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Future Imperfect by Soroka, thor & loki & tony & cast, 38.2k wip
    Getting his people to Earth is only the beginning of Thor’s problems.
    I am really enjoying this post-Ragnarok fic that takes a different path than Infinity War did, where Thor and the Asgardians make it to Earth, but that really is only the beginning of it all, where the fic isn't without hope or a misery-fest, but it sure as hell is exhausting and so very heavy in exactly the way it's meant to be. It's centered on Thor's character, how he's trying to find the best path for his people and what that means he has to give up, what it means he can't give up, and trying to do his best for as many people as he can, and it's really a satisfying read for that! I love the developing friendships, especially with Tony, I love how Thor is very much a god, but there's also something really human about him, as he tries to navigate the way Earth has changed, how he has to be so very aware of politics now, and the fic does a great job with balancing how exhausting that is with a sense of hope and humor. I'm loving it for all of those things, but also Thor, it's such a great read if you're a fan of his character, a really satisfying look at him and the plot shit he has to wade through.

blóðflekkug by incandescent (lmeden), hela & odin & frigga, 4.5k
    "Hela, my child, do you know what it means to be firstborn?" he asks me.
    This is a really fascinating look at Hela's character, someone we really don't know that much about, and what might have made her into who she was. It's fascinating to look at elements of mythology and advanced alien technology being woven together, so it's not wholly canon-compliant, as well as it's definitely against Odin as a character (or, rather, enjoys him more as a fucked up character, I think!), but it's not meant to be about that, it's meant to be something of a story, maybe a little bit of a myth mixed with the truth, to tell of who Hela was and how she came to be, so I really, really enjoyed this a lot!

if you love something, let it go by theprimrosepath, thor & avengers, infinity war spoilers, 14.5k
    By now, the Avengers are well-acquainted with grief. But grief is a companion that rarely travels alone, particularly not around a prince. Really, grief is the least of Thor's problems.
    A really gorgeously done fic that shows the sheer weight of Thor's grief, managing to make it feel actually heavy and like only a god could bear this much on his shoulders, while also still making Thor human. It does a wonderful job of showing Thor's various losses, all of the people who meant something to him, the way that's left its mark on him, but also that he is still Thor, he's always been the strong one. The scenes are told out of order, it took me a moment to adjust to that, but each one of them hits with the impact it's meant to, it's really a fic about Thor and, even if I enjoyed his scenes with Loki the most, that his relationships with Heimdall and the other Avengers and Asgard are all just as important. It's a heavy fic, but not an unhopeful one, it's cathartic in its grief, and just a really wonderful read for this character I love so much.

Soft Shocks by stereobone, thor/loki & cast, NSFW, infinity war spoilers, 14k
    "And why," says Thor, "would I need to come with you to Jötunheim?" "Ah, well," Loki says. "They may be under the impression that we're married."
    For a fic that deals with Infinity War events, this fic is actually pretty happy and upbeat and thank god for that. It's so much fun, as Loki has grown up a lot and wants to actually be a decent leader for Jotunheim, while still having a complicated relationship with Thor, so many issues to work out, and just a whole lot of gleefully embracing the SO MUCH FUN FAKE MARRIED TROPE and then adding in some very nicely satisfying sex to it! I read this in pretty much one sitting because it was just such a goddamned delight!

Promises by FelicityGS, thor & loki & gamora & cast, infinity war spoilers, 1k
    The dead have rules.
    A lovely sort of intimate, immediate feeling of how the dead react during Infinity War, how the fic nudges them towards fixing things, and so it's just this really neat very immediate feeling, but also sort of dreamy, hazy feeling, that works well together!

