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RECS: 35 fic (Daredevil)

    ღ - Dammit. The weekend comes around and I'm all, "eh, I'll wait until Monday" and then I forget and suddenly half the week is gone. But I think I'm still making progress on catching up on everything, so I'm not too worried. ♥

    Daredevil - 35 Fanfics


Algolagnia by Xela, foggy/matt, NSFW, bdsm, 15.1k
    Leave it to Foggy Nelson to have to teach Matt Murdock that all pain is not created equal, and whatever he needs is his for the asking. OR: Matt is the worst baby sub, and for some reason everyone expects Foggy to lead him down the primrose BDSM path.
    Chapter 1: I tried really hard to wait at least until chapter two was out to write a rec for this fic (I wrote down my recs as each chapter was published), but I can't help myself, it hit so many buttons for me! Matt is the worst baby sub ever, always pushing too far beyond boundaries and getting himself hurt, so ex-girlfriend Elektra ropes Foggy into doing something about it. It's a really good balance of Foggy pov/voice and him learning about BDSM culture, and it's genuinely interesting, but also you can just feel how much he loves Matt, even if he is an idiot. Add in an Elektra cameo that I really liked and I'm super eager for the next part!
    Chapter 2: I suspect I'm going to end up writing a rec for each chapter of this fic, but I can't really be sorry about it it because this is hitting my emotional buttons something fierce. The author mentions how difficult it is to write a platonic BDSM scene, but it's done so beautifully here, where there's such care and structure in all the right ways! There's so much detail here, but it's never boring to me, it's not like reading a pamphlet, but instead like two people exploring what it is that Matt needs from this world and how much Foggy is doing this for him. There's shippy feelings in here as well, but it's also not just about that, it's this gorgeous blend of concept, character, and relationship, all three are wound together and inescapable. I read this as soon as it was posted and ate it up like candy.
    Chapter 3: Once again I dropped this fic on my reader as soon as I saw it was posted and curled up with it right away. it's something of a transition chapter, going more towards romantic rather than strictly friends, but is still lovely for its own sake as the fic gives Matt structure and the relief he needs through BDSM, it shows just how much Foggy loves him and is such a good person, without making him a saint. So good and I'm so antsy for resolution here, ahhh.
    Chapter 4: I know I wrote a rec for each chapter, but this fic really got me and this was when they finally got together! I don't always associate them with BDSM but this fic did a really great job of exploring them through it and making it super interesting to read. A very satisfying read all the way around, just so easy to get sucked into because it has a smooth and utterly readable style. This was a real treat for me.

Connecting by allofuswithwings, foggy/matt, 1.7k
    Foggy finds out Matt can ‘see’ what others look like through touch, and seems a little miffed that it’s never been offered to him. Matt acquiesces, but the results are not quite as expected. Set in their early college days.
    This was a really lovely look at Matt "seeing" Foggy's face with his hands, the balance between something more there but not tipping fully over into it yet was very nicely done. It's also got great undercurrents and dialogue and the dynamic between them is right on. A great read.

tossed my salad like his name romaine by anonymous, foggy/matt, NSFW, rimming, 1k
    Matt made a sound like he'd been drowning, stretched up further against Foggy like a cat, his grip on the sheets tightening.
    Oh, shit, this was so good for me. I mean, the dialogue and Foggy voice were great, just the right amount of humor and good-nature to make the fic sparkle, but Matt. Desperate and oversensitive and whining as Foggy slowly rims him, yeah, that, uh, does things for me. This was a delight and ridiculously hot, so very worth reading.

Pour yourself on me by R_Gunns, foggy/matt, NSFW, praise kink, 1.1k (for this chapter)
    The first time it happens Foggy doesn't take too much notice.
    I was just recently musing that I really wanted some praise kink fic with Matt because of all his issues and need for other people in his life. And then comes this fic and, oh, yes, that's what I was looking for. It's Foggy fucking him slowly, telling Matt how good he is, that he's good, that he's beautiful, and it's really satisfying sex mixed with praise and feelings. Because Daredevil is apparently a fandom where I kink on Matt feelings crying during sex when it's done as well as what this fic gives me.

