggy knew, I ate it up like delicious candy. The fic did a fantastic job of keeping the reveals fresh, while still making them hurt, no matter what it was still devastating to Matt, even as Foggy had time to with it, that each time moved them forward. There were so many great touches, so many ways Foggy told Matt he knew, so many moments that were about dealing with this. I totally would have read a fic twice as long for this, but it was so great for me.

Drunk & in Love with You by KateLouisaRose, foggy/matt, 1.1k
    Drinking turns into kissing.
    Short but super cute and fluffy fic of Matt and Foggy being drunk and that leads to kissing. It's one of those fics that is great as a bite-sized snack and helps scratch the itch I have for these two, especially with kissing. Warm-hearted and nice, which is a thing I will always want more of with these two.

Without Fear by anti_ela, foggy/matt + some foggy/marci, alternate universe, android!matt, 2.7k wip
    "If you fuck this up for me, Foggy Bear, I'm going to send that video to your mother." "Marci! I'm wounded; I would never. Look at my freshly-laundered shirt and silken, brushed hair! I am the very picture of a science-thinker and math-doer right now."
    I don't know what I expected when I picked this fic up, but I certainly fell in love with it quickly enough. The opening scenes with Foggy and Marci are a joy, I absolutely love the dynamic between them, that's complicated and sharp and fun and wonderful, but you also kind of see why it wouldn't work long-term, even as they adore each other. And then Foggy meets android!Matt. And that sparkles as well! I'm not sure I can explain this better than that, especially as it drops you into the middle of the world, to a degree. But it's sharp and super engaging and I want more of it!

good luck, bad luck, survival by meltokyo, foggy/matt, 1.5k
    it's so cold in this country, every road home is long (Foggy gets kidnapped)
    I admit the beginning of this was rough, but once Matt and Foggy got home, it was charming as hell and made me have a ridiculous smile on my face. Foggy knowing Matt would try to break up with him out of guild and maneuvering Matt into being forced to admit that not everything is his fault, Matt being kind of a mess and Foggy the stable one and some really cute banter? That's everything I could ask for.

Shadows by sanctuary_for_all, foggy/matt, 1.1k
    The less he reminded Foggy of the devil inside him, the longer he would be able to keep him.
    This is a short piece, all about Matt's issues and self-worth and something a bit like self-hate, the way he sees himself as having to hide. The way Foggy doesn't let him, the way he holds Matt and tells him that he's staying, the way Matt curls into the hug, shit, that's why I'm here. To get fucking feelings about that nerd.

world on fire by ShowMeAHero, foggy/matt, 3.2k
    Foggy feels like he is living through an everlasting baptism, where his entire world is being cleansed and someone has started watching over him. He can feel Matt’s presence at all times, greater than any God Matt might whisper to at night, and it feels like church. More than that, it feels like home. It feels like loving the Devil with the Lord’s blessing.
    This fic is a lto more poetic in style than I usually read, but it won me over by being solid about it, the fire vs water imagery used really well and showing that sense of... just how deeply connected these characters are. It especially makes sense for Matt, whom I can see thinking in this style, but it was one of those reads where I loved it for both of them, the heavy weight they both have with each other, the way it's like burning or drowning when they need each other so desperately.

Building Up Speed by ShowMeAHero, foggy/matt, alternate universe, 1k
    Foggy lives a pretty ordinary life, until the bank he's in gets held up, and he gets saved by a blind guy who's apparently a really, really cute ninja in his free time.
    This was cute and charming and a really adorable meet cute where Foggy and Matt are stuck in a bank robbery together. Somehow I can totally believe those two nerds would flirt during such a tense situation and be ridiculously cute at each other.

You Better Believe It's True by goldstandard, foggy/matt + some foggy/marci + karen, 1.1k
    Foggy's heart flutters for Matt until one day he finds out who the Daredevil really is.
    My heart actually kind of hurt after reading this one because it's a straight shot to what makes my heart turn over for these nerds--Matt desperate for Foggy not to leave him, leaking emotion all over the place, Foggy's still angry, but Matt's wounded duck face is strong. This fic didn't need to be long to really have my heart.

you make me feel by assbuttsinlove, foggy/matt, ~1k
    matt can't save everyone. sometimes, he needs someone to remind him.
    This was very short, but it was nice and comforting, the way it touches lightly on Matt's issues and the way Foggy cuts through them because Matt has a lot of issues. It was bite-sized fun!

The Man Without Fear by Avocadou (roserising), foggy/matt, 1k
    Today he isn't "the man without fear." Today he isn't even Daredevil. He's Matt Murdock, and he's scared out of his mind that his best friend might be dying, and there's nothing he can do about it.
    This is a sort of combination of comics and TV, where Foggy has cancer and Matt tries to deal with it, in his usual messy way. It's short but gets at the way Matt really kind of needs Foggy and was really good for me in that way.