But Tell It Slant by scioscribe, thor & loki & thanos, infinity war spoilers, 3.7k
    Thanos smiles. “You remain a liar.” “Oh, until the end,” Loki says. “I learned from the best. May I have my moment with my brother now?”
    Oh, I really enjoyed this a lot, that it was Loki being sneaky and distracting, that he's flying by the seat of his pants, but still manages to pull it off, largely thanks to getting Thor into the right place, who picks it up and runs with it, that Thor gets it and I love that this is exactly how I want them to work together, that Thor is still Thor, even as Loki is getting his moment in the sun, that they're about complementing each other, that Loki couldn't do this without Thor, yet that doesn't take away from the delightful dialogue for him or that he knows how to put his tricks to good use. A really fun fix-it piece that I enjoyed greatly!

Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood by TheOtherOdinson, odin/frigga & loki, infinity war spoilers, 1.2k
    Valhalla isn't all it's cracked up to be for Odin Allfather. Frigga Allmother is making sure of it.
    This was pure joy to read, that Frigga was reading Odin the riot act in Valhalla, that you really kind of feel for him because her temper is legendary and she's so amazing that she cannot be denied, but then also the absolute hilarity of when Loki shows up and everyone reacts accordingly. It's light-hearted and hilarious, which is exactly what I needed after that movie! And I refuse to think Valhalla would go any other way!

Soft Shocks by stereobone, thor/loki & cast, NSFW, infinity war spoilers, 14k
    "And why," says Thor, "would I need to come with you to Jötunheim?" "Ah, well," Loki says. "They may be under the impression that we're married."
    This fic isn't precisely Infinity War-related, but it does have spoilers for the movie (though, it's set in the future, with only brief glimpses into the aftermath) and so into this section it goes, especially when I really need all the fix-it fic I can get my hands on! It's a happier fic, it's pretty much 14k of pretending to be married fic, with sex and miscommunication that gets resolved fairly easily, which makes it very easy on my fannish heart, and just made me happy, it really is one of the author's best fics, I think. It's just so much fun, watching Loki get more settled into his skin, into the relationship with Thor, even as there's this world-shattering kind of upheaval going on with his realizations, there's something entirely warm and kind here, there's less poisonous anger here, and instead it's building towards something, it's fun and joyful and good. I read through the entire thing in two sittings because I couldn't put it down, it was just so damn charming and adorable/funny in all the right places, and the sex was ridiculously hot! All the things I could have asked for.

To Never Have Loved At All by hitlikehammers, steve/bucky & cast, infinity war spoilers, 2.8k
    Steve will say they had work to do, and a universe to put to rights. They had people to find and hearts to unbreak. They had a mission. There was no time for any of them to mourn. Steve, as it turns out, says a lot of things that are mostly bullshit.
    I am a sucker for Stucky fic, I'm a sucker for Infinity War aftermath fic, and this fic just hit my buttons really well. There's a nicely done sort of intimate feeling to the messiness, that it's about feelings and the scrambled thoughts of someone who survived and lost the person they loved, more than it is about dialogue or action, it's about the reunion and fixing things, and that's exactly what I wanted.

The Cruelty of a Brother by gaslightgallows (hearts_blood), thor & loki & cast, infinity war spoilers, 1.4k
    Asgard and her people are alive. One person in particular isn’t happy about that. Thor doesn’t care.
    More beautifully written JUST FIX EVERYTHING ALREADY fic, which goes right straight for the good stuff--Loki waking up in Asgard and not knowing what the fuck is going on, so wary and unsure, until Thor talks to him and helps him understand. There's all these little details of sparkling interaction ("Knocking just gives you an excuse to ignore me. How'd you know it was me, anyway?" "You're the only one who doesn't knock." -- DELIGHTFUL!) but mostly it's just something that really, really made me feel better. Whatever A4 brings, I will always have lovely fic like this to soothe my soul.

