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RECS: 20 fic (Star Wars)

    ღ - I, uh. Thought it had only been about six months or so? Turns out a bit longer than that. But, well, I always get a kick in the pants to start crossposting recs when I dive face first into a new fandom and I'm here in Star Wars hell, so, let's go then.
    ღ - I've posted these recs to tumblr already, but it's nice to have an archive on DW/LJ, it's much cleaner and more organized here.
    ღ - So, I saw TFA and I liked it a lot, I was really impressed! I walked out of the theater totally wanting fic! And then... something... happened... idk how to explain it. There's such suffering and terrible endings for so many characters I just want all of it fixed and to really fix everything you pretty much have to go back to the beginning and fix everything about Anakin Skywalker's life.

And so I started reading fic for that. And from there it was like "No, I don't ship anything, I just want gen fix-it." --> "Whoa, this is a really hot suitless Vader fic with really excellent Padme characterization!" --> "So, look, I don't ship it, but I love time travel fic, so I'll read this Obi-Wan/Anakin + Anakin/Padme fic --> Obi-Wan/Anakin/Padme fic." --> "Okay, so maybe I do ship Obi-Wan/Anakin a little, at least as an OT3." --> "NO, I AM IN OBI-WAN/ANAKIN HELL, I'M NEVER GETTING OUT, LEAVE ME HERE WITH MY FEELINGS, THIS SHIP IS RUINING MY LIFE."

And there we go. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Star Wars - 20 Fanfics

Wake the Storm by bedlamsbard, obi-wan & anakin & cast, 75.4k
    Considering that he had picked up what was probably a Sith artifact, promptly passed out in the middle of a war zone, and apparently woken up twenty years in the future with Obi-Wan having taken up residence in his head, Anakin thought he was entitled to have a few questions.
    So, I pretty much sunk into this fic and didn't come out again until I'd read the whole thing, I just absolutely couldn't put it down! My only caveat is that, while the build-ups and suspense are stellar, you just kind of have to roll with that the fic is not as strong at reveals. The way the fic is structured, there's a lot of "omg when will Character A find out about Character b????" that don't necessarily happen or happen late in the fic or aren't pieced together when they should be or aren't dwelled on for long. I don't think this is a huge detriment, so long as you know what you're getting ahead of time, though, because what the fic is about (Anakin skipping around the timeline and other universes, dragging Obi-Wan along with him) is absolutely fantastic. The writing is incredibly engaging, it's the kind where I find this far more readable than a lot of professionally published books, that the plot structure and pacing of the scenes is all rock solid for me. (Tbh, probably the only reason any caveats occur to me at all is because the fic as a whole is so well written.)

The characterization is lovely and gets at the heart of what I wanted--where Anakin experiences the destruction and tragedy that happens, his horror at it solidified by the time he finds out his connection to it, as well as his interaction with Obi-Wan is strengthened up because of what Obi-Wan has been through and how he's seeing Anakin again and how much time he's had to think over the events of Anakin's future. The plot is interesting and the fic spends time with each world but doesn't linger and there has clearly been thought given to setting all of it up, but it blends into the story perfectly, like... you know those fics you can pick up and just read and read and read because they're so engaging and written with such good pacing that you don't want to put it down, that even when it shifts gears, you find yourself rolling right along with it because you want to know what happens next? That's what this fic did for me, I was so curious about where it was going next and how this was all going to affect them.

While this story itself is gen, you can tell that the story is heading towards Obi-Wan/Anakin/Padme, so it spends time building Obi-Wan/Anakin back up and shifting it to romantic instead of platonic, that it doesn't happen here at all, but you can feel how desperately Anakin loves Obi-Wan and how Obi-Wan has been given the time to really reflect on feelings and attachment and on Anakin in general, so that I believe it. Plus, I'm a sucker for all the little touches, like Anakin sleeping on Obi-Wan or the way he touches Anakin after he goes through a tough time, it got me right in the feelings place, to go along with the intriguing greater story. I am now going to proceed to dive right into the monster sequel fic and probably roll around in my feelings some more.