I want you on all fours, show me how you crawl by R_Gunns, foggy/matt, NSFW, some rimming, 2.4k
    "Dude, where have you been hiding that ass?" Foggy says, and Matt blinks, flushes, almost drops his towel.
    One of the best things about Daredevil is that Matt has an amazing ass, so fic that's all about how great it is, done in a sparkling Foggy voice, I am all here for that. I was in love with the dynamic between them, the slightly bewildered and then really turned on Matt pov, how cheerfully genuine Foggy is in his appreciation for Matt's ass, how scorching all the sex is. I can't pick a favorite aspect of the fic or even a favorite sex scene (I was very into Foggy fingering him open while Matt was whining and desperate and beautiful, but also Matt being overwhelmed while Foggy rims him, BUT ALSO spanking that they are both super into--!), all of it was like a straight shot to my id. Matt has an absolutely fantastic ass and this fic does justice to it, fucking bless.

the nature of causality by sir_not_appearing_in_this_archive, foggy/matt, 5.6k
    Karen catches Matt and Foggy sneaking around and keeping secrets from her. So, naturally, she investigates.
    These two fics read best together, I think, the first where Karen suspects something with Matt and Foggy, the second where they get resolved. I really enjoyed the Karen pov because there's a solid sense of her character here, how she relates to them, how her own issues shape her views and fears. The second is more of a Matt piece, his friendship with Foggy turned on its head after the reveal of feelings, how much Matt counted on him, and his own feelings towards Foggy in return. It's a solid, lovely set of fics that are everything of why I got into the fandom.

Soft Things by Xela, foggy/matt, 1.9k
    It’s not the things that make Matt soft. It’s just one thing. One person, against whom Matt has no defenses.
    As much as the canon scene was perfect, of course I'm going to go for the "yes, but what if Foggy told Matt he loved him and they kissed instead?" fic. The fic made me hurt for Matt, made me love Foggy for being Foggy, made me love Matt being kind of an idiot, and then kissing! My soul needed this.

A really long phonecall by theoracleatlasvegas, foggy/matt, NSFW, phone sex, 1.2k
    Fill for a kink meme prompt requesting phone sex. Foggy calls up Matt while he's at the office with Karen.
    Filthy phone sex about all the terrible things Foggy would do to Matt and, look, shark week needs porn and this really hit my id something fierce, bless the author.

Somewhere between fear and sex passion is by anonymous, foggy/matt, nsfw, 2.7k
    Foggy's seen the videos - the ones Karen gushes over with Matt "flipping all over" - and he's not impressed, really, he's not, and he's only watched them a few times, anyway.
    Two things about this were really great! One, no matter how badass he can be, Matt Murdock is still a complete dweeb, god bless. And, two, Foggy's choice is pretty great, especially as he wars with hatting what Matt does as Daredevil but also finding it really hot. Add in that they can always laugh at each other and this was delightful.

Not A Catholic Thing by Little_White_Lie, foggy/matt, NSFW, 7.1k
    That one where Matt’s senses make sex hard.
    This is one of those fics to read if you really like sub!Matt, because that's the focus here, how his brain goes into sub mode when he needs this and Foggy provides it for him. I love that Matt is still a cranky nerd around Foggy much of the time here, I love the way their friendship usually is, but I also really enjoyed Matt being able to let go, to put himself in someone else's hands so he could be free to plead for what he wanted. Add in dealing with his over-stimulation and really satisfying sex and this was a really good read for me. I suggest going in for the kink, but it's really good kink, mmm.

Audio Tracks by GoggledMonkey, foggy/matt, NSFW, 2.9k
    Foggy and Matt watch porn and Foggy narrates (badly). Written for the Daredevil Kinkmeme
    The amazing thing about a character like Foggy is that this set-up would likely have given me second-hand embarrassment with anyone else, as he does audio commentary on a porn dvd, but somehow it's delightful here! Even the awkwardness is delightful! There's just such a charm and sparkle to both of them here, it was such a sharp read that I loved all of it.

