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RECS: 26 fic (Thor)

    ღ - Oh, man, I don't even remember where I left off with the Thor recs, this is probably going to be a disaster. OH WELL HERE GOES ANYWAY.

    Thor - 26 Fanfics

Familiarity by karuvapatta, thor/loki, NSFW, dub-con really bordering on non-con, 6.7k
    This quest was a chance for Thor to spend time with his brother and to mend the distance between them – but Fates laugh when gods make plans, do they not?
    Holy shit, this fic was fucking gorgeous! I have spent the last week and a half grumbling to myself about how little Thor there is in the Thor/Loki I've found lately, how so much is centered around Loki or just... doesn't understand Thor. Then comes this fic and it packs such a punch! From the opening dub-con (well, non-con, but it's obviously more complicated than it first appears!) scenes to how Thor faces that guilt directly, he doesn't run from it (oh, man, that was Thor) to his anger when he finds out the truth to how he deals with Loki every step of the way, how he loves him but doesn't let Loki off the hook when he doesn't deserve it. The directness of Thor's character, the weight of him, the emotions here (anger and nobility! but also that he's such a steamroller!) are just so fucking on-point. This made my night more than you know and that's even aside from the tasty porn!

No Further Proofs by karuvapatta, thor/loki, nsfw, human au, 1.7k
    The Universe might have hated Loki, but the occasional one-night stands almost made up for it - so long as they came without any pesky complications. Human AU.
    Oh, man, this one may have been short, but it was fantastic, where it had that special sparkle that I love to it, with cranky!Loki who is super attracted to Thor, this huge and powerful and angry guy who can bring down a heavy hand. Except then he's nice and smiles at Loki and cuddles him after fucking Loki into the mattress face first, which means Loki's life is so hard, you ugys. And I'm in love even if there's never more of this. ♥

What Once Was Mine by SapSorrow, thor/loki + other asgardians, NSFW, post-thor 2, 29k
    "In the aftermath of it all Thor’s feet return him to this place – treacherous feet, marching him like gaolers to what is left of Loki’s cell. As if he has not mourned enough, no less painfully for it being in silence, his heart must bring him here to break loudly in his chest. For no, he cannot mourn enough; nor, he suspects, should he ever stop."
    I'm going to have a bit of a tough time talking about this fic because it's complicated in that... I do have caveats about it, that you have to let go of some logic and Thor's character is off, especially in how he's more observant than this, instead of not really doing much. I mention this because it stands out more for thow the writing really is lovely, the author does some beautiful turns of phrase, creating an elegant atmosphere that works with faux-Shakespearean characters, without getting too carried away with it. It's also a bit of a post-TDW plot fic and I have been craving those so badly and this helped satisfy that as well!

I read this fic and enjoy so much of it, the experience of reading it (for lack of a better word) was lovely and I don't mean to give backhanded compliments over it! The Thor characterization was off, but I'm serious that it stuck out more for me because I took the rest of the story so seriously. Plus, it was an interesting take on Ragnarok and I enjoyed this Loki a lot! It's a great fic for curling up with when you want a medium length one to just sink into for a few hours!

Of Size by DictionaryWrites, thor/loki, NSFW, intersex!loki, size kink, ~1k
    Request: Thorki, size kink: I'm just in the mood for something dirty involving Thor fucking Loki, and them both getting turned on by how big Thor is.
    Jesus, this fic ruined me for the night. It might be short but it was not playing around with how hot it was as Thor and Loki were both turned on by the size of Thor's cock next to Loki's hole and how it was going to feel. Add in Thor being Thor, how he's such a steamroller and how capable he is around Loki, even as he loves his little brother, as he sees Loki's natural state and fucks in. That balance is what I'm looking for every time and this was so good for it.