Fire and Ice by Yesac, obi-wan & anakin + padme & luke & leia & cast, 111.9k
    Anakin wins the duel on Mustafar, but doesn't kill Obi-Wan. Along with Padme, Obi-Wan finds himself living in a chaotic world where the man he thought he knew has become the thing he swore to destroy. Can Anakin be turned back? If so, what then?
    This fic consumed me for the last few days because it's something I had no idea that I wanted as badly as I did. The first half of the fic is about Anakin won the duel at Mustafar but his need for Obi-Wan's affection means he keeps Obi-Wan prisoner in his apartments instead, along with Padme. The characterization is gorgeous, where Anakin is unstable and volatile and explodes at unpredictable times, all while you can feel how convinced he is that he's right, that if Obi-Wan and Padme would just listen to him, they would understand, if they would just stop fighting him, stop being angry with him, then things would be good again. Obi-Wan's careful interaction with Anakin, cut off from the Force as he is, strides the balance between not giving in, but not flinging himself into a suicidal confrontation, either. And Padme is this lovely, steady, solid presence that made me fall in love with her even more, that she's so kind and caring but she also cannot get past this.

The emotional beats of the story are spot on, so by the time that Anakin breaks apart (as you know he will) and things crumble for him and he frees himself from the Dark Side, the confrontation with Obi-Wan is the most emotionally satisfying thing I've read in ages, it was exactly what my id wanted while also being brilliantly written. The second half of the story is about Anakin's redemption, as well as being... okay, the fic is entirely gen, Obi-Wan sees Anakin as a brother/son and Anakin sees him as a brother/father figure, but frankly they run off to Tattoine to raise Luke and Leia together and they practically revolve around each other. It's Obi-Wan/Anakin without any kissing, so it works on a gen level or if you're interested in more for them, even if the author doesn't intend it.

The pacing is perfect, the characterizations are fantastic (oh, this Anakin is one I was so in love with, but let me tell you about the stars in my eyes every time Obi-Wan was on the page), the writing is smooth and utterly readable, I could just get lost in the fic so easily. I read this because I love this relationship, how they're the most important to each other in the entire universe along with Luke and Leia (who are fucking precious and absolutely perfectly used) and the struggle between what it means to be a Jedi versus what they find along the way, and the build-up to the explosive scenes and the resolution of them, all of it was engrossing as hell and this is one of my favorite things I've ever read.

Shadows of the Future by stormqueen873, obi-wan & anakin & qui-gon & cast, 129.3k
    ObiWan lost the duel on Mustafar, but instead of dying, he finds himself on a ship leaving Tatooine, with his old Master and a familiar young boy. As events begin to unfold, can he stop the future he knows from occuring?
    I AM SO SAD THIS FIC IS OVER. I admit, the beginning is super fluffy and it takes awhile to get into the real tension of the piece, but when the fic delivers on the revelations, when Qui-Gon finally finds out what Obi-Wan knows, when Obi-Wan finally has to really let loose in a fight, when Anakin realizes what happened in Obi-Wan's future, all of it is so goddamned worth the wait. I do actually enjoy the fluff of this fic, I don't mean to indicate otherwise, because it's adorable and necessary, where Obi-Wan just loves kidlet Anakin so much and has the experience to be more open about it this time, the maturity to better handle everything, has Qui-Gon still alive to let up on his own grief, it's wonderful to read and soothed my heart and paved the way for the relationships being even stronger than they were.