I'm Here (Again) by hjbender, thor & loki & steve/bucky & avengers, infinity war spoilers, 1.5k
    At the end of it all, the victims of Thanos's universal genocide return to the world of the living. Thor waits for one in particular—one who, above all others, deserves a second chance.
    Another fic that is just a straight up fix it and ALL ABOUT THE PARADE OF HUGS that are needed by both the characters and me. As the author's notes say, it's pure sunshine and rainbows, which makes everything a little easier to process and wait out the long stretch of time between here and A4.

hath no fury by Bundibird, tony & nebula & cast, infinity war spoilers, 2.1k
    [Or: After everything, on a silent planet of ruins, Tony’s hands shake as he stares at the dust that coats his fingers.]
    A really intense, great look at the sheer burning of the anger in Tony, which is a fascinating match against Nebula in the same scene, that the fic does a great job of it not needing to ever be about screaming or yelling, but instead it's a banked but furiously hot rage that's going to boil over eventually, while in the meantime it drives them both forward. It's awful and bitter and angry, which is exactly as it was supposed to be.

as long as there's sun by triedunture, thor/loki, infinity war spoilers, 1.1k
    A short take on when Thor went to Nidavellir.
    As it says on the tin, it's a short fic about a moment Thor has on Nidavellir that's a moment of something half sweet and half bittersweet, a moment of intimacy and kindness but also painful for all that Thor has lost. A very nice read!

take all you can carry by havisham, steve/bucky & cast, 2.4k
    Bucky Barnes reassembles himself to a reasonable degree and makes romantic overtures to one Steve Rogers. It's happened before and will happen again.
    A series of scenes across the span of their relationship, from pre-CA:TFA to Infinity War, the history of everything between them and the weight of what is and isn't said. It's a piece that fleshes out their interactions in a bittersweet but hopeful way that I enjoyed a lot.

Happily Ever After by Loxxlay, thor & loki & gamora & cast, infinity war spoilers, 8.4k wip
    Thanos is dead, and the universe moves on. Nobody finds it easy.
    This is a lovely series of scenes set around Loki and his struggles to move on and recover from everything that happened, the complicated relationship he has with Thor, that's better but not free of tangles. It draws some parallels between the Gamora & Nebula relationship, in a nicely done conversation between Loki and Gamora about their siblings and how to approach them and what to do and how to move forward. It's more about emotional moments of intimate drama, rather than a big plot, and it's lovely for filling in the humanizing details for them!

my reasons for defying reason by gaslightgallows (hearts_blood), thor & loki & valkyrie, infinity war spoilers, 1.9k
    All his life, Loki has only ever wanted one thing.
    Another Loki-centric fic that reminds me of why I fell in love with the character in the first place! The conversation he has with Valkyrie is sharp and perfect to both characters, but also, oh, when Loki thinks Thor is dead, the fic punched me in the feelings just exactly the way it intended to. And it's a great fix-it for IW in a way that made my heart so much gladder! Fixing things and beautiful writing, I can't ask for more.

The Shining Sun by TheOtherOdinson, thor & loki, infinity war spoilers, 7.9k
    Death is not absolute. Not if Thor Odinson has anything to say about it.
    Oh, this was such a good fic! I'm not sure how to describe it, without spoiling some things that I think are better built up to (I wouldn't say it's a twist or anything, just something built up to, in the way it should be), but it's beautifully done, it got me right in the feelings place all over again, it's the right blend of bittersweet with hopeful, and it does exactly what I would want it to do. There's something so weighted here, something heavy and difficult, something bitter even as it's hopeful and good, an impossible to fully make right feeling that's done exactly as the fic intends. I really loved this version of Valhalla (getting to have Loki talk with his parents again, the way he interacts with the others already there, it was wonderful) and where this fic left the characters off by the end, that it truly felt like the end of a very long journey. Because the fic really conveys that as well, just how far they've come, how exhausting so much of that journey was, and how much weight they carried along the way. A wonderful fic I'm so glad we got to read!

To Slip Away by MagicalGirlHell, thor & avengers & loki, 9.3k wip
    Half of everything is gone. The Avengers have lost so much, and now they're losing Thor.
    Another wonderfully done fic about the weight of just how much Thor has lost, how he's still slipping away even after the immediate danger has passed, because so much is pulling him away, but also he bears it better than nearly anyone else could, this is also a story about Thor's strength of heart just as much as he's strong in other ways. The scenes with the other Avengers are very nicely done and it's a fic that really kind of punches me in the feelings all over again, in just the way it's meant to.

