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[ House, Host Club, D.Gray-man, Final Fantasy VII, Tenipuri, Togainu no Chi ]
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Notes/Babbling: I had a mini-rant on the Naruto fandom written. Then I realized I didn't care that much. I'm going back to the Kakashi corner of fandom. So.

On a more positive note, Togainu no Chi scanslations are being posted to yaoi_daily, if you want a vague idea of the series I've been fangirling a lot lately. Well, that's the manga based on the game, that is. So far, I rather like it. (Also, speaking of yaoi_daily, this RoyEd doujinshi is fucking priceless. I totally broke out into peals of laughter at the ending. ♥)
    House - 1 Fanfic
    Ouran Koukou Host Club - 1 Fanfic
    D.Gray-man/Final Fantasy VII - 1 Fanart
    Final Fantasy VII - 3 Fanart
    Prince of Tennis - 1 Fanart
    Togainu no Chi - 5 Fanart

- House - I Don't Have To Like Him by Sam Vimes - I actually stopped by for fic completely unrelated to this, saw the author was writing Housefic, saw that this one was summarized as: House is Cuddy's donor. That doesn't mean...well, you know. and promptly decided I had to read. Which I'm so glad I did, because this one fairly sparkled with wit and charm and that give/take that House and Cuddy have. I normally get wary around fics that deal with potential pregnancy storylines, especially when I like the couple but am not sure I want them to get together, but... this was balanced perfectly. They're not a couple, but there's something there and the dialogue reflects that beautifully without having to hit the reader over the head with the obvioustick. If nothing else, this fic should be read simply for the razor-sharp dialogue and brilliant characterization, though. Not just 'cause it's a fantastic piece on House/Cuddy even if they did get Cuddy pregnant. (House/Cuddy, but not really.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Viola Grown by Sam Vimes - Part of me really wants to quibble with a few details (like addressing people by their first names when they've just met) or grump about how it's obviously based on the anime rather than the manga or how it seems to ignore the Kyouya/Tamaki friendship (but I suspect that's the anime's fault more than anything), but I just... I can't, not when the writing is smooth and polished and it achieves what the author set out to do. The OCs are actually interesting to read about in this fic, the whole story unfolds much like the layered mystery that the author and Kyouya refer to, the characterization is both subtle and sharp. The reason for Kyouya and Haruhi being at the same college is simple and perfect (something I was expecting to grouse over, but instead went HARTS at), Kyouya's... refinement... well... evil refinement without being truly evil, was gorgeously done. And, okay, I have a huge soft spot for Kyouya/Haruhi and in this particular fic I could buy that it would happen this way. That's what's lovely about this entire fic, that it's well-written and well-characterized and just good. Host Club fandom kind of lacks in that. (Kyouya/Haruhi, Tamaki/Haruhi.)

- D.Gray-man/Final Fantasy VII - LUMBER [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came here for the FFVII fanart, but wound up staying more for the DGM fanart than anything. The FFVII stuff is pretty and you can tell the artist is talented and she uses these nice, vivid colors for the DC characters, a lot of Nero and Weiss. Her lines are clean and pretty and it was a nice little site to help poke at the Weiss/Nero corner of the fandom. Now, the DGM fanart on the other hand is kind of awesome. I was liking her art a lot from the first few illustrations I clicked on, lots of strong detail, good use of colors and perspective, strong overall concepts, etc. But then I got to this one Rhode illustration. asdlfkjaldsfjasdlkj, beautiful to me somehow. It's so... cutely colored, like a Halloween illustration with gears and candles and skulls and a broken hourglass, but somehow... because it's Rhode, it's still vaguely creepy. And there's a Tiki/Rabi illustration that should not be hot, but oh my god it IS. They're all blood-splattered and surrounded by chains and it's just so pretty. And asdlkjfalskjdfal;ksjdflksdj CROSS AND TIKI SO GORGEOUS. ....which is pretty much how this site affected me, as you can tell. A lot of unconventional/rare pairings (I'm not sure if they're pairings so much as just sticking them into the same image sometimes) and doing it well. I'll even forgive the artist for the Kanda/Rabi illustrations. ^_~ (A little Weiss/Nero maybe. Several odd DGM pairings, but little actual content.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Holy Symbol [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually came here for the Dirge of Cerberus fanart (since there's apparently a j-fan following for it, wtf) but wound up staying for the small handful of Sephiroth/Cloud fanart and the occasional FFVII character art that was adorable. Like the chibis of the triplets from AC or a really sweet Zack illustration. There's not a ton of art here and it's split between the original characters and the DC characters, but... it was one of those sites where the artist is quietly talented and it was a 'sleeper hit' site that I found I'd enjoyed a lot more than I expected, especially when the artist concentrated and drew something really nice. A good site for if you're interested in the whole of the FFVII world, rather than just the original game. Plus, cute chibi triplets art! How could anyone resist? (Occasional hints of pairings like Sephiroth/Cloud or Weiss/Nero, but it's mostly a gen site.)