But it's really in the second half where this fic becomes absolutely magical, where shit finally hits the fan and revelations have to happen and the plot cannot remain the same because Obi-Wan's not going to let things fall apart again. I absolutely could not put the fic down by that point, I was utterly engrossed and read practically the whole second half in one sitting because I kept needing to turn the page, just one more time, just one more time! The tension of how things unfold, Sidious and Maul's plots, the Jedi Council trying to figure out what's going on, Qui-Gon trying to figure out what the hell is up with Obi-Wan, Anakin bonding so fiercely to Obi-Wan, all of it ties together and culminates in a fine as hell epic fight scene that left me so damned satisfied.

The fic is absolutely focused on making things better, in fixing everything, but it never forgets that Obi-Wan is not who he was in the original timeline, because he's grown, he's healing here, but he's still a Jedi Master who has Seen A Lot Of Shit, that the second time around is necessary to be built on top of the previous one, which is how time travel fics work best for me. Plus, this has one of my new favorites of the duel on Mustafar, when Anakin won that duel and how he won it, how you realize it shapes so much of what happens between them. And the ending! MY HEART FEELS SO MUCH BETTER AFTER THIS FIC.

A Trip to Forget by amber75, obi-wan & anakin, 14.8k
    ObiWan and Anakin's latest mission starts off on the wrong foot and gets worse from there!
    I usually prefer a little later in their relationship, but I got pulled into this fic and couldn't put it down until I'd finished it, because it was a lovely, solid story about Obi-Wan and Anakin on a mission, how things aren't perfect, they're not a seamless team yet, but you can see the beginnings of it, you can see the rough edges between them, the lack of understanding, but also see how they bridge those gaps, all while trudging through a jungle. It's self-contained and perfectly paced, I enjoyed every inch of their mutual discomfort as various bits of jungle decided to make their day terrible, but most of all the building of the relationship between them was perfect.

Sleeping with the Enemy by Imadra Blue, obi-wan & anakin, 1.9k
    While Qui-Gon is in a Council meeting, Obi-Wan is left with the care of young Anakin. Anakin's irritating, but much like a tumor, he grows on Obi-Wan.
    SUPER CUTE. Obi-Wan and kidlet Anakin forced to spend time together, where the fic balances that tension between them, because they don't know each other yet and Obi-Wan has no reason to care about him yet, with that there is an instant connection there, an instant fascination that Anakin has with him, a very quick affection that Obi-Wan develops for the little moppet. It's super cute and fluffy without being too sugary and I may have done a bit of hand clasping after having finished it.

can't carry it with you by irnan, obi-wan & anakin, 2.2k
    So oneness with the Force is found in a field now?
    So maybe I got a little emotional while reading this fic. But it's after Anakin's death, where he meets Obi-Wan in the Force again and it takes an unexpected form and eventually all that's between them, all that Anakin kept wrapped up, finally starts to spill out and I just. I had a whole lot of feelings about it and this was beautifully written, just the right amount of painful to go with the healing.

Dooku Captured, Pt 2 by DarthNickels, dooku & anakin & obi-wan & palpatine & yoda, 16.6k
    Dooku is taken alive onboard the Invisible Hand, and Sidious' web is torn. The Sith Lord wonders if death might have been preferable to clumsy interrogation by Anakin Skywalker.
    I absolutely fell in love with this fic because it's a great balance of, as the tag says, Dooku being a cranky Sith grandpa and of his presence changing things just enough to avoid some really tragic turns. The writing is fantastic, the characterization is great, and it gets that blend of Anakin being the Chosen One, the most special, with that he's kind of an idiot sometimes/a lot of times. There's this sense of underlying humor about the whole thing, yet it doesn't sacrifice the drama of it, I never took it less than seriously, and the possibilities that it brought up and explored were fantastic, making it such a satisfying read. It's also a great look at a character that I didn't expect to be interested in, but absolutely was and honestly have a newfound appreciation for him, which is always nice to find in fic! All of it is absolutely so interesting and the author did justice to the concept of the story.

