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Rec meme: PRINCE OF TENNIS version
daredevil - handsome wounded duck nerd
PLEASE NOTE: I'm sorry about the multiple postings, but I wanted seperate entries for all of these, it would run the risk of getting confusing otherwise. I was originally going to limit myself to just two fandoms, but darkeyedwolf talked me into doing a third one. I've tried to limit the amount of space they'd take up on your flist by posting them quickly in a row, hopefully this will work out better. Sorry for not cutting this one.

I've been doing a bit of journal-hopping lately (as well as ninja!stalking heyheyrenay) and this is awesome. I would like to do a Prince of Tennis version!

Of course, anyone is welcome to join in, even if you and I don't usually agree on pairings or hang out in the same circles. I'd like that, actually, to get a bit of variety going. Please don't feel shy or unwanted around here. ♥

Please link to the author's work (you don't have to stick to any of the major archives, anywhere is fine), include relevant information (pairing, author, maybe any non-work-safe ratings if you feel up to it), and there is no time limit, this post will stand for as long as LJ is around.

If you only feel like filling out part of the meme, that's fine as well, but please don't fill each one out more than once (please feel free to do the one for each series, though!), since I'm aiming for what you consider your absolute favorites of fandom. Also, please don't recommend your own work, this meme is about the fic you liked from other people, I want to know what you like in others' work!

1) Rec up to five of your favorite fics featuring your preferred pairing(s) or threesome(s).

2) Rec up to five of your favorite fics featuring your favorite character(s).

3) Rec up to five of your favorite authors who write your preferred pairing(s) or threesome(s) well.

4) Rec up to five of your favorite authors who write your favorite characters(s) well.

5) Rec up to five authors who you feel deserve more recognition for their fanfic contributions.

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What a neat idea!

1) TezuFuji:
- Jinei, by absenceofmind (friends-locked)
- Ongaeshi, by metempsychosis
- Park Amsterdam & Park Amsterdam #29, by team7 (friends-locked)
- Seasonal IV, by ayatsujik
- Game Theory

3) TezuFuji: absenceofmind, aishuu, ayatsujik, petronia, sesame_seed

4) Fudoumine: lazulisong, lysapadin...sadly, I don't actually read a lot of Fudoumine fic in spite of it being my favorite school.

5) assyrian, karabana (she's moved to a new journal but I don't know if her writing's archived anywhere), EllipsesBandit

-reposted as she just realized this is for PoT. Is idiot.-

Oh hell, this is going to be long.

1) Rec up to five of your favorite fics featuring your preferred pairing(s) or threesome(s).

For Sanada/Atobe: El Alma del Tango, Parts 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6, by kiarene. It is otherwise known as 'the fic that converted an Atobe-whore fangirl to a SanaAto OTPer'

Let's Dance, by morphaileffect. This is frickking hilarious.

To Defeat You, I've Forever..., by [Unknown LJ tag]. SanaAto smut in Atobe's POV that is unmentionably hot.

四季 ~the four seasons~, by erulisse. Sanada is awfully cute and somewhat dorky but still stoic and in-character. And Atobe is a snot, but a cute snot. And there's flower language!

Mid-Autumn's Night, by erulisse. In which Sanada riles Atobe up (for once). It features a dancing Pikachu lantern and Atobe being a snit. And Sanada is a sadist especially for Atobe. XD

For Niou/Yagyuu: Steel Lotus, by anonymous_u5er. It's AU set in Sengoku Jidai. There's politics. There's Niou. There's Yagyuu. That's heartbreak and angst and there's this The Little Mermaid theme running through it and it's so beautiful. And so believable.

Indivi/duality, by sesame_seed. It's. Yagyuu's head the messed up, and there's this recurring dream, and there's Niou being his usual self, and there's this theme of touching and being touched and it's so them.

Anvil, by w175n57. Futurefic, in which Yagyuu is the persecution lawyer and Niou is the defendent. Yagyuu tries to save Niou, but Niou doesn't want to be saved, and Yagyuu knows that, but he tries anyway. It's heartbreaking. There's also the sequel, Egao, which breaks your heart even further. Because. Yagyuu. ;_;

Challenge, by branchandroot. It's. Rikkai. And Niou. And Niou finding Yagyuu and being drawn to his fire. It shows how many layers that the Rikkai players has, especially since this is from the manga. It's beautiful because there's this whole arc and everything ties up with each other and there's Sanada/Yukimura/Yanagi. But the best thing here is definitely Yagyuu and Niou's relationship. And the origins of the switch!

... Actually, all Platinum Pair fics are good. So I'll just shove you in the general direction of here. They're all worth a read.

I'll shut up now and go to sleep. I have far too many favourites to do in one night. Yanagi/Inui and the rest of the questions tomorrow! XD

Skipping one, since I'm a total pairing butterfly.

2) Coping Methods arc by sinsofwill. Because I love her Mari dearly, and seeing the Hyoutei boys through the lens of Mari's attitude is really just delightful. Shadows 1, Shadows 2, Haze 1, Haze 2, Haze 3, Clouds.

Streets of Nippon arc by assyrian/readerofasaph. Because I would have sworn the tennis boys would never work in cyberpunk, and she made me fall in love with it anyway. Absolutely brilliant, and she touches on everyone. Currently only one of the stories is posted finished in her writing journal, but the others are up in her personal jouranal.

Transplant arc by lysapadin. Because an in-depth look at how Yuuta and Shuusuke and Saeki and Mizuki all fit together, not neglecting each individual's backstory, is utter love. Ongoing, can be found here.

5) lysapadin

*grin* Well, you can do multiple pairings in #1, you don't have to stick to just one. (Or you can if you want to, but it's not necessary.) All that's required is that, y'know, you really kinda like that pairing a lot. <3

Yo, Bec? Have any time tomorrow night or Sunday afternoon? I wanna chat with ya about something... *flutters lashes*

Picking just five for one category is hard. So I'll just go with authors.

3) Rec up to five of your favorite authors who write your preferred pairing(s) or threesome(s) well.

evocates (Rikkai D1; Rikkai in general)
giving_ground (Rikkai D1; Rikkai in general))
tongari (Rikkai D1; Rikkai in general, as well)
storyteller (Tezuka/Ryoma.

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