- Final Fantasy VII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Whenever I find a new FFVII site I really, really love, my first instinct is to assume that I've already been to the site, whether I recognize the layout, style, or illustrations themselves. And this URL looks vaguely familiar. So I'm probably double recommending. Oh, well, is what I say because I got through about two links in the gallery before I hit some recent sketches and problem fell in love like whoa. Hot Sephiroth, hot Cloud, hot Lucrecia, pretty Tifa, more hot Sephiroth even when he's being insane and beautiful Zack/Aerith that made me about melt out of my chair at how pretty it was. Her smile, her wavy gorgeous hair, the flowers tucked into her hair, the pretty clothes, the blush on Zack's face... asldfkjasl;dfjasl;djf, worth the whole site right there. Not that the Sephiroth/Cloud wasn't appreciated anyway, because it totally was. There were some gorgeous images on the site, including one of them huddling together in the rain, one of the Cloud tackle-glomping Sephiroth, even ones of them in more modern-style clothing that should have been weird but was instead really pretty. And I'm fairly certain I've seen this site before because I squee'd over the Zack/Aerith, but without being able to check to make sure.... (Sephiroth/Cloud, a hint of Zack/Aerith, and a lot of gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII - RWR [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, here is what I'm talking about with the Weiss/Nero fanart that seems to have taken up a nice little corner with the j-fen. It surprised me that the pairing had such a following, I'd barely remembered they existed and half mistook them for AU versions of Sephiroth and Vincent until I remembered them. Anyway. This artist does a gorgeous job with both characters, her lines are fantastic and she uses colors really well so that their eyes are just vivid and stand out intensely. The Weiss/Nero illustrations are lovely, but the single-character stuff is also just gorgeous--there's one of Nero against a full moon backdrop in his extended outfit and it's just... kind of breath-taking how beautiful it is. The rest of the site is more traditional FFVII fanart, with a strong focus on Reno, but I find her DC stuff is probably her strongest work. It's definitely worth a whirl through, especially if you like Reno or want that one Rufus/Reno illustration amongst all the others, but I'm mostly recommending this site for the DC stuff. *__* (Weiss/Nero, a lot of gen.)

- Prince of Tennis - + pulse [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There are times on this site when Ryoma looks positively pixie-sized next to Tezuka, but... well, I forgive the artist because a) her Tezuka is hot and b) some of her more recent art is really, really pretty. She seems to alternate between light, almost airy sketches and a more cel-style approach to the characters, both of which I appreciated, because she can do lovely things with colors. She's another one that nails that flat style of coloring when she wants to, but can also do the warmer peaches and oranges that look so pretty, too. Not a ton of fanart here, but one more site to add to the collection at least? (Tezuka/Ryoma.)