Futurus (-a -um) by cadesama, anakin/padme + obi-wan/anakin/padme + luke & leia & mon mathma & ahsoka, mildly nsfw, 53.2k
    Cracked hyperdrive? No problem. Just hold it together with the Force. Time travel? Well. That could be a bigger problem.
    I have two caveats about this fic before I begin: It's a WIP that hasn't been updated in about a year, so I'm not sure if it will be. But it gets enough satisfying stuff in so even though it ends on a cliffhanger, I found it absolutely worth reading! And that it's very fast in the beginning, there's not much time to build up suspense before the reveals are already happening. This isn't a fic I wound up reading for the suspense or reveals by the time I got into the thick of it, this is a fic that's about the building relationship between Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Padme. Previous to this fic, I'd never shipped anything but Anakin/Padme, so their relationship being strong here, being absolutely important to Anakin's pov, while the shifting nature of his relationship with Obi-Wan is slowly changing, works for me, it eased me in at just the right pacing and made me actually really, really want it.

What the fic does the most beautifully for me, though, is how Anakin is so beloved and so special and so brilliant, but he's also an obnoxious pain in the ass, the way Padme and Obi-Wan both love him dearly, but he's also a dumbass, oh, that worked for me because that's exactly it, that's how they relate to him. The plot part of the story was interesting as well, I definitely want to know where things are going, how this will affect history, and I love love love that the PT characters were the ones thrown forward into the OT's time, that's where my heart really is, and this fic just completely and totally charmed the hell out of me! I especially appreciate that it gently eased me into shipping this OT3 in a way that worked for me and got me to be able to actually see it.

Happily Ever After by Imadra Blue (imadra_blue), imadra_blue, Luthe, obi-wan/anakin & luke & leia & cast + past anakin/padme, 30.4k
    When his children run away to save the galaxy from endless war on their own, Anakin Skywalker must embark on a journey across the galaxy to bring Luke and Leia home -- a journey that partners him again with his old Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and leads them into a relationship neither expected.
    Oh, man, the thing about this fic is that it gives excellent mutual pining, that building up to explosive resolution and satisfying aftermath. When Anakin's children go missing, it puts him back into contact with Obi-Wan and they have to go save the galaxy while they're at it, but also deal with feelings! Yes, give me all of that. The fic is nicely paced and a satisfying length to read and was just really solid all the way around. Obi-Wan is a little different from how I usually see him (less insightful/compassionate) but it made sense to me, given the set-up of the universe and Anakin's influence on his life wouldn't have been the same, since he left so much earlier. I loved the way it balanced that Anakin is such a central character to the epic events unfolding in the Star Wars plot, that Luke & Leia are important, that Obi-Wan was central as well, so it felt balanced to me in the way I had hoped to read.

There's also some really lovely porn as Anakin's been dying for Obi-Wan to just fuck him already and it's good and heart-warming and right when it finally does, further making this one of those fics that's just... solid and satisfying and absolutely what I wanted to find in the fandom. It's complete, I felt resolved after reading it and that's something I cannot say enough good about!

Immutable, or, Five Times Obi-Wan Kenobi Compromised His Jedi Ethics for Anakin Skywalker by bedlamsbard, obi-wan/anakin & anakin/padme, 1.6k
    "I think that I would betray my vows for him."
    I love this fic so much because it fits with how I see Obi-Wan, who is such a model Jedi, who truly believes in the Jedi way, but who also deeply loves Anakin, who might have thrown it all away in just the right circumstances, for Anakin. You can feel in each scene how much Obi-Wan loves him, you can feel just what Obi-Wan would do for him. It's just the right balance of solid morality of the character with the undercurrents of darkness that could be there, if everything went pear-shaped in just the right way, that I see with Obi-Wan.

