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RECS: 28 fic (Rogue One)

    ღ - Well, I definitely wasn't going to not at least try to read some Rogue One fic, so, here we go. :D

    Star Wars - 28 Fanfics

all the rest by tomorrowsrain, cassian/jyn, aftermath of torture, 8.3k
    Cassian and Jyn survive Scarif. Most days, she wishes they hadn't. It's never easy to keep on living after you expected to die.
    So, this is my other new favorite Rogue One fic, because it has such a harsh edge to it that the sacrifices made in the film still feel important and a heavy cost, nobody walked away without scars, and Jyn and Cassian especially feel so exhausting to read about (in exactly the way they should) after what they're put through at the Empire's hands and how wounded they are in body and soul because of it. Nothing about this is easy, it's bittersweet at best, and it really, really worked for me a lot.

Strongest Stars by Elfpen, obi-wan & qui-gon & chirrut & cast, 2.6k
    The Force works in mysterious ways. A few quiet moments in the dark create a touchstone spanning across three generations, two orthodoxies, a war, time, space, and the galaxy. A maverick meets a visionary and listens for a song. Spoilers for Rogue One, sort of?
    Oh, I loved this fic as well! Set pre-TPM, two Jedi (Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan) go to visit Jedha and the Guardians of the Whills' Temple and it's this really lovely, understated meeting that sows the seeds for so much of what we see in canon. I love the draw that Qui-Gon feels towards the Guardians' ways, that they're not Jedi and they're different, but he wants to keep an open mind and it's great to see where his interest in them came from, since it plays such a big part in later canon. I love that Obi-Wan is so much younger here, but you see the beginnings of the character we'll come to know in canon as well. But also that Chirrut is written in a really great way as well, that he's not quite as polished as he is in the movie with the way he moves, but you can see him getting there, you can see the serenity that's starting to layer over him while still being very human, and it's just a neat concept and a great look at all the characters!

heart in a headlock by andromeda3116, cassian/jyn & bodhi & cast, 12.3k wip
    They say that, when in doubt, you should always choose to live. But, as Jyn is learning, it's much harder to live for a cause than to die for one.
    This is one of the fics I'm going to be most interested in following in this fandom, because it's an interesting idea, the balance of character stuff vs plot stuff is nicely done, the writing is solid, and it has a great flow, and I'm just really interested in where it's going. The idea of Jyn, Cassian, and Bodhi just barely managing to make it off Scarif, but are forced to land nearby, which lands them on Tatooine of all places, and brushing close up against the fateful events that are about to happen there, but also OH MAN THIS JYN, THIS IS THE JYN I LOVE, who is so messy and rough and jaded and angry and burning and caring and all the things the novelization really gave depth to her with. It's only two chapters at the time of this rec, but it's long enough to satisfying/definitely worth keeping an eye on!

A Man Should Strengthen Himself by Annie D (scaramouche), baze/chirrut, 4.5k
    It’s only after the Jedi Purge that Chirrut Imwe gets to know the great Baze Malbus.
    I really liked this fic, told in the political struggles of even the Guardians of the Whills after the Jedi Purge, how they're familiar with the Jedi but still separate, and it's some lovely backstory, how Chirrut is like a thorn in Baze's side, yet also sparks belief in him again. There's just enough roughness and underlying anger to make it feel the right amount of harsh, in fitting with the tone of the movie itself, but still having hope, so I really liked this backstory for the two of them!

Burn It Down by GreyMichaela, baze/chirrut, NSFW, 2.3k
    Baze can't figure out what it is about Chirrut Îmwe that sets him so on edge. Chirrut's running out of patience.
    I didn't think I needed sexytimes for Rogue One. Apparently, I was wrong! I greatly enjoyed the chemistry between the characters here, the tension that was wound so tight it finally snapped and they had to fuck, there was something just the right amount of rough around the edges (as these characters should be) with hell yeah they're finally fucking, which made it super satisfying, very nicely hot, and just exactly what I wanted.

Beinahe by guineapiggie, cassian/jyn & bodhi, 7k
    (If she had to chose a word for Cassian Andor, it's almost.)
    This was a nicely long fic without dragging it out, about the characters being rough around the edges and that surviving Scarif doesn't mean they're happy or they fit in, that suddenly everything is great, they still have to figure out how to put themselves back together. It's definitely a moving-towards-happy fic, but it's still bittersweet and wounded enough to satisfying just what I want from these characters and the Jyn/Cassian pairing.

close quarters by iwritesometimes, chirrut/baze, 4.8k
    a jaunt, a fight, and a shared bunk: three times baze and chirrut got up close and personal. pre-empire era.
    This was a fun backstory piece, two teenagers who are that mix of monks and kids, a balance that just made me smile a lot, especially because they clearly liked each other and there was such gravitation there (physical and that sense of just enjoying being around the other person, even in annoying and frustrating circumstances) and that is entirely what I'm here for, that pull between these two characters, that sense of old married couple and banter and they're sweet in their own way and clearly in love. Just nicely filling in those details that I wanted more and more of.