Run For The Shadows by obiwanjedi, thor/loki & hela, NSFW, infinity war spoilers, 10.3k
    Loki wakes on Helheim only to discover he isn't alone.
    A fun, Loki-centric IW fix it fic, where it's pretty much exactly what it says on the tin and is just a really good time! It's a cute semi-roadtrip fic with Hela and Loki sniping at each other, while Loki pines after Thor, and then eventual reunion with some very nice sex and myth stuff mixed in, all of which is very soothing to the soul! Another really fun feel good piece to read that I enjoyed.

the devil is not the king of hell by ragnasok, loki & thanos, infinity war spoilers, 1.1k
    Thanos goes willingly to his death, expecting to open his eyes upon the face of his daughter. It is another who greets him.
    Thanos and the afterlife is not what he thought it would be. This is a lovely piece that's just the right amounts of satisfying and creepy, that sense of Thanos may have a physical power that others don't, but he'll never be a god, which doesn't always translate to the same type of power, but it's one that goes far deeper than he can never have. I really loved the way this sends a thrill along my nerves every time I think of that, "You will never be a god." line in the movie now!

Watch Our Souls Fade Away by GloriousBlackout, nebula & tony & gamora & avengers & guardians & cast, infinity war spoilers, 61.1k
    Nebula and Tony struggle to come to terms with everything they've lost as they make the journey back to Earth. Takes place immediately after the events of Avengers: Infinity War.
    This was a solid, nicely long fic about what Nebula does after the events of Infinity War, which I am always here for. She's more unfocused here than she is in the movies, but the fic has a really solid, sure grasp of the characters and their interactions, the heart of what needed to be here is absolutely here. It's definitely a fic about the moments in between the action, it's about living with all that damage in the in beween spaces, it's about the friendships (no matter how bitter and caustic and damaged they all are, they still want something more) and the very slow burn towards friendship and something better in all of them. It's a fic that takes 60k+ for Nebula to find any kind of peace inside her own skin and even then it's not ignoring the amount of jagged edges she has, so it makes for a satisfying place to end for her. And I really love just how central her relationship with Gamora is here, give me all the space sisters fic!!

nanna by biggrstaffbunch, thor & cast, infinity war spoilers, 1.4k
    Thor, after.
    A series of connected scenes that show Thor's loss and grief, the strength that he has to carry through that even as that grief hits like a goddamned truck. This one hurt to read, in exactly the way it was meant to.

fix you in this moment by victoria_p (musesfool), steve & natasha, infinity war spoilers, ~1k
    "We're gonna fix this," he says, trying for that adamant certainty he's usually so good at and falling short to his own ears.
    A really lovely, intimate moment that looks at these two people's friendship and the slivers of comfort they can offer each other after everything that's happened. It's just the right amount of heavy-hitting and yet a little understated, as these two characters would be. Great for both their characters, but especially the solidity of the relationship between them, the heart of everything that's connected between them.

He Was Born in Fury and He Lived in Lightning by Sendnukes, thor/loki, NSFW, infinity war spoilers, 6k
    A million little intimacies. or A lifetime between brothers.
    This is one of those fics you read when you want something for this ship, where everything about the two of them revolves around each other, as told in pieces across their very long lives, as they are each the definition of each other. It's one of those fics that I just sailed right on through because it was so easy to keep reading, and it satisfied my Thorki-loving heart, to see them cross all the choppy waters, that even if it ends where IW left us, there's something satisfying about it.

All The Things We Ever Wanted by crowleyshouseplant, gamora & nebula, 2.6k
    This story takes place in between Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and Infinity War. It explores the dynamic between Nebula and Gamora, and how their relationship develops after their reconciliation.
    This is a lovely piece focusing on the relationship between these two, getting that balance of humor that this part of the franchise has and the weight of what's between these two characters, the pain that's not fully put to rest yet, but is better. With bonus moments of Nebula interacting with the other Guardians, which is always a delight!