And now you're satisfied by sp8sexual, foggy/matt, NSFW, some praise kink, 2.9k
    They fuck. Enjoy, you godless heathens.
    God, I needed this and it was really satisfying porn with all of my favorite things, especially a desperate, writhing, over-sensitive Matt who really, really is wrecked by all of this. There's an intensity to the fucking on both sides, it's so easy to feel how much they love each other, how much they want each other, how well they fit together, and that was pretty delicious, too. But, oh, man. Foggy opening up Matt with his fingers, overwhelming him and making him come before Foggy can work into him, then again after a bit when Matt gets on his hands and knees so they can fuck? The desperate edge to Matt and all his issues lurking in the background, but so completely loved and wanted in the moment? The scorching porn? Yeah, this fic was a blessing for me.

Academic Integrity by anonymous, foggy/matt, nsfw, 2.4k
    "You are not getting my vibe at all, Matt. They don’t call me Foggy ‘Lots of Small But Cumulative Seductions’ Nelson for nothing." Matt smiles and lets Foggy nudge his knees open to come closer, hands drifting down his sides.
    This fic was pure joy to read, because the Foggy voice is excellent, I loved Matt dearly, their dynamic was spot-on, and Foggy totally blew Matt while spread out all over Foggy's academic paper. This fic does a fantastic job of capturing the fun these characters have, the way they make each other (and me) laugh and work together and, seriously, Foggy cheerfully pulling Matt's clothes off and blowing him and clearly adoring the hell out of him is so fucking charming that I can't stand it.

The Ballad of Matt and Foggy by enid_salt, foggy/matt + marci, 3.3k
    A literal meet-cute: Franklin is bored kid until a new neighbor moves in next door, named Matthew Murdock.
    Nooooo, this was too damn cute! Kidlet!Foggy was all kinds of joy to read, like a miniature version of his adult self, that combination of charm and humor, especially as he meets new kid on the block Matt and it's like the younger version of their college meeting. It was a charming as hell read, just pure delight to have picked up, balanced between the cuteness of kid versions of them with still being genuinely sharp and interesting, and I fucking loved it.

Arrhythmia by samyazaz, foggy/matt, soulmates au, 5.5k
    Matt's heart skips a beat when he meets Foggy Nelson.
    I will read every Soulmates AU in this fandom that I can get my hands on, especially if they come with Matt being a dumb asshole, Foggy getting pretty pissed about that (eventually), but also loving Matt and telling him so, dragging all the better things out of him. It's a solid fic all the way through, but it's really the resolution (after Foggy's been kidnapped and Matt rescued him and then feelings were had) that's so damn satisfying.

Fearless by Evening_Bat, foggy/matt, ~1k
    Everyone is scared of something.
    The thing about Matt is what this fic gets at--he's capable in everyday life or when in a fight with someone trying to kill him. But when personal feelings are involved? He's nowhere near as put together, he's guilty and fearful and an amazing mess. So this hit me really well!

I can see clearly now the rain has come by bawolfling, foggy/matt, 1.2k
    "We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?"
    A short piece about Matt and Foggy in the rain, how it affects Matt's senses, and just something comfortable and put right between the two of them, some gentle banter and just... nice. I enjoyed this.

(Smile) Like You Mean It by anonymousdaredevils, foggy/matt, 2.3k
    So Foggy tells Matt he loves him a lot, because they are that kind of friends, and Matt is used to Foggy's heart being totally steady and honest when he says it. Which is why, sometime after the Daredevil reveal, it breaks his heart when Foggy suddenly starts sounding like he's lying when he says it.
    This fic made me happy in my soul because it's so many things I love: Matt being terrible at feelings, thinking Foggy doesn't love him anymore, slowly breaking apart because of it, and eventual confessions. It's one of those fics where I came out of it just completely in love with the asshole that is Matt Murdock because he's so well-written here. The relationship with Foggy also sparkles, because he's spot-on as well and the ending was a joy in my soul.

It Broke the Ice by sp8sexual, foggy/matt + marci, 5.4k
    In which Foggy and Matt meet in a bar, Foggy's brain-to-mouth filter is nonexistent, and Matt is not only hot like burning, but adorable, too.
    Chapter 1: Oh, man, this was charming and sparkling as hell, in another universe where Foggy and Marci are friends and she pushes him to go talk to the cute guy at the end of the bar and Foggy is Foggy about it. The fic works far better than I might have expected from the concept! They're both awkward around each other and fucking adorable as fuck and the cutest thing ever, which put such a fucking smile on my face. So, so worth reading!
    Chapter 2: I read the second chapter of this fic with the most ridiculous smile on my face, the kind that hurts afterwards, because there was so much pure, concentrated adorable in this chapter. Matt and Foggy go on a date, they're both complete nerds and awkward and adorable around each other and it was so much pure fun to read that it almost hurt.