Stay in Motion by ignitesthestars, nymja, starforged, cassian/jyn & baze/chirrut & bodhi & cast, 5.1k wip
    Short stories set in a universe where the Rogue One crewmembers survive.
    While technically a WIP, it's a series of separate short stories taking place in a universe where the Rogue One crew survives, as it says on the tin, and it's a lovely collection of working the characters into the Episode IV part of the Star Wars Saga. It's still very much centered on the Rogue One characters (rather than the OT characters) and has just the right amount of rough edges on them and that not everything with these characters is bright and shiny and happy. The cameos are fun, but I'm definitely here for the RO cast trying to adjust to living, both when not everyone did and what that even means for them, just what I'm here for.

Tastefully Arranged by nymja, cassian/jyn & bodhi & k-2so, 1.4k
    For the prompt: K-2SO interrupts Jyn and Cassian's attempts at a first date.
    I don't usually go for the fluffier things, but the charm on this one was enough to win me over (as well as there's still that sense of "how do we even go on after this?" that I like), that Jyn vs K-2SO is still super great and it made me love that droid even more.

every memory adds another piece by indoissetep, baze/chirrut, 1.5k
    Scenes from a lifetime spent together.
    Another fic that fills in the details of Baze and Chirrut's life together, told in short scenes across the years previous, including the moment of the Jedi Purge and the small part of it they witnessed, and it's a really lovely piece that made me that much more satisfied with this fandom. There's such a good sense of the draw between the two of them, the way they came together and how they connected, I love that.

Another Word for Hope by inkandpaperhowl, cassian/jyn & baze/chirrut & bodhi, 1.9k
    maybe (adv): 1. perhaps, possibly; 2. neither yes nor no; 3. allowing for hope where ‘yes’ or ‘no’ would deny it
    A story about how maybe the Rogue One cast might have lived and it's a good mix of bittersweet, rough edges, exhaustion, and that bit of hope that still shines on. Just the kind of fic you want to read when you want things to be a little better in this terrible galaxy of theirs.

Kyber Hearts by crowleyshouseplant, cassian/jyn & bodhi & baze & chirrut & cast, 1.2k
    After death, Rogue One lives on through the Force to see the end of their mission.
    This is one of those fics where it's just "I need this to make me feel better!" and just because it's not aligning with how Force Ghosts work doesn't matter, because it's all about feelings and getting closure and the Rogue One crew getting to see enough of how their actions and sacrifices were worth it. And it did make me feel better, it was a lovely piece for that.

Meditations by roselightsaber, baze/chirrut, ~1k
    There are so many stories of Baze watching Chirrut train and meditate. It's Chirrut's turn.
    A lovely background piece for these two with a really nice sense of banter mixed with utter fondess, something almost sweet and gentle there, but still rough around the edges, as these characters are. I really enjoyed this one!

firefly by peradi, r2-d2 & bb-8 & rey & finn & poe & luke & k-2so, 4.4k
    Humanity is infectious, Finn makes friends with droids, and K2 cannot get any rest: the story of how Rogue One flies again.
    This isn't really how SW canon works, but once I let go of that, the fic is so warm-hearted and cheerfully embraces how cute it is, that I just fell under its charms entirely! I have affection for this collection of droids and this was just adorable, one of those fics when you want good things to happen to the droids and it made me happy. ♥

Horizon Bright With Light by rosaxx50, cassian/jyn, 2.8k
    (Five times Cassian makes up or changes his mind about Jyn Erso, and one he doesn't.)
    A solidly done fic, probably best suited for when you really want more of these two, that mix of tension and rough edges and a certain something that's there, but there's only small moments in time for it. That these two have so little time to really understand each other, so it's picked up in quicker moments, where Cassian realizes several things about Jyn as they go along. A nicely done piece for these two.

climb, climb by peradi, jyn & cassian & baze/chirrut & bodhi & k-2so, 1k
    K-2SO: the droid with existential anxiety and a smart mouth.
    A series of short scenes with the asshole droid interacting with various Rogue One/Star Wars characters and it's just really sharp and fun, in that way K-2 won me over in canon and is continued on in this fic. It just put the best smile on my face to read this!

Steady as she goes by noelia_g, cassian/jyn & baze/chirrut & bodhi & k-2so, 3.5k
    In which they all live and Jyn Erso is on a quest to fix a droid. Rogue One in the aftermath.
    Awww, this was entirely feel-good fix it fic, where Jyn fixes K-2SO for Cassian and the group takes a few more steps towards becoming a family. Just entirely good for the fannish heart!