Goodnight, Sweet Prince by flute25, loki & frigga, infinity war spoilers, 2.1k
    In the end, there was darkness.
    Loki wakes up after the events of Infinity War and doesn't quite know where he is, but someone is waiting for him. There's this really lovely, unfocused, almost dream-like or maybe a touch of stream-of-conscience style to it that really works to show the confusion and fear Loki has in those moments, unable to trust what he's seeing. It's still clear what's going on, but that chaotic thoughts feeling works for what the fic is, when Loki's dead and wakes up somewhere else and meets his mother again--which is a wrenching, bittersweet thing that I really enjoyed reading. Just the kind of fic to punch you in the feelings but also soothe things that finally there's some peace for that nerd.

Revival by longforgottenhymn, thor & loki & odin & frigga & asgardian cast, infinity war spoilers, 17.7k
    Thor refuses to believe that his people are truly lost. In a last attempt to set a stop to Thanos' plans, he rips the Time stone from its gauntlet and is sent back in time to change what he cannot accept and make peace with his inner demons.
    This is pretty much exactly what I wanted post-Infinity War, both as a fix-it and as a Thor-centric fic. It balances being about Thor's relationships with various characters and being about Thor himself, what he's had to face and what he's still facing, that it's really good at understated heartbreak when he finds himself traveling back in time to Asgard, on the day of his coronation, and trying to fix things. There's such a solidity and presence to his character here, that there's such strength there, even as Thor feels the weight of everything he's lost as he spends more and more time with Asgard, there's a really great building towards how this isn't really quite his place anymore, there's a great sense of building towards a breaking point (but not a broken point) in that wasn't overdone and thus made the scene all the more powerful for when it did happen. And, oh, seeing Thor interacting with a young Loki, with his mother and father, with his younger self, the contrast from where these characters started to where they are now, that this is Thor's journey, that it's a fix-it in exactly the way I wanted it (that what came before cannot be undone on a narrative level, otherwise it wouldn't have meant half as much as it does) and just really quality Thor characterization and lovely writing. I just want to vomit up feelings and this fic was perfect for giving me that in such a quality way.

How Tony Stark Saved the World by dilatory, tony & avengers, infinity war spoilers, 8.4k
    (Wherein Tony takes it upon himself to save the universe from day one.)
    Another time travel fic that really scratched the id and gave me just what I wanted--time travel hijinks and dealing with feelings and clawing their way back to victory, all wrapped up in some nicely done Tony voice. It also does a really good job of balancing the large cast (though, it's definitely Tony-centric, but it's a really charming kind of Tony that I enjoyed a ton, the moment of Thor asking about Loki was kinda totally perfect) and takes the reader through all the Avengers movies, really tying everything together, the way IW itself did. I just really liked this one a lot, it was super satisfying and fun to read and soothed my heart when I needed it.

these fragments by Wildehack (Tyleet), valkyrie & thor & loki & cast (& background loki/valkyrie), infinity war spoilers, 4k
    “Someone has to survive this day,” Thor grinds out, pressed briefly close to her by the fight. “Someone will,” she tells him.
    Half IW-based fic and half-Valkyrie centric fic, this is another one that was pretty much exactly what I wanted. I really loved everything about this one, the out of order scenes actually work well for the feel and point of the story, the characterization is spot-on for Valkyrie and the Thor/Loki/Valkyrie interactions (so much fun!), I really enjoyed the way the time travel happened, and it does a great job of blending together Ragnarok and Infinity War, using Valkyrie to thread everything together for the Asgardian parts of the story. A very, very good read!