Audience by DictionaryWrites, thor/loki, NSFW, intersex!loki, voyeurism, ~1k
    Loki fantasizes, not knowing he has an audience.
    Loki conjuring a Thor double to order Loki to spread his legs and then go down on his cunt? While Loki is demanding and double Thor laughs and licks him open and the real Thor watches? Add in some tasty porn and, yeah, I was ruined for the night at all the right balances of porn and characterization here.

untitled by izazov [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, secret relationship, human au, truth or dare, 5.1k
    This is a bad, terrible, dangerous idea, and Thor knew it from the start.
    I have a great weakness for human AUs and for truth or dare fics when done right and this is a fun one to read for Loki and the way the Thor pov tries to read him, the way Loki uses truth and dares to twist them around. He's a lot of fun to read about here and the forbidden relationship aspect is also nicely done! The prose is lovely and it was a good fic to pick up and read tonight, just the right pacing and length to put me in a good mood right before bed!

Prisoners by dorkylokifan, thor/loki + odin, NSFW, evil!odin, post-thor 2, pregnant!loki, fluff, 2.8k
    Post TDW AU: Loki is tossed back into his prison cell after helping Thor and Jane defeat Malekeith. Thor is denied his request to return to Midgard and Loki loses his sanity while in solitary confinement. Warnings for suicide attempt, do not read if this is a trigger for you. Thor does the only thing he can to save Loki, he joins him in his cell. Happy ending. I promise.
    This is one of those fics you're reading for the sheer fluff and id-need-scratching that it gives you. Loki goes mad in prison, Thor joins him, Odin is evil, they spend a year together, Loki confesses love, they fuck, Odin dies, Loki's pregnant, happy ending! \o/ This kind of fic isn't for everyone but I have fun with it and this was fluffy and a bit of porn for me that was a balm when I needed it.

Forbidden by queenslf [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, mildly nsfw, secret relationship, ~1k
    It is wrong. It does not take a bright mind to realise that.
    This was short and bite-sized, but a fun secret tryst sort of fic where they have to keep their relationship hidden and yet cannot stay away from each other. There's a brief flash of wall sex and it was a nice read in my collection tonight!

Suitable Toys by DictionaryWrites, thor/loki + loki/mjolnir, NSFW, intersex!loki, dom/sub, toys, rough sex, 2.2k
    Loki wishes to play with Thor for the evening. Mjölnir becomes involved.
    Oh, jesus, this was good for me, because Loki wanting and loving the heavy hand of Thor, the way he gets off on Thor hauling him around and pinning him into place and wrecking him is just perfect here. The fic is that blend of maybe a little fucked up, but not in a cruel way, even with the dirty talk, because it's clear that they both enjoy this. Thor setting Loki down on Mjolnir and then fucking him roughly was delicious, but my favorite was what a little shit Loki was because he craved Thor giving him no quarter, he craved the dom/sub aspect, the perfect meeting of need and want in him, as well as Thor who does not sit idly by, he gets in there. So good and so hot.

A Hand for Victory - Snippet by Runie (Runic), thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, arranged marriage, 1.4k
    Laufey announced a competition for his son’s hand in marriage, and Odin sees the perfect chance to steal away Jotunheim’s most powerful sorcerer. Thor, however, is not so happy about his new mission, until he realizes he has actually fallen in love with Prince Loki. Now he just has to defeat the hundred other competitors who also want Loki for themselves.
    This may have been short, but it was both delightful and delicious. Loki being a manipulative little shit, making sure his life will be what he wants, rather than what someone else chooses for him, so he makes sure Thor will be his husband... I would read 100k of that just about every day. And I enjoy when there could be more of this or it could just be self-contained, either way it was a tasty read tonight, mmm.

As if he were the Sun by ohfreckle, thor/loki, NSFW, human au, russian nobility au, historical au, 9.9k wip [update rec]
    Thor is a Russian nobleman and Loki is his spoiled rotten consort who’s drenched in jewels and furs and is constantly whispering conspiracies and scandal into Thor’s ear.
    Yesss, I was waiting for the next chapter of this fic and it was so good for me. I love the set up so much, where Thor is a wealthy Russian noble and Loki is taken in and despite that this isn't a good political match, Thor doesn't care and Loki is sharp and good at ways to help him. There's tension in the fic, they should be careful, but it's about polite society and this situation isn't overdone and that makes it really well balanced and also genuinely pleasurable to read! It keeps a sharp edge but without me ever rolling my eyes at things feeling forced, instead it's far more engaging for being the right mix of "walk carefully" and "things are going well here"!