Bess Will Outlive (and Outsmart) Us All by Mytay, foggy/matt + bess, 4k
    Foggy and Matt have been neglecting to visit Bess Mahoney, the toughest, wisest cigar-smoking old lady in Hell's Kitchen. Bess is not happy.
    This was a really cute and sweet fic from the POV of Brett's mom, as Foggy and matt come over for dinner and she happily mothers the hell out of them. As well as gently nudges them towards finding someone, which leads to discussion of how they're obviously into each other and it was light-hearted and warm and fun!

Underground Kitty Litter by starsthatburst, foggy/matt, ~1k
    Foggy finds a cat. He wants to keep it.
    This was short, but it was super cute and I just enjoyed a lot of the imagery in it. Bite-sized but a very fun, cute read!

Daredevil: A New Musical by His Very Own Hell's Kitchen by bluerosele, foggy/matt + karen + claire, 1.6k
    Matt has made a few compromised decisions in his life. Season tickets to Hell Kitchen’s theater company was possibly worse of them all. He never anticipated his fame reaching media outlets, and for that outlet to be one that Foggy was some emphatic about.
    Things I love: people laughing at their friends because they love them and their pain is hilarious. So when there's a musical based on Daredevil, of course Foggy thinks it's the greatest thing ever and he and Karen never stop laughing at all of it. The fun thing is that Matt is both FML about it, but also laughing with them, so I enjoyed it all the more for that. Basically, I grinned my way through this entire fic.

Till Death (Or Denial) Do Us Part by TeddyLaCroix (ReadyPlayerZero), foggy/matt, fake marriage, 2.7k
    Prompt: At 18, best friends Matt and Foggy come up with a foolproof plan for going through college together, being assigned roommates, scoring better tax returns, and starting a law firm together: get married, of course! It doesn't have to mean anything... right?
    This was fun and cute, where Foggy and Matt get married for the benefits (saving money, being able to room together, etc.) and I am very firmly in favor of getting married because of reasons fic and it turning real. I want a dozen fics like that stat and this was was a really cute place to start!

Sunshine and Cupcakes by tj_teejay, matt & foggy, 5.3k
    Apparently aggression is Matt’s go-to reaction when he’s braved the icy waters of the Hudson for too long. Unfortunately it’s Foggy, armed with a blanket and only the best intentions, who finds himself on the unfortunate receiving end of Matt’s fist.
    This fic has so many of my favorite things, where Matt is an idiot who gets hypothermia, where Foggy loves him but is also still hurt and angry underneath that, and it's all wrapped up in sharp, beautiful writing. I sank into this one right away and could have read 100k of it without stopping, even though as it's satisfying as it is. Foggy's voice is especially well done, the way the fic keeps his humor, but there so much more there, how it's impossible to miss the anger or the love, the solid person there even when he's freaking out. And, of course, I had feelings about their conversation aftward, a perfect balance of hurt and comfort, just like I like.

Deal With It by Ceebee, matt & foggy, 2.2k
    Matt calls Foggy against his better judgement. It turns out to be the right decision.
    Oh, yes, more fic where Matt's senses are way too intense for him and he's fucking miserable and I really feel that in this fic, the way I can practically feel the headache and the nausea. But at least he has the sense to call Foggy, because he's so overwhelmed and hurting, and the fic achieves that balance of the hurt and the comfort being important. I will read a hundred ficcs of Matt whump and Foggy just being there makes it better, when it's written as well as this.

a kiss with a fist (constitutes assault in all fifty states) by Ahavaa, matt & foggy, 3.9k
    what the hell kind of Fight Club shit was coming out of Matt's mouth this time? Or: now that Matt's not keeping secrets from them, Foggy picks up on some worrying habits of Matt's.
    Oh, god, this was so good for me. It's a beautiful combination of hilarious dialogue, on point "wow, this is a fucked up situation to be in", excellent use of Matt's being kind of a mess but also a nerd, and the beautiful and perfect friendship here. Seriously, there are so many lines I would love to quote because they're clever and funny but also show, jfc, Matt is awesome but also he seems to think he deserves to be hit and he has no idea what to do when Foggy doesn't or Matt doesn't how to communicate like a human being. And yet! The good moments are genuinely good! Nerds who are best friends! Just have my heart already.

Beer and Blood by shyday, matt & foggy, 12.2k
    Foggy doesn't think he's ever been farther from amused.
    Two things about this fic: One, make sure to have something happy onhand to read afterwards because you'll need it to put your heart back together. And, two, I'm on Foggy's side in this and kind of felt that Matt was hypocritical (or something like that) because I think Foggy was right to stop him, however it could be done. So that part hurt my heart, because I felt for Foggy, but I think he was right and Matt put him in a really shit position, that Foggy should have been pissed at him. But I'm also probably biased, I admit. *g* That said, the fic certainly gave me feelings and this author writes gorgeous Matt whump that really knows how to hurt in exactly the ways it's supposed to. I ate this up like it was delicious candy, the writing was so lovely and absolutely did justice to the concept it was using.