- Togainu no Chi - SWR [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Not everything on this site is perfect, there's a lot of art I skipped over and didn't even sit on the fence for a few seconds about. But, at the same time, there's also a lot of art that I did collect for my own personal folders, especially any time Shiki appeared or any time he was molesting Akira or pulling him in close. I'm sure it helped that I'm a fan of that particular pairing, so I'd mostly recommend this site for other fans, but it's a solid, decent, good-for-a-fix site. There's also a lot of oekaki and the artist often manages to disguise her weaker points by playing up certain perspectives or keeping things simple, which I like. There's also at least one really kinda pretty Shiki/Akira kiss illustration I liked and one really good image of Shiki lying on top of Akira, whose arms are not quite coming up around him. And, okay, I liked the multipage-oekaki-comic... thing. XD (Shiki/Akira.)

- Togainu no Chi - TOBAKO [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It really didn't take me long at all to fall in love with this site, the way the flat colors are used to really neat effect (it's a style I really like, but only by certain people, this artist does it well, in my eyes) and everything is so... slick and glossy. It's also one of those sites where there's a ton of art of different characters/pairings, so I can find something I really want (Shiki/Akira ♥), but also look around for some other stuff so I don't get bored. Just about everything on this site is really pretty, there are a handful that leave me staring all *__* at the art because of the deft, almost delicate lines in some places, cooing at the cute chibi-esque illustrations in other places, and just a quiet appreciation of good art in others. All around, it left me with a very satisfied feeling, a good place to stop for awhile because I'd found what I was looking for. (Pretty much everyone/Akira, some gen.)

- Togainu no Chi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It can be a bit of work to find the TnC fanart on this site, but it's worth it because the artist has a cute, clean style with bright, glossy, shiny colors that I really like. Sometimes the art is super-cute, sometimes it's kinda hot and I have great affection for sites that can give me a little of both. I also like that the artist seems to have genuine affection for Akira's character and the entire cast of the series, not just one or two pairings, even as she tends to make Shiki/Akira stuff the absolute prettiest. But even more than that, there was just something about this site that left me feeling... I'm not sure. But fond towards the series all over again, enjoying the series/fandom and feeling happy about being able to look for art from it. Maybe that's just me, but the art is worth checking out regardless. There are several illustrations that are totally worth picking up for just about anyone. (Everyone/Akira, a little more than usual Shiki/Akira and Nano/Akira, occasional not-safe-for-work content.)

- Togainu no Chi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm generally not that fond of this style of art (you'll see what I mean if you wander through the site a bit), I probably skipped about half of the illustrations here. So why recommend it anyway? Because the other half... there's a certain something about them. Part of it is that I love the Shiki/Akira pairing. Part of it is that the author has a certain sort of appeal, a certain something about a bloodied Akira being curled up against Shiki's side or holding a gift in his arms with the pissiest/most embarassed expression ever or the incredibly adorable set of chibis or Shiki just generally being hot or Akira in the Nazi uniform that shouldn't be as hot as it is or a bunch of other illustrations. The site isn't perfect, but the artist manages to create a handful of illustrations that I totally enjoyed going to the site for, <3 (Mostly Shiki/Akira, a little other.)

- Togainu no Chi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, I totally only had to get to the second Akira illustration on this site to go, "Whoa, that's pretty. *_*" when he's all decked out in black leather that's... well, slinky is the only way I can think to describe it. I have a weakness for Akira in those sort of clothes. As well as when he's holding Shiki's long katana and the background dark teal and black clouds are beautiful and just... mmm. :9 That is one of the artist's specialties, she can do gorgeous colors to go with the intense looks on the characters face, colors that are dark while still being bright, much like the game itself. (That makes sense in my head, okay?) Her Akira is gorgeous. Her Shiki is glossy and smirky and gorgeous. Her Gunzi is hot and crazy and then hot again. Her Shiki/Akira is bloody and hot. Her Rin/Akira is light, airy and beautiful. In short... asldfkja;sdlkjasdlfj, I love this site. (Shiki/Akira, a little other.)

GOAL: 830/1200

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Naruto seems to be making it on Fandom Wank more and more. O.o.