untitled by theladyragnell, foggy/matt, 1.6k
    Prompt: Nelson and Murdock, falling asleep on each other?
    This may go up on AO3 later, but I couldn't wait that long to read it because it's several scenes of Matt and Foggy falling asleep on each other and I pretty much wanted to vomit rainbows after reading this. Each scene is wonderful, they're sharp and well-written, showing the depth of care here, but also just being entirely warm-hearted and the kind of fic that had me flailing from OTP feelings.

Avocado-Awesome by ALittleWhosthis, matt & foggy, humor, ~1k
    Foggy finds his new favourite reading material. Matt may never live it down.
    A short and cute fic about Foggy finding some great fanfic on the internet and is utterly delighted in teasing Matt about it. It made me smile pretty ridiculous and was just fun.

Reciprocity by Sholio, matt & foggy, 2k
    Friendship is supposed to be a two-way street. And sometimes (Foggy realizes) it's easy to see the trees and not the whole forest.
    Foggy and Matt's friendship gives me so many feelings and this fic is no exception, especially as Foggy adjusts to the new side of Matt he's seen, how they fit together, how he's needed in their friendship. And when Matt's injured, all of that tumbles around Foggy's head, making this a really good exploration of character and relationship.

Hug Drug by DJClawson, matt & foggy & karen, 9k
    Matt and Foggy decide to tell Karen about Daredevil, but in the worst way possible.
    You sort of have to go into this fic being willing to roll with it, because Matt and Foggy spend most of it stoned out of their minds on E. What got me about this fic is how good the comedic timing of it is, how the set-up is used (in a controlled and monitored situation, done because Matt really needs to relax), and how the friendship between them has all this history and chemistry, even as they're just rolling around being high together. I can believe this destresses them, I can believe they would, and it was just a charming as hell fic that had me laughing out loud at several points. I loved it and totally recommend it!

Everyone Deserves Good Things by casophon, matt & foggy (possible foggy/matt pre-slash), 4.2k
    Foggy is protective of his new roommate and tries to make life easier for Matt... preferably without making an ass of himself in the process. He mostly succeeds.
    Oh, I read this entire fic just pretty much entirely in love with Foggy Nelson as he does his best to figure out how to help Matt without being too overbearing about it because he gets that Matt would hate that. The fic strikes all the right notes, that Foggy struggles with this, there are a lot of mistakes made, but they slowly get the hang of each other and it's good. This fic also beautifully balances being genfic with hints of something maybe more, along with really spot-on characterization. It's everything I wanted from college-era fic and it sparkles like hell and it's so good and I'd have read at least 100k of this.

Pokes, Prods, and Superheroes by pathera, matt & foggy + foggy & marvel characters, 1.1k
    Foggy Nelson's first reaction to an unconscious superhero is to poke them.
    God, I was nearly in tears by the end of this fic, because it was so beautifully done, how Foggy keeps coming across unconscious or battered superheroes and calls Matt to come pick them up. The surreality of it, Matt's bafflement as it keeps happening, the utter perfect hilarity of each different super hero and how they wake up. All of it was pure gold that I cackled my way through.

No, Siri by pathera, matt & foggy, ~1k
    Siri is decidedly unhelpful, Matt is not amused, and Foggy finds it absolutely hilarious.
    This was super short, but it was a collection of moments of Siri not working at all for Matt while Foggy finds it funny because that's what Matt gets for abusing his phone. I laughed the whole way through this one!

It Is Not Flesh and Blood by BlueFennec, matt & foggy, ~1k
    Matt has serious abandonment issues, and Foggy runs right into them
    I was/am entirely on Foggy's side over his hurt at all the lies Matt told him, but I'm also 100% here for Foggy running straight into Matt's abandonment issues and how truly terrible Matt is at feelings. I lvoe that Foggy's not sorry about his anger at Matt, because he shouldn't be, but he is sorry about how it happened. Add in Matt being a mess and emotional resolution and this is exactly what I wanted.