The fic has a ton of little details of the time period worked in in natural ways, and I lvoe that Thor is so openly affectionate with Loki who has trouble sometimes, who needs to be reassured, as well as Thor is absolutely ready to fuck Loki just about in public and, oh, intercrural sex can be difficult to write well, but the edge of desperation here, the way Loki wants that cock in him now, but they can't here, yes, that was scorchingly hot, mmm.

Chained Freedom by Runie (Runic), thor/loki, war prize!loki, jotunn!loki, 1.3k
    Sometimes love does not have the power to conquer all.
    This was such an interesting fic, as Thor and Loki meet in Jotunheim and begin to fall in love, but their homes are fated to be at war with each other and there's no easy, happy way out of this situation. I love that both of them are so perfectly in character here, from Loki's brattiness and anger to the mix of good cheer and resolution and hard anger of Thor's. For all that this isn't really a happy fic, the sharpness was so good for me.

untitled by thisdorkyblogthing [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, pregnant!loki, fluff, 1.6k
    TL;DR- Thor: loki, i can see pregnant people. and ur one of them. Loki: lol Thor: no, seriously, we’re gonna have to have a really weird talk with mom and dad soonish. Loki: … what.
    Oh, this was another delightful fic to read, as Thor can see a literal glow around pregnant people and suddenly sees it around Loki. Which makes for a bit of an awkward conversation, let's just say. The fic is light-hearted and fun and easy, just the kind of thing I wanted to read tonight! Bless this author, for real.

Stolen Relics (aka Don't Leave Unattended Children in the Yard) by 5ofSpades, some thor/loki + loki/others + brief thor/sif + other asgardians + other marvel characters + loki's kids, pregnant!loki, sort of jotunn!loki, 13.9k wip
    The one where: How King Býleistr saved an Æsir babe from terrible heat exposure, and Þrúðr, daughter of Thor, grew up the strangest Prince of Jötunheimr. And how once upon a time Loki saved the world, saved his name and reputation, gave up custody of his living children to his frost giant brother, and was given a state funeral by Odin King without Loki himself attending.
    I admit, I sometimes had trouble following this fic, it's not always clear what's going on where or when, but I greatly enjoy the author's style and the world being built here and bringing in a mythology sort of feel and so many of Loki's kids that get up to epic antics themselves. I think that's my favorite part of this fic, that they're not just props, but instead part of the plot and the symmatry of Asgard and Jotunheim's clusterfuck going round and round with each other, that it's fun reading about Thrudr and Vali getting into shit together, and about how everything with Thanos shook out in this world!

Interlude I by appleseason, thor/loki, nsfw, human au, ~1k
    A small snapshot into a day in the life before I delve into the nitty gritty. Can be stand-alone or read along with Easy, Not Sleazy.
    This was short but pure fun and had some lovely porny imagery, especially Loki riding Thor's cock like a demon possessed and the shower fucking where Thor holds him up because Loki's legs gave out. This was a very nice way to wake up this morning!

something that feels like home by jellyfish, thor/loki, pregnant!loki, nesting!loki, fluff, 1.2k
    Loki is in the final stages of his pregnancy and his body is telling him to get ready for the birth. Naturally, Loki builds a nest.
    Oh, man, this was pure fluff and so good for me, where Loki is pregnant as fuck and nesting, I am just so ready for that. Sorry not sorry. :D So he builds himself a literal nest with all his furs and some of Thor's clothes and curls up in the middle of it! I am here for this shit, I ate up this like tasty candy omg.