*goes to look a pretty fan art*

Honestly, with wanky behavior on all sides, I'm surprised it hasn't been on f_w more than it has. It's amusing at first until you start wishing certain people would shut the hell up. >_>a

Fanart is more fun anyway, yis. <3

General rec place.

A really good place to find tips on how to find fan art. I'm sure you know how to already, but maybe you'll find some tips.

Re: some more fan art

Thanks for mentioning the site! I've seen it before, but it wasn't until I skimmed it again when you linked that I realized she'd listed the kanji for the characters/pairing, which is going to come in handy so much when I get my regular computer back.

Someday, I will put together that list of fanart search engines, because I am totally a h0 for those, too. It makes finding sites so, so much easier, especially if you can figure out the catagories.

I hope you don't mind. I'm really board. I don't think you've recced these, though I haven't gone through all of your recs yet.

Flesh Wounds.
This is more on the gen side the SasuNaru, but... Man it hurt. Angst overload. And some awesome Neji in there.

Again, mostly gen, but just some good SasuNaru interacton. And some Iruka+Naruto bits there too (I love their relationship so.)

Liquid Candy
SasuNaru. Very hot. A good dark Sasuke with lines like "Tastes like candy." Sasuke's voice purred; not like a kitten, but like a tiger through razor blades, explosives, and gun shots.

Three Weeks, She Sleeps
It's NaruSasu, I'll admit, but it's PG-13 and it's not explicate and I know you love Kakashi, and the Kakashi voice was perfect. And some Kakashi/Rin. Just the right amount of angst and humor through it.

Sine Qua Non
Zabuza/Haku. It's near perfect.

More or Less
NaruSaku, with Sasuke dead. It's good angst, and the Naruto and Sakura bond shone through.

Do There Embrace
NaruSaku with a dead Sasuke again. It's squicky in which Naruto and Sakura have sex on Sasuke's grave. It just really hurts with lines like: As she begins to rock in his embrace, he slides his hands down until his fingers are tangled up in the heat of her, shifting and fluttering with a skill that in life, he never had a chance to use for anything more than killing.

A very good Kabuto character study.

Some Kakashi gen.

Naruto gen. The summary really sums it up better then I could: Sometimes it only takes a few people to make you believe.

Some wonderful Naruto angst.

I don't mind at all, I love having recs shoved at me, even if they're pairings I don't read all that often, like SasuNaru or NaruSaku. (Which I like, but the fandom seems determined not to produce any really good fic for it. ~_~)

I'm already going through the links and, asdfkja;lsdjfasld, gelfling8604 fic I missed. I swear, I'd follow her fic into just about anything, she writes such gorgeous stuff.

(Deleted comment)
IchiHime drabbles
That's all I have for them, as I tend to get mhy IchiHime fixes from you. But these are really good drabbles, I think.

Back to Back
You like Ishida/Ichigo, right? Well, I don't, usually, but I loved this fic. Really just a nice, quiet (well as quiet as rivals can get XD) bit.

What You Wait For

Renji/Rukia AU fic with a bit of a plot. It's awesome. First Renji/Rukia fic I read and I still love it.

Another Renji/Rukia bit I liked.

Bound and Tied
I think you read Yoruichi/Soi Fong sometimes, right? This is a really hot USTy bit set pre-series.

an exercise in denial
A sort and sad Yoruichi/Soi Fong fic.

the stories he could tell: 20 facts about chad
Just a really wonderful Chad piece.

Isshin Explains It All
Isshin gives Ichigo the chat. Really IC and funny.

Some good Ishida angst.

Bleach the Bottle
Total crack. Perfect Orihime.

I've read some of these, but there's a lot I haven't yet. I'm ready to flail and worship this comment just for those IchiHime drabbles alone. I pretty much immediately clicked and, god, yes, that's what I want out of those two.