Bless Thee, and Keep Thee by telm_393, matt & foggy + foggy's parents, teenage au, 12.1k wip
    Matt Murdock is a sixteen year old runaway, and no matter what brings him down, he always gets up and keeps going. Until he finds a person he might want to get to know, and a place where he might want to stay.
    I admit that I skimmed some of the solo stuff in the first chapter a bit because I was so eager to get to the Nelson family stuff (though, it's good Matt whump if you enjoy it!) and I cannot regret that decision when it's so goddamned good for me. Teenage Matt as a runaway ends up at Foggy's house, who hides him from his parents and they somehow become instant friends, because of course they do. The conversations they have, Matt drawn out despite himself and his issues, Foggy being such a goddamned good egg, all of it captures everything that's wonderful about their friendship. There are only two chapters so far (as of this rec, anyway), it ends on a cliffhanger, and I desperately want the next chapter, but what's here is totally worth reading already! I love how much like their adult selves they are, while still being teenagers, as well as, yessss, give me all of the scenes of Matt thinking he doesn't deserve kindness and Foggy casually blowing right past that.

celestials by Handful_of_Silence, foggy & matt, alternate universe, 4.8k
    Do you want to fly, Franklin? Foggy swallows. Nods. “Yes,” he says. Wherein Foggy has a few secrets of his own.
    I didn't expect to enjoy a fic about superhero Foggy as much as I did, but I really loved the way it showed how deeply good Foggy is and how he wants to help people. It was a cool, delightful piece all the way around, I really enjoyed the way Foggy's powers came to him, but I think what really got me was Matt's hypocritical reaction when he found out, fucking bless this fic for that. Plus, I guess I'm just a sucker for Matt and Foggy working together in this fic, it was really good for me.

In Which Everybody Regrets Their Life-Choices by Klara_Blum, foggy & matt, 1.6k
    A kink-meme prompt: For some reason, all the weirdos with magic just keep turning Matt into animals. Matt hates it. But Foggy hates it even more.
    I had no idea how much I needed a fic exactly like this until I was reading it and it was hilarious. The different animals, the way Foggy is both amused and frustrated by all of this, I was giggling through the entire thing. The uses of the animals and the way Matt had trouble with them still has me laughing, especially because if anyone can make an animal look guilty, it's Matt Murdock as one.

Out Of The Black by Giggles96, matt & foggy, 4.5k
    Wherein Matt has a crippling fear of thunderstorms and Foggy builds a fort. Set college-era. One-shot.
    The beginning of this one is a little rough, it's not quite relaxed enough,, but once the dialogue starts, oh, man, this was good for me. Matt has a thing about storms, they play hell with his senses and Foggy notices, not letting Matt's bullshit keep him isolated. It's so very satisfying as Matt tries to remain stubborn but Foggy shuffles him into the fort anyway and is perfectly fine as Matt ends up curled up in his arms, less miserable than usual. There's a great conversation afterwards as Foggy is so great with Matt, the way he cuts through all the bullshitis perfect and just. Yes, give me all the fic of Matt crying on Foggy, trying to be inhumanly strong about it, and Foggy making him a real person anyway.

Hugs Fix Everything by nhasablog, matt & foggy, ~1k
    Foggy notices that Matt is clearly in need of a hug.
    I am 100% on the side of Matt Murdock Needs More Hugs, especially ones where Foggy is all, yeah, you haven't been hugged nearly enough yet, we're not done, when Matt tries to let go. This was short but a lovely combination of feelings of silliness that I enjoyed greatly.

Broken by NohaIjiachi, matt & foggy, 3.8k
    Matt couldn’t say when it all started. Maybe when Foggy finally walked out the door, smelling of tears and deep sedated sadness, breath itching in his chest at every sob that never made it out his throat.
    This is one of those fics that just goes balls to the wall with the concept and revels in the emotional whump with Matt, where he doesn't think Foggy will ever forgive him, where something is cracked and brittle in him, but he carries on like he deserves it. And the resolution is all about both Foggy and Matt crying at each other, what an utter mess Matt is, and I am just really here for the feelings that gives me.

Five Times Matt and Foggy Fist Bump (Mostly) Before He Becomes Daredevil and One Time After by KleineElfe92, matt & foggy, ~1k
    Prompt: Because it's freaking adorable and the way Foggy's face lights up every time Matt offers one I can't.
    This was more pure joy to read, each scene was a lot of fun and sparkled, so I was left with anotehr huge smile on my face by the end, especially at the last one. Matt and Foggy's friendship gives me life and this really did justice to that.