Apothecary by Mythtaken Identity (Shadowland), loki + thor + verity + america, loki: agent of asgard, 616, 4.8k
    He isn’t the Loki who went before although his head carries all of his knowledge packed in nondescript boxes to which he can’t relate. He isn’t the first owner of this body that feels stretched and pulled out of shape. He’s something new, and fluid, and strange, seeking to fill them both and take their form, but this container is cracked and misused: fluid leaks and solids don’t fit and everything aches into the core of him.
    Gods don't get sick like mortals do and the way that's played with in the story, the mysterious ways of gods and why Loki doesn't feel well, are beautifully done. It's not about a mystery to solve, it's about the feeling of it and his interaction with others, which are also beautifully done. The scenes with Verity were lovely and just what the fic needed, but I definitely have to admit to being partial to the Thor & Loki scenes that tugged on my heartstrings most of all. The bittersweetness of just... everything they are, at this complicated point in time, is perfectly done here.

Labyrinth by Mikkeneko, avengers + minor bruce/tony, silent hill crossover, horror, gore, action, casefic, 68.2k
    A strange metaphysical disturbance has taken over an isolated rural town, and it's up to the Avengers to find out what's happening and stop it before it engulfs the rest of the country. And get out alive -- if they can.
    Well. Once I picked up this fic, I had trouble putting it down because I was so engrossed in it and really wanted to know what happened next! The world really felt like a combination of the Avengers and Silent Hill, where it seems almost over the top when you pick the fic up, like all video games do as well, until you've been in the story for awhile and you acclimate and shit starts going wrong degree by degree, until it's legitimately disturbing and unsettling! The length was perfect, long enough to satisfy, long enough to tell the story, but not dragged out.

It's a case fic, in a way, but also horror fic, both blended together so well! But it's also a team fic that highlights the characters and their fears and their choices and who they are. Steve and Natasha are probably the two that get the most emphasis and they're both such interesting characters to focus on in hellish circumstances like this! The choices they're both forced into (or can't be forced into), the way they both look at things, sometimes similarly, sometimes differently, they make two fascinating characters to parallel and contrast, in my mind.

And, hell, by the time I was at the final chapter of the fic, there was no way you were tearing me away from it, I was there to the end, and this fic has excellent pacing for that. It was a great read, one I'm so glad to have in the fandom and it felt true to the spirit of both worlds it was pulling together, the kind of fic that left me feeling a little disturbed in exactly the way the fic intended.

The Uninvited by Mythtaken Identity (Shadowland), thor & loki, 616!universe, road trip, supernatural, 22.2k
    Thor and Loki make it a little further this time, arriving as far as Gallup, New Mexico. Although it isn't advertised, Loki is pleased to discover – in his Internet searches – that Gallup is in the perfect geographic location for tales of the weird and strange. He's less thrilled when the weird and strange start showing up on the door step.
    Sometimes I want to sit on this author's fic and hoard it because it is always gorgeously written, both in characterization and in structure, the story within a story aspect one that they utterly nail every single time. I want to hoard them because, no matter my level of involvement or investment in the fandom, whether I'm super in or super out, these stories always leave me riveted and this is no exception. The balance between creepy monster story, road trip fic, bb!Loki fic, and brotherly bonding is exquisite, each and every aspect is worth the read alone!

But, oh, the way this Thor and Loki are gods, the sense of history they have, yet they're on a road trip and staying in cheap motels, and it's all so interesting, I could read 100k of that just as easily as I would read 100k of Thor fighting demons or Loki thinking his way out of a jam. The playing in the hotel pool, the food they eat, the tv they watch, the way Thor is so huge and so powerful and terrifying and yet safe and Loki is so loved, that is another thing the author nails. This is one of those fics that is satisfying to me on every level, the things my id wants and the things that are more intellectually good, this fic is gorgeous for all of it. I'm serious that all I ever want out of fandom is more of this author's work, they are a goddamned gift to me.