This has also sent me scampering all over LJ in an attempt to find more fic links, so I also thank you for that. (I love journalhopping, even if it sometimes brings me to people I want to kick in the face. ^_~)

Aang and Toph drabble. Really gets their dynamic down.

Pakku's Wisdom Wonderful gennish Avatar crack.

Truth or Something Like It: the Making of Roy Mustang. I feel like I never need to read another Roy gen piece again after this (anime-verse.)

What You Can't Touch
I think you said you like Rogue/Remy (I'm not sure, we've talked several times though, I think), here is a small, near perfect piece.

Practice Makes Perfect. Yuusuke/Keiko fic. There needs to be more fics for them. :(

The Past Is Mine Sirius/Remus, but mostly gen that focuses on the Harry-Remus bond.

Earl Grey, Hot. for doofy 15-year-old boys in love really gets it.

Five Ways Remus Lupin Never Raised Harry Potter Mostly gen, with some Sirius/Remus sprinkled through.

My favorite It's my favorite piece for Sirius/Remus. Really sad.

Hope I didn't spam you too much. XD

Not too much spam at all and I'm totally eating these up. ♥ And, yes, Remy/Rogue is a long-time favorite of mine. I suppose I can't say OTP because I'll read Remy with a lot of characters, but my heart will always, always belong to Remy/Rogue.

I do have a few recs for them up on my site, but the big one is the fic by Valerie Jones (just scroll down to her section), the trilogy of Betrayal, Paradox Law, and Game of Empires. My favorite fanfic EVER. Just... ever.

But it's surprisingly difficult to find Remy/Rogue fic in proper canon, especially with so many archives down by now. (And I love them in X-Men: Evolution, but I try to go through that fandom as little as possible. They all hate Jean! WHY? T__T)

A Shinobi's Guide to Puberty
I'm not sure if you like Gaara/Naruto, but this is a good fic that you try if you don't hate it anyway. Gaara character is perfect and Naruto is that strange mix of being clueless and perspective at the same time.

Kiba/Gaara. I'm... I'm not sure how the writer writes crack fic so well, but this an utter crack ship that's really IC and works.

No title
I'm not sure how you feel about Lee/Gaara, but this is a good fic to read if you don't hate it. Kankuro and Temari and their reactions to the Lee/Gaara are perfect, and Gaara himself is awesome (and that can be hard to find.)

Not Heaven
This is probably the best Gaara/Naruto fic out there. Very subtle and just plain good.

20 Random Facts About Yamanaka Ino
Some good Ino gen.

Kunoichi Means
A character study for Tenten, Hinata, Sakura, Ino and Temari. It's not long, but has lots of lines that stick out.

Wisdom and Eternity
Sannin fic. Dark and angsty, but with moments that show that the Sannin loved each other at one point. There needs to be more sannin fic.

The Wager
Sasuke and Neji and bad pick up lines. Really funny. And a bit of LeeSaku at the end, sort of. Lee owns anyway.

Sasuke drabble.
Very sad, just like Sasuke is.

Bloody Mary (AKA How Lee, Tenten, and Neji Really Got Their Sensei)
Some good team Gai cracky gen.

Twenty Truths about Team Gai
Very solid Team Gai gen.

No title
Team Gai going through puberty. XD

No title
Perfect Kakashi voice. Team seven going through puberty. Right mix of humor and the sense that Kakashi cares for his team.

Sasuke in sound angst. The end really hurt.

Naruto and Sakura still having hope in Sasuke. It's short but packs a punch.

No title
Just a sort Sakura drabble. I know you're not a big fan of hers, but this is just too awesome not to rec.

Ten Steps to a Happy Ending
Team Seven character study. It's style is a little weird, but works.

Hard, but much truer
Team ten being awesome. Ino's awsome in this. Some hints of ShikaTema, but not really enough to destract if you hate that ship. It's more about the team ten friendship.

Weapon Master
A very bleak Tenten character study. I'll c&p the warning: Warnings: Sexual violence and plain old violence of the hurt-you-bad variety. Seriously, heed the warning.