Guesswork by prepare4trouble, matt & foggy, 3.3k
    "I was just thinking," Matt said. "You’d actually be worse at IDing a criminal than me." "Yeah, but a jury’d be more likely to believe me than you," Foggy told him. "Ridiculous, right?"
    I was skeptical of the concept of this fic, but decided to give it a try anyway and was utterly delighted with the characterization and how much everything sparkled here. What really won me over was Foggy and Matt's friendship, which was a joy to read about in every scene and was true to the tone of them in the show. It's a bit issuefic, but the kind that works and felt spot on with the characters and how hilarious they can be. Absolutely worth reading!

I'm Blind not Invisible by anonymous, matt & foggy & avengers, 1.5k
    It's days like this Matt almost wishes he didn't live in New York.
    Fics where the Avengers are surprised by Matt's blindness/how capable he is can be tricky to pull off, but this fic felt like it was more about joyfully celebrating how awesome Matt is and giving him a really cool moment that was just fun, for both him and Foggy. So this one really made me smile to read and was totally cute!

Gosh, I Love Heroes by TeddyLaCroix (ReadyPlayerZero), matt & foggy + foggy & avengers, 3.7k
    In which Foggy collects superheroes (and they collect him back).
    Oh, man, yes, more of Foggy with various Avengers in a fic that's delightful and charming and I just tore my way through it. It's Clint and Natasha and Bucky, each of them crossing paths with Foggy and friendships-of-sorts being made and it's the kind of writing that leaves me with a huge smile on my face afterwards. God bless and I could have read 100k of this!

An Act of Abandonment by Asidian, matt & foggy + jack murdock + stick, 2.3k
    Matt's face tilts toward the scene, unconsciously: the shapes are strange and indistinct, the liquid trickle of flame or the creeping grains of sand through an hourglass. The boy on the swing shrieks laughter, and tips his head back, and he leans into the up-swing like he's not afraid to fall.
    This is only the first part as of the time of this rec, but it's promising to be quality Matt hurt and it's already bittersweet as hell, with Matt and his dad and how much they both hurt and yet it's still good right then. Give me alllll the Matt hurt, okay.

American Made by goldstandard, matt & foggy + karen, 1.5k
    Five times Matt had to handwrite a note and one time he didn't.
    This was short but a total delight as Matt tries to leave handwritten notes sometimes and is just absolutely terrible at it. It's cute and shows Matt's failings without being terrible to him, instead it's just cute and fun.

In Sickness and In Health by whitchry9, matt & foggy + claire, 3.2k
    Foggy's getting a little tired of Matt not showing up to work. At least this time it's not related to his vigilante-ing. Probably.
    I will always love fic where Matt is an irresponsible asshole and gets himself sick and Foggy takes care of him. T his was actually pretty fun, for all that Matt's in very bad shape and Foggy isn't really all that sure what to do, it ends up being one of thsoe where you can see the affection and friendship that lasts between them even through hard times.

Folie à Deux by shyday, matt & foggy, disturbing/violent imagery, 4.2k
    At first glance, the end of the alley is all fire.
    I admit, I skimmed to the ending notes to know the details ahead of time, but I'm glad I did, as it let me enjoy the fic more than I would have otherwise. I always look forward to this author's fic and the emotional wringer the characters go through, all the little ways that this life is hard on them. But it also comes with a much-needed (and satisfying) hug that made this a really, really good piece for me.

we're so fancy by anonymousdaredevils, matt & foggy + bad blood crossover, ~1k
    Catastrophe and her crew invade Hell's Kitchen.
    This was short and drops you right into the middle of the crossover, but it's deeply fun and really works well and has some great lines in it. I love the Bad Blood characters casually giving Matt some advice because, christ, someone needs to.

Who the Heck is Franklin Nelson? by enthusiasmgirl, matt & foggy, 1k
    Matt knew Foggy for two years before he realized that Foggy was only a nickname. He should have known better, and feels like an idiot when he realizes the truth. But at least Foggy feels like one too.
    This was short but totally adorable as Matt never really thought about Foggy's name and it throws him off when he's surprised. The banter and friendship is just completely fun and joyful here, it totally put a smile on my face today.

No Foggy, No! by anonymous, matt & foggy, ~1k
    It starts within a week of Matt meeting Foggy.
    This was sheer joy and now my face hurts from smiling my way through the entire fic, as the scenarios chosen were perfect and I am 100% in favor of excited Foggy and Matt having to be the one to reign his ideas in. The thing the fic does beautifully is that they're both laughing, it's not Matt being a we blanket, but instead they're both joyful to read. That's what put me over the moon with this one.

TOTAL GOAL: 109/1,200

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