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Rec meme: PRINCE OF TENNIS version

PLEASE NOTE: I'm sorry about the multiple postings, but I wanted seperate entries for all of these, it would run the risk of getting confusing otherwise. I was originally going to limit myself to just two fandoms, but darkeyedwolf talked me into doing a third one. I've tried to limit the amount of space they'd take up on your flist by posting them quickly in a row, hopefully this will work out better. Sorry for not cutting this one.

I've been doing a bit of journal-hopping lately (as well as ninja!stalking heyheyrenay) and this is awesome. I would like to do a Prince of Tennis version!

Of course, anyone is welcome to join in, even if you and I don't usually agree on pairings or hang out in the same circles. I'd like that, actually, to get a bit of variety going. Please don't feel shy or unwanted around here. ♥

Please link to the author's work (you don't have to stick to any of the major archives, anywhere is fine), include relevant information (pairing, author, maybe any non-work-safe ratings if you feel up to it), and there is no time limit, this post will stand for as long as LJ is around.

If you only feel like filling out part of the meme, that's fine as well, but please don't fill each one out more than once (please feel free to do the one for each series, though!), since I'm aiming for what you consider your absolute favorites of fandom. Also, please don't recommend your own work, this meme is about the fic you liked from other people, I want to know what you like in others' work!

1) Rec up to five of your favorite fics featuring your preferred pairing(s) or threesome(s).

2) Rec up to five of your favorite fics featuring your favorite character(s).

3) Rec up to five of your favorite authors who write your preferred pairing(s) or threesome(s) well.

4) Rec up to five of your favorite authors who write your favorite characters(s) well.

5) Rec up to five authors who you feel deserve more recognition for their fanfic contributions.
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