Dreams to Ashes
Awesome Jiraiya gen, it looks past the surface cracky character and really gets him.

Another Sannin fic. Very good.

Just Don't Ask
Team Gai. Some LeeSaku too.

Awesome Kabuto. A little creepy too. I feel sort of sorry for Sasuke in this.

This is Sakura gen, but it's awesome. It plays on her relationship on Sasuke, Naruto and Kakashi and how she may have felt during the time skip. How she interacted with the other teams was done reallyw well. And the end rocked.

Comfort Food
A very cute Ino/Chouji fic.

Re: Naruto recs part 2

I know you're not a big fan of hers, but this is just too awesome not to rec.

Not to distract from the recs (which I am totally still happily going through <3), but I actually like Sakura's character. I just have... issues with her.

And I don't mind ShikaTema (I think the manga is slowly going there or it's at least deliberate on Kishimoto's part), even if it's not my favorite. But if the fic were well and truly awesome, I'd be happy to read it.

(This comment brought to you by how I apparently love to hear myself talk about fandom/characters. XD)

InoCho and ShikaTema, with a focus on Shikamaru and Chouji's friendship. It's really cute.

Kabuto/Sasuke. A very dircet and good piece.
One of the first things Sasuke learns in Sound Village is that Kabuto is more dangerous than Orochimaru.
Really stuck out for me.

Bell Jars
Okay, this has punk!Sakura, running away Sakura, giving up on Sasuke Sakura, some SakuLee, SakuLee and InoSaku with sprinkles of KakaSaku through out it all... And it works. Good writing, eh?

Dark KakaSaku. But oddly touching in the end.

I know you read NejiTen sometimes, and this is a short, funny and cute piece. But mostly gen.

20 Random Facts About Neji and Tenten
Funny and touching. With lines like 16. When her father dies, Lee is her crutch, but Neji is the one who teaches her to walk again.

Kyoto Song
A very cute and sweet Neji/Tenten fic.

Shikamaru, Temari and her brothers. It's my favorite Shikamaru/Temari piece and it really captures Shikamaru's voice really well. With lines like
Love was the reckless abandon by which many shinobi fell. It was the all-consuming, destructive way Naruto and Sakura chased after Sasuke; the way Rock Lee fell down and got up again no matter how many times people told him he was foolish. It was that annoying look Ino got in her eyes sometimes when talking about the new boy in her life and that thing his father always tried to explain to him, and failed.

A Debt Unpaid
Ichigo and Rukia gen. I know you don't like them as a ship but it's really, really good play on their bond.
"Rukia." He looked up. "You'd kill me, right?"

The world was suddenly very quiet.

"What did you say?"

Byakuya and Rukia gen, twistedly funny.

I'm not sure how you feel about Hitsugaya/Hinamori, but this is a small fic that captures them perfectly.

Very good Percy gen.

Sixteen ways to tell the Weasley twins apart
I tend to be 'eh' on the twins, but I loved them in this.

Draco Malfoy, Ruler of the Universe
I don't like Draco that much, but this is one of the funniest fics I've ever read.

Hermione gen. I loved it enough to go through Ron/Hermione bits, because it was that good.

Corpus Incendio
Creepy Hermione gen. Ruthless!Hermione needs more fics.

The Plot Bunny
Every fic writer should reas this. XD

The Hollow Man
A dark look on Ron. Some Harry/Hermione.

Yesterday’s Lies
Harry/Ginny is pretty much my anti-ship, but this is dark and not really Harry/Ginny, and it works.

Absolutely Complete
The last line was perfect and so very Harry.

Afraid to Find
Harry/Hermione with a bit of a plot. And the Draco-Harry interactons were dead on.

Oh god, anyone who loves Harry/Hermione should read this. It hits just about every reason I love Harry/Hermione.

Eight Years, Three Months, One Week, and Two Days.