Nothing and Everything by Sholio, tony & nebula, infinity war spoilers, 3.5k
    Sometimes, keeping someone else going is all you've got.
    This is a gorgeous look inside Nebula's head after everything that happens on Titan, the balance between all these sharp, jagged, alien edges to her versus her care for her sister, that tremendous, aching loss, and this weird human she's been stranded with, the determination that burns in both of them to get up and keep pushing themselves, is really beautifully done.

ready for a war (again) by owedbetter, shuri & t'challa & t'chaka & okoye & cast, infinity war spoilers, 2.4k
    You cannot fix death—even she knew that. She has tried.
    A gorgeously post-IW look at Shuri's character, struggling to bear up under the burden now on her shoulders, that of the Black Panther mantle and the loss of her family and now Wakanda turning to her. It gives her a few moments to grieve and then this sharp, bright hope that she can do something about this. It's a really great Shuri piece, but it's also a really great post-IW "I need some hope" piece!

Small Pieces by gaslightgallows (hearts_blood), loki & cast, infinity war spoilers, 1.8k
    Small pieces play large parts, and small lies create large problems.
    This is one of those gorgeously written pieces that I would love to be true, that Loki was this clever and cunning and magical, that there was a plan that he was putting together to trick Thanos, so that he's still there and not, you know, dead. It does a great job of working with what's on the screen and making it more, it's a fantastic look at Loki's character and his trickery and his love for Thor, and it's a really cool theory piece that I loved reading.

We Kill the Flame by jamestiqueeriuskirk, thor/loki, NSFW, infinity war spoilers, 2k
    His whole body had been regrown, as far as Thor could understand the science from the evasive, wandering explanation Loki had given him, and he was tender all over, but the neck must have, necessarily, had the hardest time of the regeneration process, and it looked angry for long ages after the rest of Loki had returned to relative normalcy.
    This is a really nice fix-it fic that's about the span of their lives and the meaning of touch between them, as well as it's about how it's just these two people in the world for this moment, and the fic really does that well, how they're the only two in this moment, centered around Loki's sensitivity about his neck and how they both do and don't push that. It's a great blend of being rough but also being incredibly gentle, that there's all these sharp edges to everything, but also such kindness and care and affection between them. The fic really sold me on them taking these moments for themselves and how Loki would push himself in this way and how they would reclaim the gesture--along with some very nicely done sexy times!

Pick Up the Pieces And Go On by LtLJ, tony & nebula, infinity war spoilers, 1.8k
    Tony and Nebula, on Titan, after the end.
    I didn't know I needed Tony & Nebula fic when I started looking for IW fic, but once I started picking them up, I definitely wanted as many as I could find. I love the stitled feeling of the characters here, who are dragging themselves back up to do something, both of their voices felt spot on to me (Tony's sense of humor is sharp but not overdone, Nebula's distance alienness is perfect as well, how strange humans are to her) and it was just a really, really good piece!

Coming Back by Emotionallyunstabl, entire cast (some steve/bucky), infinity war spoilers, 1.9k
    Fixing Avengers: Infinity War.
    This was just pure, straight up FIX IT ALL RIGHT NOOOOOW fic, where it's months after IW and they use magic to bring everyone back, and it's a series of different reunions (Steve/Bucky, Tony & Peter, Gamora & Quill, Thor & Loki, etc.) that are just totally fluffy and soft and warm-hearted. It was one of those that I read to soothe my soul after the heartbreak of the movie itself.

How ya been, Buck? by dvorahbee, steve/bucky, NSFW, infinity war spoilers, 2.3k
    A fix-it for Bucky and Steve's reunion because I wasn't too happy with that half-assed reunion we had.
    Expanding on the Steve/Bucky reunion scene and it's just a nice bit of something good before everything goes to hell. We know that there was more to Steve and Bucky seeing each other, that wasn't their first reunion in the movie, but getting fic that actually gives us more is really nice to have.

it's been a long, cold, lonely winter by ragnasok, thor/loki, NSFW, infinity war spoilers, 4.6k
    Loki never used to feel the cold. These days, it's in his bones. Thor does what he can to warm him up.
    This is another fic that does a great job with being about the aftermath of Infinity War, that once the big plot stuff is out of the way, there's a more quiet and intimate drama between the characters, as they attempt to put themselves back together and settle. There's something that's just the right blend of rough and gentle here, there's so many jagged edges after everything that's happned over the last few years, but also a sense of being settled into who they are as they know they love each other. Add in some very satisfying sex and this was a really lovely, wonderful post-IW fix it read!