Life of the Party by TheOtherOdinson, thor & loki + other asgardians, 2k
    When the God of Mischief is bored, he has to find some way to amuse himself. If only his brother would stop being such a killjoy.
    This fic was fantastic, so gorgeously written and so pitch-perfect in characterization, as Loki entertains himself at a dull political party and Thor tries to get him back in line. I'm biased because it was based on a headcanon of mine, but the magic of this piece and the spot-on details are all completely the author's own and so legitimately great. This fic utterly sparkled and nailed the sharp sides of all the characters in it and is absolutely, 100% true to everything of all of them. It's SO GOOD, READ IT, OKAY. ♥

And All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt by eLJay, thor + darcy + other marvel characters, humor, friendship, 1.4k
    Jane isn't the only one looking forward to Thor's return. Darcy's even got a present for him.
    Oh, this was so much better than I was wary of it being! It sounds like it could be trying too hard, but instead the author has the skill to pull it off and make it honestly sharp and charming as hell! Darcy is used really well here and I love how this fic treats Thor, that he's someone to be respected, both for what he does as a hero and because he's their friend. As told through Darcy's delightful acquisition of novelty t-shirts!

Crash by Lise, steve & loki, loki whump, 6.6k
    Steve is Loki's escort on a mission to investigate some kind of magical disturbance somewhere in Alaska. Things go wrong before they even get there. For once, it's not even Loki's fault. It's ostensibly a story about a plane crash. It's also kind of a story about other things.
    I am forever into fic like this, where it's some delicious whump fic and throwing two characters into the wilderness to survive and get at so many of the those tangly issues of their characters. As always, Loki is a goddamned mess and Steve is a good foil for that with how straightforward he is and Loki can't deny that. I read this in one sitting because it sailed along so smoothly and it was a great read that gave me such a delicious embracing of its trope and understanding how to make it actually good.

All Great Quests Start Small by TheOtherOdinson, thor & loki, kid!thor + baby!loki, pre-movies, fluff, 2.7k
    Thor and Loki plan to venture out together on the greatest of quests. But first they need to escape their nursery.
    This author is becoming one of my instant faves in fandom for how utterly charming and spot0on their fics are. This story balances the cuteness of two sweet little rascal princes with still being sharp and clever, where Thor's protectiveness and adventure seeking are perfect, where Loki's attachment and charm are perfect. The images (so many details that made me flail!) are wonderful and this was just such a sharp joy to read and the ending was so good. It was perfectly easy for me to imagine this as actually happening in the movies (if on the softer side, but it's so good) and it's just a gorgeous fic all the way around.

Art Class by Rynfinity, thor & loki + other marvel characters, post-thor 2, 2.3k
    "It sounds like you need to find yourself a new hobby," Darcy tells Thor gently. That, of course, is true.
    The concept of this fic is one that could so easily have been trying too hard, but the author uses a light touch, so it's almost a hazey sort of atmosphere, which works for a mourning fic. The loveliest thing about this is the way others react to Thor's grief, how they obviously care and yet are separate from it. It's also a lovely post-TDW fic and I've been craving those again, so this hit the spot for me.

Please Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Bifrost by TheOtherOdinson, thor & loki + odin & loki + frigga, 5.5k
    Odin wakes up in a cold sweat and realizes the events of Thor, the Avengers, and the Dark World were all just a horrible nightmare. Worried it was a prophetic dream, he takes action to make sure the events he saw never come to pass. Loki doesn't know why his father suddenly wants to spend so much time with him. Thor is certainly no help.
    I cannot express how much I sat up in interest at this fic or how much I enjoyed it and am clammoring for the next chapter. It's such a great idea, to give these characters a chance at fixing things and already there's been a great moment of the good stuff--Odin realizing that Loki's still home and going to check on him and maybe doting on him just a little. Oh, man, yesss, so good for me. As a bonus, w hile he's not the focus of the fic, Thor's role is preserved in the background instead of being sacrificed to Loki! That balance, that Thor is still wonderful in his own right, while a narrative hand is held out to Loki, that is so good for me.

A Twist in the Threads by TheOtherOdinson, sif + volstagg + tanaleer tivan + loki, post-thor 2, 1.7k
    When Sif and Volstagg visit the Collector to bring him the Aether, they find something they did not expect.
    The build up and suspence of this fic is masterful, the way just one tiny little thing can unravel so much is beautifully done. The sense of pure anticipation I had while reading this, the delightful reveal moment, all of it was so satisfying!

TOTAL GOAL: 135/1,200

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