Confined (to Quarters) by Kaylie Malinza, obi-wan/anakin, 4.4k
    Anakin's a bastard, Obi-Wan's a prude.
    WELL. So I cackled my way through this fic. I am delighted by this one, where Anakin is such a teenaged brat, who is a total mess of hormones, with Obi-Wan who is trying to be an adult and be dignified and doesn't want to have to deal with this, all the more so because Anakin may be an obnoxious little shit, but he's an attractive obnoxious little shit. It's scene after scene of Anakin trying to deal with being a hormonal teenager and Obi-Wan trying to be serene, which ends up with Anakin saying the most terrible things that left me honest to god giggling into my reader. I love it because there's absolutely nothing mean-spirited about it, instead it's just pure hilarity of dealing with a teenager who really, really wants sex. Beautiful.

Betrayal: A Love Story by Shiny_n_new, obi-wan/anakin, 2.7k wip
    A week after he kills Obi-wan Kenobi, Vader realizes he is being haunted.
    The intensity of this piece is heartbreaking, the sheer amount of sharp-edge and deep anger that's almost suffocating from Darth Vader after he learns about Luke Skywalker and how angry he is with Obi-Wan's Force ghost, while still having the echoes of what used to be. It was a painful read but gorgeously done and I'm almost afraid of the second chapter of this, it could ease things or it could end even more brutally, I honestly don't even know.

Replaceable by amarielah, obi-wan/anakin, mildly nsfw, ~1k
    He buries hands of flesh in thick, auburn-colored hair. He knows this is a dream.
    Oh, my heart, this was both perfect and awful. Anakin's fury over everything as Vader, how much he hates, it's painful to watch, especially as he hates himselves just as much as anything. The way Anakin tortures himself with a dream of Obi-Wan who never loved him, who would so easily replace him, even as dream!Obi-Wan is fucking him, oh, it's such a perfect capturing of the giant emotional mess that is Anakin/Darth Vader and so gorgeously written.

First Watch by amarielah, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 1k
    Missing scene from the episode "In Search of the Crystal". After Obi-Wan goes to sleep following their awkward fire-side chat, Anakin broods on all the things he wants but cannot have.
    Oh, another fic that's just so heartbreaking and perfectly written, that Anakin is such a mess and he loves so intensely and wants so much, but he can't bring himself to reach out. The way he sees Obi-Wan, loves him so much and knows that Obi-Wan would never give him what he wants so badly, not out of cruelty but because it's not Obi-Wan's way, it has such a sharp-edged hurt to it that's absolutely perfect, even as I'm crying about not wanting to be punched in the feelings anymore. I loved the brief moments of sex, the way Anakin touches himself and thinks of how he wishes Obi-Wan would fuck him, how it's hot and painful at the same time, that it satisfies my porn wants while also making me way to lie down and stare at the ceiling for how difficult everything must be. Gorgeous.

Fever Mate by generale_kenobi - part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4, obi-wan/anakin & anakin/padme & obi-wan/anakin/padme, NSFW, fuck-or-die, soul bond, 14.7k
    Het! Anakin helps Het! Obi-Wan during a moment of need, but it leads to unexpected complications.
    You don't even know how badly I have been wanting Fuck Or Die fic for this fandom and having Obi-Wan basically going into rut every so often because of his biology, when accidentally trapped with only Anakin, it nudges them into a relationship that they wouldn't have otherwise developed. This fic is pretty much everything my id wanted--from the frantic Fuck Or Die fic that Anakin realizes, oh, maybe he sorta kinda likes it when Obi-Wan fucks him, to the inclusion of Padme and that Anakin genuine loves her and enjoys sex with her, to the soul-bound that makes everyone's lives difficult, to the way the fic balanced the three of them together. I picked this one up for the porn (which was very satisfying as well!) but I think I stayed around just as much for all the tropes the fic threw in and knew how to write with such enthusiasm for them that it made my heart just happy to read it. I love how this fic is pretty much everything I ever wanted, like if you looked into my soul, this is pretty much what you'd find, because it has such a delightful charm to everything about it. Also, Obi-Wan/Anakin and Anakin/Padme and Obi-Wan/Anakin/Padme porn. This is my treasure now.