Reveille by Ark, thor/loki & rocket & cast, NSFW, infinity war spoilers, 12.5k
    “Are you a spirit?” “Dear Thor,” says Loki, looking delighted, and framing Thor’s face between his hands. “However do you make being dense so charming.” He shakes his head. “I’m afraid not, brother. This is all in your mind.”
    This is a fic where Thor is definitely all about Loki, you gotta roll with that when you pick it up, but I enjoyed it a lot, there's some great conversations with Rocket, there's a very nice sense of Thor getting some closure after the loss, there's a very nice sense of the weight of Thor's character, that this is something of a fix-it, but not necessarily a fluffy one. It's nice for me to get some closure as well! Plus, there's some very nice sex once Thor finally, finally gets to fuck into Loki and have him!

and miles to go before I sleep by limerental, thor & loki, infinity war spoilers, 2.2k
    Instead of being snapped in Thanos' fist, Loki crash lands into a forested wilderness on Earth, followed closely by Thor. The forest offers a brief respite before the storm again swallows the both of them.
    This fic does take Thor and Loki away from the action, so pretty much all they do is have a quiet night in the woods, but there's a nice Loki point of view to go with it, some very nicely done brotherly bonding, and an ouchy conclusion that has a really great impact at the end, so I enjoyed this one a lot!

see how deep the bullet lies by rudderless in an ocean of stars (the_space_between_stars), tony & nebula, infinity war spoilers, ~1k
    Tony Stark is left on Titan with an angry alien assassin and a handful of dust, and for some reason, she insists on keeping him alive.
    This is short, but I have really developed an interest in Tony & Nebula fic, and this one is sharp and bitter and hard but also dimly hopeful, all in the exact way it should be after their loss. I really like both of them there, there's something so grinding about Nebula and something so heavy about Tony, both really struck me.

aftermath: wakanda by miraphora, shuri & okoye & m'baku, infinity war spoilers, 1k
    In the moments following the end of battle, M’Baku plants himself like a mountain and refuses to be moved.
    Some post-IW reactions from the Black Panther characters, about the aftermath and picking themselves up from the hurt and where they go next, the ache of those moments after their losses, is really beautifully done here.

New Life by barryandiriswestallen, tony/pepper, infinity war spoilers, 1.3k
    Half of humanity is gone. Half of humanity remains. Tony returns to Earth to find out which half Pepper is part of.
    Listen, you'll never pry Tony/Pepper from me and I loved their brief moments in IW, so getting fic where Tony makes it back to Earth and falls apart all over her, because of all the shit that's gone down and the loss of the kid, is really good for me and this one was nicely done! It's more hopeful than I expected, but I don't mind because I want to be happy about things!

helvegen by homovikings, thor/loki & cast, infinity war spoilers, 1k
    Okay, he thinks. Okay.
    This is a lovely piece about Thor in the aftermath of Infinity War, the brief moments of connections he has with the other Avengers, the thoughts he still has for those he's lost, the heaviness of that loss, even as he keeps moving forward, one mundane day at a time, even once those sucked into the soul stone have been returned, because Thor's losses aren't so easily fixed.

hold some dirt with those hands by magdaliny, steve/bucky & cast, infinity war spoilers, 3k
    It had sent him to his knees.
    Steve and Bucky in the spaces between the movies, the moments of quiet intimacy and almost being out of time, as they recover in these stolen moments. Lovely and just the right amount of bittersweet.
Tags: fic: avengers, fic: black panther, fic: captain america, fic: iron man, fic: marvel, fic: mcu, fic: thor
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