Nelson and Murdock by pseudonymitous, matt & foggy, 1.5k
    Foggy and Matt one-shots, as they go from law students to the best avocados in New York.
    A collection of Foggy and Matt in college scenes, as they get to know each other and hit it off. There's a chemistry between them and a rhythm that feels very true to the show and so it's slice of life stuff that was a joy to read.

Nelson vs Murdock: Foggy stays by anonymous, matt & foggy, ~1k
    Foggy gets to the door, the actual door and has his hand on it ready to go.
    I 100% understand why Foggy left that night and do not blame him for, but I also can't like, I'll still read every version of "Foggy stays" fic that I can find. Especially when he doesn't just cave completely, he's still hurt and angry, but he loves Matt, and the balance struck here was really well done.

Click Click Click (Goes The Sound of Matt's Life Falling Apart) by anonymous, matt & foggy & karen, ~1k
    Karen has just returned from her lunch break and Matt is contemplating taking his, when Foggy suddenly barks a laugh and says, "Dude, Matt! The internet thinks you're fucking Daredevil!"
    I was hoping for something cute and mildly amusing when I clicked on this, but what I got left me fucking weeping from start to finish. Characters finding fic of themselves is a staple of fandom, but this had the comedic timing to pull it off in a genuinely hilarious way, both for Foggy's utter amusing/Karen's fainter amusement and Matt's complete unamusement. Christ, I'm laughing again already, what a perfect fic with every single moment of it being fucking grand. Seriously this was so great and Foggy is my most favorite ever and my kindred spirit. Also, I would read those fics.

What Matt Lacks by DJClawson, matt & foggy & karen, 3.3k
    Matt makes no apologies for what he lacks, but it doesn't make it disappear.
    This fic was utterly fantastic, it absolutely nailed the characters' voices and had me laughing at all the right moments and putting a hand over my heart at all the other right moments. It's slice of life stuff, but it's so incredibly sharp, nearly every line is a treasure for the humor or insight into one of the characters. And, god, Matt and Foggy's friendship is pure, pure sunshine and gold and joy. This was a brilliant fic.

The Amazing Karen Page (and her educated attorneys) by moontyrant, matt & foggy & karen, 3.5k
    A surprising amount of work goes into taking care of Nelson and Murdock, but the amazing Karen Page is up to the task.
    This was a stunning look at Karen's character, sharp and funny and painful and good, all in the right places. The way she treats Foggy and Matt both is perfection, the sense of family and loved ones so strong, but also this fic hits that undercurrent that took me awhile to put my finger on in the show itself, that Matt and Karen are parallels in a lot of ways. It's not obvious, but I think that's why I value their friendship so much (as opposed to the way Foggy fits against their jagged edges) because they both have the devil in them. The fic has such a light, deft touch and it's gorgeous.

Devil Horns by shyday, matt + foggy + father lantom, physical/emotional whump, 14.9k
    'Oh, Matthew,' a weary voice says above him. 'What have you done to yourself now?'
    Ahh, yesss, Matt whump fic! I'm not usually one for a lot of whump fic, but Matt seems kind of made for it and the author writes it beautifully, as well as the second half of the fic is all about Foggy and Matt's friendship. It's all the things it needed to be, you see Matt's determination and motivations and there's a steady undercurrent of how none of this is easy, for either of them, that it's not okay at all, but it's also not the same as when Foggy first found out, either. It's one of those heavy lifting fics that shows the transition, as well as being a really good showcase for Foggy and Matt's friendship. So very satisfying.

Favorite Mistake by Sholio, foggy & marci, 1.5k
    Foggy gets a late-night visitor, and not the one he's expecting.
    I really do enjoy Foggy and Marci's dynamic, how they can be antagonistic towards each other, but absolutely are friends when it counts and this is a lovely exploration of one hard night that shows it.

It Can't Read Emoji's by DustySoul, matt & natasha + matt & foggy, ~1k
    He get’s a text form Natasha, who has put herself in his contacts under “Comrade”.
    I had no idea how much I needed MCU!Matt and MCU!Natasha to interact until this short fic, where Natasha deliberately sends Matt confusing and weird texts because she thinks it's funny. It's only a small collection of scenes, but it was enough to make me pine for them.

TOTAL GOAL: 205/1,200

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