A Sky Full of Stars by rubberbird, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 15.7k wip
    True love never did run smooth.
    Initially, I had little desire to read modern AU fic for Star Wars characters, but apparently photographer!Obi-Wan with model!Anakin is one of those times where I have absolute no resistance. And I'm really glad I did, because I enjoyed how well the characters were transplanted into this AU, where Anakin especially is just a goddamned mess and yet Obi-Wan still falls in love with him anyway, because he still has that certain charm that draws a person to him. The fic also does a really lovely job of the pining between them, where it's set from Obi-Wan's pov but it's one where I believe his side of the relationship, because it's balanced between being the stable one and yet having his own issues, as well as how it's very clear that Anakin has feelings for him in return.

I would have read this just for the delicious mutual pining alone, but then the fic also had Anakin eagerly riding Obi-Wan's lap because he so desperately wants the other man and then this just utter mess of a second time where he's an emotional wreck and he's completely turned around and doesn't know up from down, just that he desperately wants Obi-Wan in him now, that he desperately doesn't want Obi-Wan to hate him even as he pushes him away, while Obi-Wan cannot turn him away, because he loves the bratty little shit. It's this utter mess of a thing and I am completely and totally into sex that reflects just how gentle Obi-Wan is with him but still getting across the intensity of just how hard Obi-Wan wants to fuck him. It's not the kind that breaks my heart, but it does make it hurt a little for what a mess this is, and that's exactly what I want.

Hollow by JennMel, qui-gon & obi-wan & anakin & others, 5.6k
    Obi-Wan has always had a secret. And Qui-Gon could not, must not, ever know. If he did, then they would never even make it to Tatooine, let alone deal with the rest to come. One perfect possible future, that's all Obi-Wan needed to achieve...that's all.
    I greatly enjoyed this piece, one that didn't need to be long to do some fixing of the timeline and having an interesting concept that it pulled off nicely. I love how it changes things, offers so much hope, but without making it easy or without a lot of pain and sacrifice, which makes the potential for something better all the more well earned.

Passing Dreams by Yesac, obi-wan & anakin, 2k
    The first time that Anakin has a nightmare about his mother, he and Obi-wan are coming home from an assignment.
    Oh, my heart. The way Obi-Wan and Anakin just don't quite understand each other emotionally, especially as Anakin is worried about his mother and just cannot cope in the way Obi-Wan does, all of that blended with how they try and find a way to at least connect, to come together and Obi-Wan may not be perfect, but he's there and he makes it clear that he cares. You can still see Anakin's road coming, but you also see why his relationship with Obi-Wan is so intense. A wonderful fic.

locked up tighter by sinosei, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 1.4k
    For all that Anakin was the Chosen One, it was easy enough to wrestle him face-down into the bedspread.
    Another straight shot to my id, because I love it when Anakin is such a brat sometimes that Obi-Wan really enjoys just wrestling him down and fucking him, all while Anakin keeps struggling because he can't not and because it makes it all the more satisfying when Obi-Wan finally has him pinned down and is pushing into him. The sex is super satisfying, both for intensity and tone, but it's also the dynamic between them that I love here. It's pwp but exactly what I'm looking for, because there are just times when Anakin really needs to just be held down and fucked until he's not such a mess anymore. And bless this fic for giving that to me.

This Makes You Mine by temple_mistress, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 3.5k
    Anakin needs help remembering a lesson, and Obi-Wan is more than willing to teach.
    I will always be here for Anakin being a brat and turning that up another notch to get Obi-Wan to put him back in his place. That he really is an insolent little shit, unable to stop mouthing off, to banter even as he knows it will (and wants it to) bring Obi-Wan down harder on him, riding Obi-Wan's lap until he's finally so thoroughly fucked that he can't really think anymore. It's just the right mix of love and a heavy hand that Anakin so desperately craves and that I enjoy in fic, combined with very satisfying porn, to make this a delight to read. So very, very good for me.

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