Happily Ever After
It's about Hermione coming to terms with how she loves Harry. I love it so. And Ron. It's hard to find a solid Ron in Harry/Hermione fics, but he shines in this.

Maybe It's Everything
Pre-HBP. It's about Ron watching as Hermione and Harry fall in love. I loved Ron in this.

One of the Great Love Stories
You know their reputation as the most boring couple in the history of the wizarding world. How they are that and how the aren't.

A really strong Harry/Hermione fic, on Harry's feelings for her.

Straightening Rainbows
Possibly the funniest Harry/Hermione fic I've ever read. Harry decides he's going to be gay after some failed relationships. Poor Hermione. XD

The Other Side of Fate
The prompt was Circumstances lead Hermione to use her ruthless streak against Harry. Her actions should be for a true greater good -- just one where the darkest side of her character (and by extension, Harry's, since he has the same trait) has to be confronted head-on. and she pulled no punches.

Untitled Drabble
Funny how 100 words can capture something so well.

There’s No Music
Okay, it's mostly Ron/Luna, but the Harry/Hermione shines in this.

Fic: Twenty Random Facts About Remus And Sirius
just a very solid piece.

It Must Be The Flu
Very sweet and funny Sirius/Remus.

The Great Golden Gormless Worm of Flobber
Christmas in july fic? It's funny and cute and so very Sirius. Sirius/Remus.

Unlock My Heart
Leon/Rinoa, but you make have recced this. I don't remember. It's a very short, but touching drabble.

The Hermit
Dark Nami gen.

Partners, Friends and What Goes Around
Two very soild Hiei and Kurama friendship fic with a plot.

A Study in Secrets
A Obito + Kakashi fic that's light hearted without being OOC.

A very good look at how Sasuke learned to deal with his losses. Angsty without being completely hopeless.

Cigarette Box
Near perfect Sanji gen. Hints of Zoro/Sanji too.

A sharp look into Sasuke's mind during the time skip. Full of 'what ifs'.

Blood Equals Thicker
A very on the mark study on Sasuke. The summary gives it better then I could Deep in the bowels of the Sound, Sasuke wishes the words had been there when he’d had the chance. He wants to tell Sakura and Naruto that, if he’d been any other boy, they would have been enough. Complete.

If borderline rape would bother you, don't click this. OroSasu, with a really broken Sasuke and Orochimaru taking advantage of that.

The Way
Tells how Kakahsi became a genin so young. It's very good young Kakashi I can see. With chapters and a plot!

Terrible Pink Monster
Why shipping wars and Orihime don't mix. Crack.

The Autumn of Our Virility
Awesome Kakashi/Iruka fic. Funniest thing I've read in awhile.

A Demented Tale
Dementor/Dementor HP fic. Total crack,

And to finish off some KakaSasu fic recs for darkeyedwolf

Hope you like some of them, at least.

hey, i know this is a ridiculously old post but i'm trying to find blood equalst thicker doesn't really seem to exist anymore. help?

(Deleted comment)
I tend to get a little frothingly mad at the whole double standard in fandom over that. If you like fixed positions, fandom feels free to sling all sorts of casual insults your way, even vitriolic rant after vitriolic rant about how stupid and how offensive that is.

But fixed position fans better not say the same things back. I'm half convinced fandom would rise up as on and go, "KILL IT. KILL IT WITH FIRE. HOW DARE IT DISAGREE." and show up on my doorstep with pitchforks and torches.

Yes, it's filled with a lot of people who write fixed positions badly. So is pretty much any genre ever. Yet, they don't throw those babies out with the bathwater. And, honestly, I really don't get what's so horribly offensive about liking a pairing one way, but not another. Am I running over someone's cat? Am I peeing in their Cheerios? Am I forming an army to convert everyone and OFF WITH THEIR HEADS if they disagree?

It's the whole attitude of lumping all seme/uke fans into one catagory, labelling them stupid, and then being condescending and thinking they're better fans/people than that that tends to get me. A lot.

/rant #398409 on this subject

(Deleted comment)
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