Set the Course by noelia_g, cassian/jyn & bodhi, 1.5k
    Post Scarif, the slow way home - a collection of scenes.
    Another fix it fix, in a collection of short scenes, as the characters (those that manage to survive, since this is a semi-fix-it fic) try to start moving forward. It's just hopeful enough to do good for the fannish heart, especially in the immediate aftermath of having seen the movie.

in the aeroplane over the sea by quadrille, cassian/jyn & baze/chirrut & bodhi & k-2so, 1.5k
    Home is not a place; it’s the people.
    A series of short little moments of missing scenes, just little added touches, set from Cassian's point of view and they do a lovely job of making me care about the characters with all their sharp edges and yet there's that something warm that drew them to each other. It was very easy to see these added little touches in between the fames of canon!

day after day by bodhirook, baze/chirrut, ~1k
    "I fear nothing," Chirrut declares. "All is as the Force wills it." "Funny, you seemed pretty fearful that time I tapped your shoulder while you were meditating."
    A really simple, but lovely and nice bit of banter and meaningful connection between these two characters, that it can be simple on the surface but have a depth of something more underneath, just how these characters should be.

you are one with the force (you are with me) by peradi, baze/chirrut, 1.2k
    Baze Malbus, ferocious young assassin, meets a cocky little blind shit. The rest, as they say, is history.
    Adorable banter and the first meeting between these two and how they're kind of hilarious and just immediately fall into a grumpy old married couple dynamic and it's delightful and perfect.

anything in stars worth saving by with_the_monsters, cassian/jyn, 1.5k
    They miss the part where the Death Star gets blown up. They miss everything, actually, apart from the inside of an imperial cell. And that’s not a thing you just come back from. Not even if you survive Scarif.
    Another fix-it, at least sort of, as told in short scenes in the aftermath of Scarif and how Jyn and Cassian aren't exactly happy and shiny afterwards, they're not unscarred by what happened there. The short scenes style lends a lot to the feeling of sharp and jagged edges, that something almost feels missing from these characters (in the way it should) or maybe ground down or cut away. Ouchy, but well done!

What comes after by IaMcHrIsSi, cassian/jyn & baze/chirrut & bodhi & cast, 2.9k
    Jyn and Cassian after everything
    I don't actually need fix it fic in the way I usually do, but somehow I can't help myself from reading a bunch of it and enjoying it, because sometimes you just need a kinder universe, where things aren't perfect, but they're at least nicer there.

love will lead us all to smithereens by poseidon, baze/chirrut, 1.8k
    "I’m going to die in your arms, you know." "Do you use that line on everyone you come across?" Baze asks. "No," the man replies with a smile. "Just you."
    More banter and background fic! Where Baze and Chirrut meet for the first time and it's both adorable and funny, while also being bittersweet, because we know how their story ends. There's a very nice sharpness and charisma to the writing, the characters sparkle just exactly as they should, and it's a very nice filling in the details fic!

Faces by stereobone, baze/chirrut, 3.3k
    This is what Baze learns before Jedha falls.
    Yet more banter and background fic! This further fills in the details of their dynamic and while a lot of the background details and timeline are off (especially in the Jedi vs the Empire stuff), this is a story that's about what these two characters go through, the loss and yet finding hope, about those who lose faith and those who don't, and it's really good for this relationship. Where it hits the mark is in the emotionally satisfying places, which is all I ask for!

you were my new home by katsumi, cassian/jyn & k-2so, 4.6k
    Before they can meet with Saw Gerrera, they have to find Saw Gerrera, and that takes time. On the search, Jyn and Cassian grow closer.
    A nice fic that's about showing a little more character-driven time between Jyn and Cassian, showing them growing closer and slowly warming up to each other (sometimes even literally!) while they run around trying to locate Saw Gerrera. It's a good way to fill in the details of their relationship, to show those moments the movie itself didn't have time for, and thus give a person even more feelings about these two.

A Sun Shines in Parallel by LadyBaelish27, cassian/jyn & baze & chirrut & bodhi & k-2so & anakin & leia & cast, 39.1k wip
    What happens when 'dead' isn't, strictly speaking, 'dead'? Jyn and Cassian find themselves standing on a peaceful beach with no trace of a battle, a base, a war. Then they find K-2SO... and Chirrut Imwe... and Baze Malbus... and suddenly the very definitions of time and space become completely muddled.
    I do have a couple of caveats about this fic--it's very much for those who are super shippy about Cassian/Jyn, as a lot of the fic is dedicated to their romantic relationship and almost domestic/fluffy moments. The other is that this Anakin isn't compatible with canon at all, this is an entirely opposite character with the same name/face (especially in how he treats his family and how he wants power for himself), but he's not really the point of the fic (as well as a separate universe they've hopped into!), just that this is a fic for Rogue One fans, rather than PT fans. That said, this is a long and quickly updated fic and it's good for those who really are super into Cassian and Jyn's relationship and for those who really want to dive into a fix-it fic where everyone lives and things aren't as jagged around the edges, with solidly done writing. I think it's one that benefits from wanting the things its putting forth (an everyone lives fic, a Cassian/Jyn feelings fic), but it's nice to have something longer to sink your teeth into, because the fandom is still so young yet!

Footfalls by GreyMichaela, baze/chirrut, ~1k
    There are mysteries about Baze that Chirrut wants to solve.
    A short little backstory piece for Chirrut and Baze, how they rely on each other as a team, how they're more together than apart, and also kind of like an old married couple. A nice little read!

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